I can buy you a pony!

- Somebody cut him open and took all his organs out.
- Wow, somebody hated his guts!

Seriously, you know you wanted to make that joke yourself :)

Best part of this series is face play.

Stun grenade. I wonder if they actually explode this way.

Be patient with me. I've never had a teenage daughter before.
ep.1-01 Flowers for Your Grave

Okay. I'm not sure if I should risk it: I've heard about it too much. Too many people were stockholmed into liking it despite starting wary. I sure hope it'll happen with me too. Also, Fillion, mmmhmmm....
Still. Unsure.

This woman takes a lot of sexists pressure. It would've been admirable if not for obvious annoyance she shows every time something happens. If she really reacts that was to all the actions around her, she should've snapped long time ago.

What did he steal? He stole something, right?

ep.1-02 Nanny McDead

Okay, so far so good. Funny, light, not too deep. Compared to VM it's like Grey with House.

Castle, he's really quite stereotypical: mother who didn't have time for him and had male “friends” aplenty, wives who, I assume, cheated on him (or maybe first one died?), many women who he doesn't trust and doesn't really like and a daughter who he adores. I wonder how he'd react when she gets a boyfriend.

ep.1-03 Hedge Fund Homeboys

Ummm... Is this drug-dealer has his eyebrows shaved into shape? Wow...

ep.1-04 Hell Hath No Fury

Arrrgh, she didn't lock her computer when she went away for the night leaving Castle at her desk! HOW!!!

Still having an impression of lightness here, even with all the drama gathering up very unsubtly, it's still feels very... shallow is a bad word, but it kind is, heh

ep.1-05 A Chill Goes Through Her Veins


I give up. I just don't have anything to say about each episode.

I have to say that this is probably too light for me. I don't see anything underneath: no new information to digest, no characters growth to notice, no hints of things to come.... It's not that I mind seeing Fillion, but as it was said before, show is hanging on him alone, and that's a tough job to pull off.
The other characters do not strike me as interesting, they're more... the usuals. Some dark past, some working friendships, some weird connections... But the only one really real, the only one that is shaped out enough, is the Castle himself. Only he does have people in his life he interacts with besides main time – plenty of them, too! - only he does opinions and emotional ties (which reminds me – where did his second wife disappear to? Isn't she supposed to bug him about the book already?).
All others basically only exist when Castle is around.

Which leads me to a question: WHY THE HELL DOES IT HAVE SUCH GOOD RATINGS?!
Is it because of the stand-alone episodes? Is it because of the lightness of it? Easily understood characters? Is it all because of what I see as a faults of the series?



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