2007-10-07 07:22:20 )

I hope she didn't spend the night with Akashiya? :)

2007-10-07 12:56:24 )

2007-10-07 15:29:51 )

Haha! Leah Dizon of Saga University!
Chi-chan, please don't compare yourself to her! You're, like, totally different (and, um, thank God?).
2007-07-20 04:05:33 )

...right. And what happened with jogging, huh?
*sigh* But that entry somehow is very easy to understand but I can't say it with my words no matter what.
2007-07-19 13:57:17 )

Is it about you, that book? Because you're too worried about it.

2007-07-19 23:14:22 )

It's a word "prick", Chinatsu. What next? vagina?
2007-07-18 05:03:43 )

2007-07-18 17:26:59 )

*blink* Not quite sure what you tried to do here, honey.

2007-07-18 20:47:11 )
2007-07-13 00:23:48 )

Ah, finally I see the faces of future stars :)
Cute guys, but I haven't seen their conto yet, so can't say anything. For Chinacchi's sake I really hope they're funny.

btw, comments are filled with "Fujimon saikou!" cries :)

2007-07-13 05:10:05 )

I wish I would like that too, being able to read and be active while jet-lagged... I just get grumpy and weird instead.

2007-07-13 07:10:47 )

Hhaha, Chinacchi-ana :)
Also, I would've though that people were eating sushi in Egypt long before now: seeing how many tourists they get, there bound to be sushiyas there?

2007-07-13 21:30:33 )
2007-07-11 03:52:14 )

To say that I'm a little unsure about what she said will be understatement.

original text )

I really wish I could come up to someone and ask for help.
2007-07-10 23:56:44 )

And this is all she says, lol
Woman, people wrote you 2000+ comments while you were gone and what you say to them upon your return? "Go watch TV [with no me in the program I'm talking about]"? *falls over laughing*
2007-07-04 08:09:04 )

A~ah, makes me wish I'd follow Nankai Candies....
2007-07-03 01:02:20 )
Why this never happened to me after midnight in Tokyo? lol

2007-07-03 02:04:12 )

2007-07-03 13:09:38 )

Ah, nice japanese stores, allowing people to read even magazines that thick without buying... But to buy such a big magazine because of the cover? even worse, no? I mean, it's heavy! and you rarely follow more than two stories at time, right?

2007-07-03 20:30:18 )



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