May. 24th, 2015

Nice, high-adrenaline show - up to mid-season 3 when it went wobbly. Season 4 is trash, season 5 more stable but still not up to the level of seasons 1-2.

As usual, I'm annoyed by the small things: the way forensic psychologist just... disappears after season 1, the way helmets are optional and also disappear completely around season 3, the way rules get bent left and right on some things but inexplicably cannot be bent on others. The last thing isn't always balanced by the characters - in fact, it often works against them.

Greg Parker is very likable even though some of his actions make no sense to me. I don't understand why everyone like Ed Lane so much - he's kind of a machine there. He's actually the only one who got better in seasons 4 and 5, when they allowed him to be human for a while, and even got him finally starting to deal with all the trauma he went though over the years.

Jules is awesome, but I wish they didn't feel the need to romance her this heavily, especially after she repeatedly stated how hard she worked to be where she is and how she doesn't want to compromise her position. That romance constantly worked against her as it was the only area where she was allowed to show emotions. That sucked a lot.

Sam was annoying from the start and didn't stop being annoying right until the very end. I'm okay with questioning the authority once in a while but he was such a self-absorbed, self-righteous prick all the time that even his rare moments didn't redeem him in my eyes. The way he'd try to order everyone around and criticize everything just made him look childish to me.

Wordy was adorable for all that he obviously had a second place on the team. In fact, the show took turn for the worse without him. It was good to see him at reunions and such though.

Spike though. Spike is the best. He's my kind of boy and I don't remember his actions not making sense in the context of his character, so he's a win all around. I'd probably watch a show where Spike is a main character. For a while, at least, heh.



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