From the first moments lack of Hina is realy noticeable. Nino just can't do this, he's not an owarai in any way :( Minna to onaji no youni desu ga omoshiroku nai :(

Ok, VTR. Filmed in Hawaii, featuring Taichi-kun and Ijiri-sukebe (though he had to stay away from the girl).
The problem: girl seems to think that Taichi's gonna jump off the cliff. So she explains the difficulties to him (and he understands!), but he's even afraid to stand up close to the edge (he's crawling, poor thing).
Allow me to note that all this time Nino's sitting with "Does this mean what I think it means? What's going on here?" expression
God, Taichi-kun, it was so heartbreaking, you getting ready to jump... *hugs*

Wow, Takeyama and Degawa got Ananda! and ghost house lol.
I'm impressed by Takeyama again, btw. He tried to carefully explain everything to Ananda, he tried to calm her down, and he forced them to go back and check the suspicious photo. Sug-goku kakkoi to omotta!
I wonder if they spent the whole night in this school...

Nino! Oh Nino, why were you looking like deer caught in a headlights when Taichi called you out? Why you started panicking so much? Were you suspicious of that press-con too?
But you was good, really! (Hina! look at Nino! Work hard! lol) For someone who is 'only using the words they know' you're really, really, really amazing.
Oh god, too much fail for one program, but so much fun
A little bit of info:
"Shikatte! Blonde Sensei!" ("Scold me! Blonde Sensei!") is a special English variety program. It's TBS production and so far there were only three episodes.

MC is Kokubun Taichi (but Marie routinely steals the show).

First ep was aired on 2006-12-30.
Blonde Sensei: Lisa Stegmayer (Oscar Pro produced gaijin announcer, working in Japan since nineties)
Students: Marie (model), Sekine Mari (talento in a strict sense: no acting at all) , Mie (designer, I think), Kaneko Takatoshi (talento, was in Azumi, Waterboys (movie, dorama), Jisatsu Circle and other doramas) and Takeyama from Cunning.

Second was on 2007-04-06 (with Hina)
Here Marie, Sekine were promoted to sensei and TBS announcer Takeuchi Kanae were added (apparently she lived in Ohio for some time). Mifune Mika wasn't listed on site, but I think she was there too.
Students included Hina, Takeyama from Cunning and Degawa Tetsurou (the guy who asked for phone number, ew). Actually there were more but they aren't listed on site and I'm too lazy to rewatch.

Third was on 2007-06-29 and featured Nino.
Blonde Sensei: Lisa Stegmayer, Marie, Mifune Mika, Sekine Mari, Takeuchi Kanae.
Students: Degawa Tetsurou (ew), Ijiri Okada (was in the prev. ep, the weird tongue away-walking guy, but wasn't listed on site - TBS sucks for stuff like this!), Cunning no Takeyama, Enari Kazuki (that big-eared guy who's almost a saint).
How come I've never watched this!

So this is studio with two groups of people: first is five pretty blond women and second, lead by Taichi, guys that were caught and questioned by foreigners as the part of program plan.

I must say that both Taichi and Hina were quite good at this - not enough to converse in English, but they still managed to interview a model (Taichi) and explain that there is no audition (Hina).
They both made effort, tried to understand and certainly didn't walk away from the person in need of help or ask them for their phone number instead of helping out (wtf was that anyway?!).

But oh man, Takeyama from Cunning is awesome! He was put in a room with that woman, Lindy, and he really tried to communicate with her. He was drawing pictures, making gestures, speaking basic Japanese to her - just enough for her to maybe understand a bit. Even though he also made few unnecessary advances at her (like she asked him if he would hug her (as a part of explanation what she and her friend were doing when they visited her parents in Kansas) and he asked if next will be petting - but totally explained about Koi no ABC afterwards which in my eyes totally changes the situation), he still was very serious about language itself.
Really. I guess he was very motivated, hahaha.

Anyway, this "sing in Japanese in three days" stuff was harsh. I could totally relate to Lindy's moan "Oh just shoot me now" :)
But she done great! She fumbled with words only ONCE (and I have to say that its hard to remember where lyrics change in a song that have same words repeating over and over, lol)

One of the cutest moment was when after watching Taichi interviewing Ananda, specifically after the question - which gesture she likes in men - Maria said that she's weak for situations when guy just kisses her out of nowhere and girls started to discuss it completely in English. It was so funny to watch how guys were listening with their mouths literally hanging open and then started to relay to each other what they got out of the talk - with Hina being the one doing the most of explaining, lol
Go Hina! You still have a long way to go, but you're on the right path! and please stop jumping up and hitting people on their heads -_-

Anyway, it's hard to say if Ananda really doesn't understand Japanese because I totally understood everything Taichi said while searching for translation, lol.
But really, slurping does NOT equal "hayagui" :) This might be the biggest failure of the interview. But I think it's understandable. Slurping isn't THAT rude in Japan, right? because you really CAN'T not slurp your noodles, right? :)

A~ah, this was really fun. I wonder if I have any other eps of this show?..



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