This movie is super-confusing and follows no guidelines. It's worse than Once Upon A Time, I swear!

They tried to keep it in the flow of a fairy-tale and that kind of screwed everything, what with clear difference in characters' inclinations. For example, strong Cinderella doesn't really work with conventionally jealous and hot-headed prince. But despite several failures it's actually a very good movie: funny, sweet and wonderfully unconventional.

The cast is very good, even if I only knew Anjelica Houston and Drew Barrimor.
Wow, what a colossal waste of time. This is the most boring and annoying movie I've seen in a long time.

It constantly makes fun of women (Jenny for constantly thinking of propriety and her kids, Helen for being inappropriate and not thinking of kids), shows lies as acceptable (Helen lies constantly and it's never shown as wrong, only funny at couple of points), shows male interest to be primary even when women object to it (the pastor continues insisting on relationship with Helen even after she refused his advances TWICE and she has to ask him to leave two times every time).

The situation itself is unrealistic, characters' behavior is ridiculous, dialogue is fake and stilted, ugh.

Uta no Onii-san
Ryuusei no Kizuna

Wow, in two years I barely finished ONE of those :(
ep 1. I have a feeling that I'm gonna miss creepy uncle Peter before long. But oh now so much of the tumblr makes sense!

Ep 2. I love that Allison was calling STILES to tell him what's going on, not Scott. Oh, and Jackson makes me feel the... the myötähäpeä thing.
Derek is such a puppy. Sometimes he knows what he's doing - and these times are GLORIOUS. Other times? He can't quite figure out how to control his voice and face. Which... didn't seem to be such a problem in season 1?

Ep 3. is full of what. the. fuck.
The fuck is Derek doing with Erica? WHY is he doing that? Why is he flaunting HER as his new puppy before Scott and Stiles?
The fuck was that with Lydia? Did she really saw him or it was a hallucination? The fuck Jackson did with the camera? And Lydia? And are his problems related to that time when Derek cut him?
How is that everything slipping through Scott's fingers? More like out of his BRAIN! Dr.Deaton is eeeeevil. I wonder why he doesn't want to talk about it?
I loved the barely contained smiles when Boyd and Derek looked at each other. But I wish there was a way to make Scott see the point of this :( He's... not very objective at it.

Ep 4. Dr.Deaton, I'm interested in your history with Gerard Argent. VERY interested. He's creepy. Creepier than uncle Peter, definitely, - he doesn't have animal instincts to blame. It's just insanity in his case, pure and simple.
Stiles has damn good intuition. Hope it'll help him. At least Derek didn't have to do ANYTHING for him to start talking. It's like Stiles thought "well, yeah, YOU I have to tell this shit because who else is gonna know what to do, and Scott's ridiculous hangups can't hold me back here". And Derek... he seems to be really embarrassed by this kanima shit. Like, he probably knows right away who this is and why.
Girls' skirts are getting shorter and shorter. It's insane. And I don't like the new Lydia's new room. And I don't like that the only way for Erica to be powerful is to be sexy. And that apparently only possible if she wears impossible heels. Like, what the fuck, guys :(

(Random The Tell rewatching reminded me again how awesomely Sheriff's and Stiles' mannerisms match. I mean that "oh, crap" was EXACTLY how Stiles says it, down to the little twitches)

Teen Wolf

Aug. 27th, 2012 03:09 am
This cactus is muuuch tastier. I like pretty much all the (male) characters, I like how it goes, I'm curious about how it's gonna end... I like it, even though women are only there to be pretty so far. At least Stiles balances the stupid and I'm not as annoyed with Scott as I expected to be.

And mid-season, with Jackson getting a pretty nice twist I started hoping that there's a future for Allison as well. Lydia is the Summer of this show only with too much lipgloss and not enough brain, so I try to, like, ignore her.

I think that big part of why I like it much better than SPN is the actors. Tyler Posey can panic with his eyes. Like, literally, only his eyes are visible and it's clear that he's panicking. Dylan O'Brian can do things with his voice. Like make it break or disappear mid-sentence or go from worried to "We're going to die and we're just stalling the inevitable". And his eye-rolls are epic. Crystal Reed is stuck with a terrible, terrible character but she's doing what she can.

Overall, the last three or so episodes were probably the best. In fact, the second-to-last episode was so good that it was better than finale. But Code Breaker had some very good moments as well even if it didn't make much sense.

(I'm still kinda confused and upset about the ease with which Stiles caused Scott pain and suffering. For all his supposed good intentions it reads like something even worse than jealousy.)
I'm... confused. It has an interesting idea, I liked reading about the actual crimes. But it was completely linear and short. It took me only three days with maybe half an hour of play time each to complete it.

Items are VERY hard to see - to the point where even using the hints I was unable to find some of them by any means other than tapping the screen blindly hoping to somehow hit the right pixel. I don't know if it was developed for DS first and PC next or the other way around, but it should've been modified a little more to be better playable on the smaller screen - some items were completely covered by the interface buttons. Had to replay couple of scenes because I could see a piece of an item but couldn't tap it because it was covered by a button or a screen border.
Well, it seems that Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is not the only x-rated version of Alice! I've watched this one completely randomly and wow. Wow. I wish all porn was like this.

There's singing, dancing, funny jokes... There are some not very funny jokes but the point is, there are jokes! There's a story that goes throughout the movie and isn't lost 10 minutes in. There are natural bodies (well, mostly shaven, but at least no plastic surgery).

Kristine DeBell (Alice) is very pretty and soft and looks at everything with such wonder - she's a delight to watch.
Soooo I've started watching it.

It's incredibly cheesy, pretty lame about effects, has most predictable storylines and ... idk why it stayed on air for so long. I'm midway through the first season and can't really see what this is about. Characters moments are few and far between, not even once per episode. And omg music is so annoying, always there, always trying to tell me what I'm supposed to be feeling, including sudden sounds when something 'unexpected' is happening.

On the other hand I've realized that I was keeping count of bodies unconsciously and for now I'm not seeing what everyone had complained about. Both sexes get killed equally, and so far only young girls had been spared from horrible deaths.

On the other hand, every lady that doesn't die has to be saved like a princess in a high castle, without doing anything herself. Even characters that are proclaimed to be brave and conquering their fears just turn around and run away when stuff starts happening. Like the flight attendant in Phantom Traveler who didn't even go to calm down passengers when turbulence hit. And in Wendigo, the girl who was brave enough to go to the woods in search of her brother, who's younger brother was hiding behind her as they went - she ended up tied up and saved.

Another annoying thing is that no spirits can ever be calmed. No curses lifted. You can evade a curse, you can ... kill? a spirit or a demon or whatever. But you can never undo whatever's been bothering them. Oh, and no spirit can be not angry. Except for their mom

That being said, Dean is adorable *sigh* Liar and manipulator, but adorable. For all this smoothness he doesn't understand normal people and clearly doesn't feel comfortable around them. He's smart but his lack of formal education seriously hampers him. And by the way Sam, whatever he thinks, is not much more adjusted.

P.S. No more watching SPN before bed. I'm not good with that shit.
Lately it feels like no matter what I say or do, no one cares. People lose track of conversation with me, cut my stories short, don't read my emails and so on. Am I really this boring? Do I not say interesting things anymore?

I've been told that I'm too fast to give advice. I'm trying to stop doing that. But that means that basically whether someone talks to me, half of the time I end up verbally patting their backs and keeping silent otherwise. And I don't know how to answer questions about my life.

"What's up?" Nothing. Nothing's up. I work, I go home, I chat with couple of friends, I go to sleep. I watch tv, I crochet, I read a little. Who wants to know about that tv series I've watched? About that perfect doily I've found? Apparently, no one. Because as soon as I start talking about crocheting instead of simply showing people finished things, the interest fades.

It just makes me so sad when I see someone's eyes glazing over and their attention drifting when I talk about something that interests ME instead of something related directly to them. Do you really think I'm always interested in whatever bothers you right now? Do you really think I WANT to give advice all the time? Can't you at least try to be interested in me too?
Fucking amazing movie.

Almost two hours spent establishing a character and 5 minutes to blow it up to pieces.


It's been often said that people who had seen the war never go back to what they were. CSR, PTSD - whatever abbreviation is in play, it turns people's perception of reality into something convoluted, misaligned.

So here is this guy who is, while unpredictable, a dependable professional. Who is able to make the right call (press on or disengage), who sees people and is able to communicate with them, who gets emotionally attached. And the last five minutes the movie turns him into something fucking scary.

Because it shows him for what he is, it shows that all his emotional attachment is shallow, it's not enough to give him actual empathy. He needs his adrenaline, he can't live without it and if he stops getting into situations that give him his fix, he WILL create it.

Imagine THAT MAN in a place where there is no war. Imagine him walking around, getting jittery without his fix. Looking for ways to get it.


May. 21st, 2012 01:45 am
I've decided to watch it on a whim, seeing how I'm on superhero roll after the Avengers. Turned out surprisingly good.

I liked a cyberpunk-y feel of it. I liked how music set up the mood. How it's a background and an essential part of any scene (where there IS music, I mean). I liked the visuals. The way images are distorted, the way scenes are constructed - it's constantly surreal and painfully realistic all at once.

Liked Dakota Fanning's too-grown-up character, Cassie, who ruthlessly does things that need to be done, patiently waits somehow without going crazy with all the waiting. I liked Kira and basically all female characters' ability to kick ass.

I liked secondary characters, who all are as reluctant and as ready to do all of this as you would expect.

I loved that Nick, while being framed as a main character of the movie, still relayed heavily on everyone who trusted him.

Overall effect is Scanners made in style of Hackers and I was not surprised to learn that the director Paul McGuigan has also directed Lucky Number Slevin (although his participation in Sherlock came as a surprise - at least now I know why I like it so much).
Just saw Hey Say Jump and .... Holy shit they've grown! I literally didn't recognize Chinen at all! Poor quality probably has something to do with that, but ... wow. Sadly, that doesn't mean that they sound any better.

Hikaru has a mushroom on his head. And Yuuto is SO TALL!

At K8 introduction I was surprised at how Ryo jumped up to speak so naturally and eagerly. And I was surprised by how much I still don't like T.W.L. I love Monjai Beat though, so that's a relief.

Ah, Ken. Why so blond. And Sakamoto. Why moustache? At least they sound like honey to my ears - except when they sing solo. I wonder if it's indication of lipsync or of their good work together.

Uuugh, Taguchi looks damn good with his mohawk! I wonder if Kame really is botoxed this heavily or I'm being unfair to him. How funny is that they are the only two who actually spoke? Ueda looks like a little boy but at least he's not as ugly as he used to be. Maybe it's because of makeup though, hehe.

SMAP, as usual, killed my ears. Ugh. How come they're THIS bad at singing? But I was glad to see Shingo having fun. And holy shit, did KimuTaku run up to the camera completely unexpectedly? Or was that security fuckup? Either way, his ability to continue singing as if he wasn't just about torn apart by a group of girls in Santa costumes is amazing.

How peculiar is that they put Aiko and KK together for introduction. Tsuyoshi... danced with Kara? Woah. Aiko had a pink earphone with golden star! Sign of true star? She didn't sound too good though. Kind of like she was struggling with singing. Maybe it was intentional but...
God, KK sounded amazing. Flower brought tears to my eyes. But what was that weird dancing move in the beginning of Negau ijou no koto?

Tokyo and Juju went past me unnoticed (except for Tokyo's hats - what was THAT?) but Arashi! Oh, such a delight! They look good AND sound good! I'm definitely having an Arashi period. Such a consistently happy group.

I liked Kimura Kaela's A winter fairy is melting a snowman, which is weird because I never liked her much.
Saito Kazuyoshi's song sounded like they slapped some background music to his guitar and voice combination and didn't quite manage to make them work together. Sounded like two different songs playing at the same time.
Yui has grown up so much yet somehow she's still the same sullen girl.
Nishino Kana sounds good. Surprisingly strong and full voice. She would benefit from some vocal training though, I thing - she stifles herself a bit as it is traditional with Japanese pop.
But no matter how good she is, Porno Graffiti blew her out of the water. Ikimonogakari as well - even though I don't like their songs, they sound good.
Just-married Koda Kumi is such a lady suddenly, even Cutie Honey. Speech patterns are still a bit yankee though, hehe.
Audience screaming for Girls Generation was sooo loud! But I think that they screamed even more loudly for AKB48. Their Katyusha song was cute too.

Lol Lady Gaga hugging Tamori and the girl! Lol at her interpreter dragging her away. Lol at her almost falling down. She looked drunk.

Oh shit, never again will I watch something in such a bad quality. (okay, except for the old shit)

Around 40

Apr. 19th, 2012 12:42 am
Surprisingly easy-to-watch dorama. Nothing extreme, no visible peaks, no excruciatingly boring parts.

I started watching it for Fujiki Naohito mostly, but the rest of the cast was nice too. Amami Yuki (Satoko) doesn't overplay a lot, Otsuka Nene (Nao) doesn't either. Matsushita Yuki (Mizue) was kinda annoying, but maybe it's her character was, not the actress herself.

I liked that Satoko didn't choose to leave everything behind, but the way family situation was resolved for the rest of them was... disappointing. Then again, the message of dorama was different from "do whatever you want" - more like "communication is the key", as expertly demonstrated by main characters. The way they sorted out their troubles was... startling but refreshing. I wonder if this idea will take...


Apr. 10th, 2012 02:26 am
Wow. It's almost as if it wasn't Korean at all. There were maybe 2 overdone moments in whole 2 hours of the Director's cut. And of course, I knew that I'm going to bawl as soon as I heard Time After Time in the beginning.

Well, yeah, I cried on and off throughout the movie but it was... actually soothing, not horribly painful as it gets sometimes. The movie itself is a mix of magic, inspiration and nostalgia. I didn't grow up in Korea nor, of course, did I attend a middle school in Seoul (I even missed all the action in my own school, as it turned out years later). But the feeling of nostalgia, of hesitant wonder upon seeing places you only remember as parts of your childhood is very familiar to me.

Another thing this movie does well is portrayal of death of close people. There is no realism in portraying the sick, but the uncertainty of the healthy when dealing with sick people, attempts to avoid the contact or pretend that everything is fine... Times when you momentarily able to forget, to pretend that everything IS fine and times when you're cruelly reminded that it is not.

Some would say that this portrayal is too light-hearted. I say that it's shown how we all wish it will go: not grieving endlessly about the loss but celebrating the fact that we were lucky to have this person as a part of our lives. I would even say that I wish my death would bring such a positive change into the lives of people I'm leaving behind.

There are several specific things I really liked about this movie. First is lack of background for many characters. It all goes the way it goes for Na Mi. She doesn't have time to learn all the life stories around her, she doesn't need to know them to care about people - so we don't learn them unless it's crucial to the story. And this goes beyond the end of the movie (although pictures during the credits tell us some things).

Second is lack of some... profound change in the heroine's life. She doesn't drop everything and turn her life upside down. She doesn't leave her husband - her feelings for him don't even change. She rediscovers herself, she ties up some loose ends and she ends up even more comfortable in her old life.

And third and most important are the gifts. This movie wouldn't be the same if those gifts were different. They fit so well with Chiun-Hwa's character as it's shown in the movie. She's a true leader and actually reminded me a lot of leaders from my favorite teen books, like President of the Stony Island and such.

Gah, there are so many things I want to say about this movie (the political situation in Korea at the time creeping into random scenes! the music! the pretty boy! the designer bags! Sophie Marceau!) but I can't figure out the way to say it all.

Sherlock 2

Mar. 31st, 2012 03:50 am
Hmm, I don't think I'm happy about how they made Irene. But her appearance had made me happy. And the parallels between her and Sherlock! I'm not sure I like it that he can't read her because she's naked (or for some other reason? - we've never been shown him reading a naked person)... but I sure like it that she doesn't seem to know what to do about Watson...

She does know how to use him though. And even if she's a bit too much at times, she's ok.

Ahaha, "You were a DOCTOR! - I had bad days!"
"Mmm, somebody loves you... If I had to punch that face, I'd avoid your nose and teeth too."
"This is low-tar! - Well... you barely knew her."
"And how many times did he fall out of the window? - It's all a bit of a blur, inspector. I lost count".
How come THIS one didn't flop? The jokes are stupid, most of the time we're supposed to laugh at people falling down - literally. Stereotypes are in abundance, and most of them aren't even done well.

I had to fastforward most of the movie. Real waste of rather good actors - Kirsten Bell and Josh Duhamel were very good together, and he wasn't as annoying as he was in the Win The Date With Ted Hamilton. Best part of it was the ending where everyone danced. I almost got up to dance too!
Oh, this one is great! Worth watching if only for Lisa (Reese Witherspoon), who is strong and speaks her mind even when it contradicts her sweet cheerful image. Oh how she snaps at people! But how she explains her reasoning afterwards! How Matty changes because of her!

Matty (Owen Wilson) is actually another good point of the movie. He's actually making an effort. He might be failing miserably about 8 times out of 10, but he still is different in the end of the movie than in the beginning. That was so nice to see. Both because he wasn't completely reformed and because he DID change and maybe he won't stop changing.

George (Paul Rudd) and Charles (Jack Nicholson) are both... forgettable. But I was still sad to learn that the movie had failed in the box office.

Bride Wars

Feb. 12th, 2012 08:44 pm
Hideous. Boring, predictable and UGLY AS HELL. I don't mean the visuals, I mean the setting. It's like a romantic comedy for guys who think all girls are dumb and vapid. Meh.

Didn't even finish it.


Feb. 12th, 2012 02:03 am
Nice, warm, slightly teary movie with no pull whatsoever.

Good cast, good topic, weird setting but works well enough. Hirosue Ryoko's role is such that she has to overplay all the time which gets a bit annoying.
So yeah, as I thought, the boy was a total miscast. I kept getting surprised by him. But maybe it's just his looks.

The others were absolutely perfect, from Akane to Toufu to Genma to Nabiki.

The only thing that kept bothering me is that, just like in original manga and anime series, for all the times they've said that it doesn't matter if you're man or a woman as long as you're strong, every time a girl gets into trouble, she has to be saved by a man. Even if it's Ranma-chan, it still has to be a man.

Oh, and using the bastardized version of a cross-dresser as a bad guy was completely baffling and even unpleasant.



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