Okay, now I'm afraid I won't be able to drag season 3 until the end of season 4 and end up dropping the series.

Ep 3.06 About Face

Hmm.... he's hunting and yet he still gets the reception for his cell. Also, he's marked as retired, but he still has his gun. Isn't it against the rules? Or it's a private gun?

While I understand The Bitch's questions about Rossi's motives, it still sets her apart as the hostile and unsupportive, well, bitch, who doesn't connect place where political games go on with the place saving people's lives. Still, I'm awfully curious about why Rossi agreed to come back in subordinate position.

Omnious music is the first sign something's wrong. Too bad you can't hear it, Frank, or you would've been more careful.

Wow, they inserted Rossi into the opening in the first place! Yeah, that's the only reason I even noticed - it took me almost a season to notice Prentiss there.

GOsh, what a funny scene between The Bitch, Hotch and Rossi! That look in her direction after they hugged is... PRICELESS! And Hotch's so SMILEY!

Huh, I've noticed the positioning in the last frame of OP as being... male-oriented (two leaders, a mucho, and girls and brains behind them), but... remark about JJ is... disconcerting. I really hope it really was about coordinators, because I don't want to be constantly annoyed by the guy.

Oh. My. God. Garcia, you have THE best entrances, seriously. You have NO idea, Rossi, trust Hotch on this.

Why were they called on this? It's not serial, it's not even big yet.

Okay, imagine I know I'm in danger from the unknown person. WHY would I run away, buy a gun and lock myself up somewhere ALONE?

I like that Hotch doesn't blame Rossi for what he did, but points out to him WHERE he went wrong.

Seriously, I definitely like Rossi more than Gideon, but he's a real handful. I wonder why The Bitch allowed Hotch to continue leading the team and gave him Rossi at the same time. Hoping he'd sink with this weight?

Ep 3.07 Identity

Um. If person has their hands tied up in front of them and their mouth tied with a cloth, WHAT in the world would keep them from untying the cloth?

Hmm. I do think 3rd season has new writers. This time I even paused over the unfamiliar name. Maybe I should check other eps.

Oh Morgan, you hot-headed mucho. If the guy's sharp-shooter, why should they refuse his help? And seriously? seriously?! Threatening Rossi?

I wonder what he's doing, btw. He drew out curiosity of 4 people to himself, and for someone so brilliant as they make him out to be I can't help but think he might be playing them.

Ep 3.08 Lucky

Hello, stereotypes about satanists.

I can't stop being delighted about Garcia being a lefty.

Why, hello Good Morning joke about psychologists, hello.

Hey, Morgan, are you jealous? Lay off her, lady man.
Pssst, Penelope, listen to him.

Hmm... Dante sure sounds great in Italian.

Reid, seriously, that's not the talk they need when dealing with a serial killer rationalising his murders by believing them to be in Satan's name.

Hmmm... is this a revenge, Rossi, or a test?

Why he suddenly demanded attention after killing so many girls without being noticed? I would never understand that - if he's smart enough to keep it up for so long. Is it degradation?

Oh, god, at first I thought they gave Morgan the journal of that psycho because they wanted him to work his "I'm the UnSub" magic! But what's going on is spooky enough. Who even thought that normal interrogation techniques will work here.

One's getting a crisis of faith, another's teaching the lesson of compartmentalising.

Ep 3.09 Penelope

OMG Hotch, protecting and caring for your own is such a turn-on!
(although we magically lost wife and kid couple of eps ago, what gives?)

Oh, Garcia, this job is so right for you! Even in pain you're able to tell a name so easily.

Damn, she asks to not talk about her like a victim - and next shot, victimology. Sucks.

They're letting her be alone in her apartment?! Derek, DO something, what the hell, man!

WHY isn't they calling for reinforcement?! Why is she MOVING?

Oh god, she likes Ghost World. She has stupid things all around her. She's so awesome!

Oh, operator error indeed. Pwned, my friend. You should be SO in love with her, dude.

Ouch, you so stuck here. Hopefully he'll get the message to her safely.

Omg the teeeeeeeension!

Oh JJ. Better than any sharpshooter. Family uber alles.

I'm glad I wasn't mistaken. I haven't seen anyone from Buffy's cast for such a long time.

Ep 3.10 True Night

Wow, such a cool Shadowrun-like sequence!
Why is that first thing that came into my mind when I saw this flat and that guy was Gerard way? Seriously, I haven't even seen enough of his drawings for me to have an opinion! I'm clearly been brainwashed ~_~

OMG FREAKOUT! He changed all the settings! ewwwww

"DON'T make me smack you in front of all those people." I have to agree with Morgan, that's over the top.

God, being an agent SUCKS! Although if my charge would've started acting like this suddenly, I probably wouldn've told someone...

Lol, okay, Morgan, you do realise that you're checking up on Garcia while Hotch dials Haley?

Oh, JJ! Boys, behave or I'll ground you both <3

God, give Reid someone to LISTEN already! Or he'll snap eventually, wtf.

Oh, I hope Frank Miller will never go on psychotic break, lol
Ep 3.01 Doubt

That superior is a bitch, torturing Prentiss like that. This is so amazingly unfair to her!

I don't like that they started to show the killers straight away. It's still justified in some episodes, but later it becomes annoying.

Girl who got into the car should have trusted her instincts more. She really got lucky.

What's with Gideon's story? Something seems off. Although he's off in general, I guess. Inconclusive evidence is what done Elle in, even though it was different from what happened to her. Weird similarities.

Woah, JJ, get a grip.
Woah, Morgan.
Woah, stereotyping goths.

Morgan's questions were probably the worst, but suspension of Hotch was a confirmation of fears raised by him. Maybe Gideon would've held if it was just one of them...

Ep 3.02 "In Name and Blood" aka "In Birth and Death"

Morgan doesn't like that bitch and he's not afraid to show it.

Why Emily wants to transfer? Doesn't like being pushed? I can imagine that...

Who's the guy? Carver, carpenter?

God, that bitch! How did she even get this position, if she likes to push this much? This is very unsual by such a rigid person to get that high up... Or was that Hotch's assessement that set her off?

Morgan, don't mention that Hotch's helping you, you insensitive idiot! And don't play on Hotch's fear for his son. Will he even fell guilty for that afterwards? I don't think he's able to really understand what Hotch's family means for him.

Oh Haley... It doesn't even matter that she essentially understands. It just DOESN'T help. NOt anymore.

LOL Garcia, to be caught like that... That bitch's not Gideon, she won't let it slide.

YAY Emily! Just a civilian knocking on the little boy's door! Win! And that last minute save was amazing.

Ep 3.03 Scared to Death

Oh god, so many stereotypes here! Child abuse, marrying an image of mother, passing down the abuse....

Good tie-up with the bastard's last words and quote in the end: It's your biggest fear that you will not be able to save everyone, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Ep 3.04 Children of the Dark

They changed last sequence in opening to include Prentiss. Maybe earlier, but I just had noticed.

Hi there, Weevil! Nice to see you again!

How do they damp the cell signal? Aah, useful gadget! Especially, yeah, when someone's talking on their cell really loudly next to you.

You open the door and the next thing you know everyone you love are gone - that's probably Hotch's worst nightmare. Which kinda materialized when Haley left.

Oh poor kitty... such a weird logic.

Family my ass! She's not your family, you bastard!

Wow, why flowers? Not that it's not nice, just... pretty specific batch of them, right?

Yeah, indd, why cats? I mean, he could've picked dogs... Garcia is my girl. My computer- and cat-loving girl.

Locked fridge? Bitch! Compared to Arigatou, Okan, for example - the scene with the boy eating everything out of the fridge... Night and day, god.

Derek, he wasn't running, what are you talking about, you tough guy?

Poor JJ, Emily understands it better.

Ouch, split siblings. Sad thing no matter how it happened.

Religious people are fucking scary, seriously. Why is it the religion which supposed to teach leads to such crazy things?

Reids look is wow. If looks could kill.

I wonder why owner didn't leave when he got that call. I mean, the call itself was harmless, but he saw a gun!

Wow, that was surprisingly easy. Something is not right.

Fuck social services! For a system set up to look after children it sure makes as much evil as it does good...

What did he tell to that kid? He clearly talked him into something.

Fuck! I knew it! GAH sucks to be them, seriously. Locked fridge, WHAT the fuck!

That girl is smart and grown-up, it's a good choice to take her in, but she needs a little more attention than FBI agent will be able to give.

First crack in Emily. But yes, as JJ put it: You, kids - I can see it.

Ep 3.05 Seven Seconds

Hmm.... is the title reference to that song?

That woman is NOT helpful! I understand that she's a mother who'd just lost her child, and she's hysterical, but dear god, is she not helpful!

Are those cases chosen intentionally to torture Hotch? Because it clearly kills him to deal with them.

Now THIS episode is much more powerful and truthful depiction of pedophilia than that previous one.

Another miraculous recovery, but other than that - very good.

Good question, kid, especially in the wake of the previous episode. What will happen to you indeed.

Hotch is like junkie with those visits. I'm glad Haley still allows them, but how long will it last? And he doesn't even talk to her anymore.
Ep 2.23 No Way Out II: The Evolution of Frank"

Poor Gideon. To be forced to do this right after such a big shookup. He always needed that "home" place to fall back to, somewhere to feel safe and away from all this.

Weird, the kid who brought the message isn't even little bit scared despite the contents. Are all kids like that?

LOL Garcia, you really can't deal with Gideon at all.

AAAA! All the people he saved! That's a pretty dangerous journal he has. Why he even has it?

Who's the guy hiding them? The one Gideon bought the snake-bird picture?

Oh, Fisher king girl! How did he know she didn't meet Gideon? Did Gideon write it in the journal? HOW?!

Woah, timing! Right as they called! So unlucky...

Why Jane had left him? What happened?

Now Elle's problem is useless :( Hopeless :(

Why WAS Jane so important to him? Even with all the explanation in the ep, it's still unclear...

LOL JJ, indeed, never split with Reid again. That doesn't work out that well.
Ep 2.19 Ashes and Dust

The only question I have about this ep is why Hotch emphasised that Addy wanted his death to mean something like his death DIDN'T mean anything unless Hotchner himself was there.

Also, it just came to my mind: what if one day Liam wants to know, for example, how his father died, or how he knew Hotch? And he calls Hotch and he's dead. I'd probably write some kind of letter for him, or at least a brief journal entry. I guess.

Ep 2.20 Honor Among Thieves

Ooh, Russian mafia ep! Bad guys' Russian is a little ecxagerrated, carefully enounciated, as if they need to make sure they're understodd and their language is identified as Russian.

Why did they start beating the guy they were taking right next to his house? The van wasn't even soundproofed!

I'm pretty sure I saw the daughter in some movie before, but even imdb couldn't help me remember.

The proverb used sounds... wrong. "There can be no good without evil".

Why Olga even went to FBI (or to the ambassador, same thing in this case)?

Ep 2.21 Open Season

lol, Garcia's so blogging about it later, hee.
ep 2.02 P911

Oh god, maybe I know too much about child porn (or about the internet, which is way more possible) but this ep is SO embarrassing!

You can't trace person's location from his proxy-fied IP, but you can find his cc history from the same IP. HOW?!
You can barge into the room with live feeding web-camera with guns and screams of FBI, have all people in the chatroom associated with this feed log off after seeing it and still have someone to agree to meet up with feed owner in person?!

How the guy who only knew his bidder's nickname know that he's got arrested?
And he broke off the contact with his highest bidder and didn't reset the auction time - how he's planning to get his money?

ep 2.03 The Perfect Storm

Elle's gotten real ferocious about her work, determined to make up for 4-5 months she was off market probably.

Gideon is a bitch and Garcia's terrified of him.
Derek is a careless idiot.

Hotch is... scary with his lies. He's not earnest and he's just hypnotizing with his calm eyes.

ep 2.05 Aftermath

I keep getting amazed at how they always assume that raped women they know about are all of them. For example: rapist "disappears" for several weeks - why nobody even thought about some women not reporting being raped? Is it really that uncommon?

Hmmm... Elle's starting to act weird. Where before she was sympathetic and slow in her approach, she's now abrupt and to the point. She's also making weird decisions.

Hotel scene is creepy, because she's _drinking_. Because Reid doesn't understand what's going on (which is weird).

This episode is teaching us about dangers of skipping the recreational period in case of PTSD.



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