Jan. 7th, 2014

A movie about American Suffrage movement at a specific period right before women were give a right to vote.

It's shiny, pretty, has a completely unnecessary extra male character thrown in but it gives at least some idea what it meant to fight for women's rights at that time. Actresses are very good and it's fascinating to see old photographs coming to life and old quotes repeated by actual moving people. Makes it all much more real.

I'm pretty sure I've re-watched it twice back to back or at least went through most important scenes, it's that good.
Wow, it took me more than a year to crawl though it. The concept is good, the visuals are... somewhat good but the characters!

Main characters' bull-headedness gets him into trouble more than once and yet he refuses to consider that maybe he's not the smartest guy around here. That culminates into his treatment of his girlfriend who he tries to protect yet refuses to explain why he wants her to do things.

That's exacerbated by the fact that she's actually portrayed as a strong, smart woman who figures stuff out. And I don't mean other characters saying that about her, I mean it's actually shown on-screen. And yet!

I'm not very eager to watch further, especially considering the note on which the first season ended. There are only three recurring female characters to about a dozen males. And there's also the fact that the most awesome, ass-kicking character appeared only to die - a fate that I'm afraid will be repeated by the character that appeared in the finale.
That one took me a couple of months - mostly because of no time.

It started slow and caused much eye-rolling but I have to admit that it grown on me. I love the more direct involvement with the cases that Watson is getting. I like that the show deals with various issues pretty carefully. And I especially like that there is no shortage of people who can tell Sherlock that he's out of line and he'd actually listen.

Natalie Dormier's character was a bit confusing though. And Mrs. Hudson's appearance was unexpectedly short. In other words, it's a very loose interpretation of Doyle, with very little in common with other interpretations.

Not ground-breaking, sadly. Enjoyable though.



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