Unaired Pilot

Ha. Now I recognize Whedon. Aired pilot was all sparkly and action-filled, but this one gives out most of the hooks and establishes characters' places more clearly. It's much harsher too, more violent. I can see why it couldn't be aired like this, but I wish they didn't take out the pro bono thing completely - it showed Topher and Saunders together better than anything I've seen in the actual series up until ep 10 or around it.

On the other hand, the episode that aired was very engaging, very captivating. Although I stand by my initial thought of it having too much information packed into it, it has all those amazing things as introduction of Victor or absolutely brilliant catarsis thing with the kidnapper.

Perhaps it's my thing only, but for a girl who killed herself because she couldn't get away from her past to get a chance to get to her killer from beyond the grave - it's something that just blows your mind and makes you see Dollhouse slightly differently. Maybe if not for Boyd, it would never have happened, but since it did...

Second episode deals with trust. Who trusts whom and why. Does Topher trusts Boyd? Does Boyd trust Echo? Who DeVitt trusts more: Dominic or Boyd? Should the stuff trust the administration? How to decide whom to trust, what signs there are that person is trustworthy?

episode 3 is about wishes. Every doll does their best, but being the best isn't the good thing in the Dollhouse...

It all rolls up into the episode 8. All the wishes, all the needs, all the means for a little while. Even as a lie, it was a beautiful one and it highlighted the seemingly non-existent personalities that are still buried inside the dolls. The Great Escape moment with Saunders leading it - it was brilliant.

Episode 13

Oh wow, suddenly - Felicia Day!

I'm speechless. This is exactly the way this could turn out, this is what everyone is so afraid of. Amazingly written, performed and shot. Contrasts are unbelievable and Whiskey, oh Whiskey...
ep.1-07 Echoes

Is Topher really this obvious? Is he really unable to stop being funny or is this his defensive mechanism?

So Adel DOES know about, um, suppressed memories.

Haha, nice to know that Topher dislikes Dominic too. Or I assume he does, because of the placement. It still might be Adel's orders, although I don't think she actually orders Topher about specifics.

Ummm.... Okay, I don't like the Boyd part, but whatever.
Eliza REALLY doesn't do well both with Caroline and dormant!Echo. I don't know, she's annoying JUST when she's doing them.

Holy shit NO! Why Dominic is even in the lab! Damn, that's bad.
HAHAHA OMG actually panicking Topher! Adel NOT in control!
Yet somehow scary. You laugh and then you go... aaaargh!

It's really interesting what things people do under the influence. Some of them are so composed that even with the drug they still have a goal they're doing things to reach it.

Topher, for example, keeps thinking, keeps searching for the answer. And that black guy, he too, he tries to find that proof he needs.

Huh. So that's how it is. The guy really just doesn't know what this drug is doing. He doesn't know how it spreads. And he's going to repeat everything that happened with Echo, I suppose.

ep.1-08 Needs

It seems that Dolls in the pod are changed randomly? Is this the first time we see that?
Also, it just entered my mind – who handled Mellie?

Topher, you're LOOKING right at them, they stand out so much, standing there! Why can't you see them?

Mmmm... Doctor Sanders? Was that you?

AAAARGH! Season peaks KILL ME!

This experiment, what are they trying to do? To check if their personalities are still there even if memories aren't?

I have to agree with doc here, Caroline wasn't leading them to freedom, she didn't want to free them at all. She was acting out on her understanding of what's better for them. She was told clearly that coming out to the real world will hurt them deeply – and it's true, too! - yet still she led them out, practically at the gunpoint, all because she believed that they needed that.

ep.1-09 Spy in the House of Love

Topher, why you're not thinking about the helper girl?

Wow. One thing to make a Doll another person, and completely another thing is to make someone understanding what is going on, but not understanding how it will affect them in the end. This is that trust issue. This is how he should've seen it before now.

Mmmm, so sweet... “And never own phones, or clocks, or computers, or sexy business woman shoes.... - Well, I'm keeping my sexy business woman shoes”.

How fitting, to be so helpless in her own house. Physically, emotionally... yet one time her face was clear, her brow unfurrowed. God, how it must hurt, in every way. This is why she had to have Roger's imprint deleted, that's why she had to see Dominic in the chair till the last moment.

It's interesting how Adel's and Dominic's views on Echo differ. Why does Adel trust her so much even after Alpha? Why Dominic's so afraid of her? They both seemingly know something about her that we as a watchers still haven't figured out. I wonder who's opinion will be closer to the truth.

ep.1-10 Haunted

Mmmm... If it was possible to know what people think about you, REALLY think about you... How many people would've killed for a chance like that.

Topher and his ideal date is adorable. I can't help but wonder why all those people prefer to get Dolls instead of just... trying to find a real partner like that. The only answer I can find is “Not enough time to bother actually searching”. And so many people get hurt without realizing that nobody meant to hurt them, that its not about them, that they just... stop.

Oh god, Mellie is, like, an ideal woman. Through and through, she does just what ideal woman is expected to do. Even the words in the morning, that's how ideal woman should behave afterwards.
But it's definitely going have its toll on Paul. Thats not what he expected. He only now is starting to suspect just how hard it's going to be. And oh, calling himself a client, that was strong. I'm glad he at least realizes that yes, this woman is his ideal, Caroline is just a dream and he wishes she was like this.

ep.1-11 Briar Rose

Aaaand finally we're back to Alpha. You'd think that with Boyd being a new chief of security they'd up his clearance and tell him about what happened and how it ended. Now let's see how it is in reality.

The question! How did they miss the lack of transmitter in Paul's house? Why did they stop watching him? Change of security head? Is that all? I'd be disappointed if it is.

It's good for you that I'm relatively sure you're NOT crazy. Heh.

Wow, completely smoked out of his mind. Wow, played SO FRIGGING AWESOME.
Haha, Caroline is the only one he talks about. What about Mellie, Paul? Huh? Remember, that pretty neighbor you almost-lived together?

Omg, Topher, poor sweetie bumbly Topher.... Where is the security? What about the cams? What the hell is going on?

How it is that there should be a good dozen of pods, yet the first one that is opened is November?

Omg. OMFG. This killed me. Alan Tudyk is fucking amazing. Oh my god.
God, the moment when Victor wakes up in the pod, and the moment when he meets Alpha....

ep.1-12 Omega

Oh, so she IS a Doll... How is it, to realize this? After all this time? With all this experience piled on top of the original imprint – how is it to realize that you were a Doll all this time?

I know what imprint Echo has! I know! Only it isn't modified to be all better grown up!
Um... Wrong was I am. Funny how I suspected the connection between them, but I didn't really think it'll be like that.

Hmmm.... Does that mean that Alpha's situation started like Victor's? No wonder Dominic was freaked about Victor. Only apparently Boyd is way better than Echo's handler that was before him.

Oh god, she's Topher's girl, the one he takes out every birthday. Does she hates him because she knows who took her away from herself? Or does he just not want her to be attached to him?
ep. 1-01 Ghost
Dollhouse. Looks like it.
Not something I expected from Whedon. Not for now, at least. I'm pretty sure it'll get some of his signature touches aside from strong-jawed crooked-nosed mucho-man.

Dushku is pretty plastic, like a Barbie. But she's very believable once she... kind of goes into stride of her role. For brief moments. But never when she's Echo, sadly. For now, yeah.

First ep feels a little rushed, idk – TMI? Too much action? Not sure, but I had to constantly stop and rewind.

ep. 1-02 The Target

Classical mystery. Detective is one ep behind the action.

Hmmm. Am I seeing things or they're really covering his nipples?

AHAHA THEY STOLE IT FROM CM! The plot! The plot! Wow!

Fake moving care, pretty plausible Russian. Nice.

Nice radio, working after being submerged in water for... how long, I wonder? Since guy managed to locate her while she was out? And how did she even get out of the river? Her position suggests that she crawled out herself, but there is no bend for her to get close to the bank?

Hmm.. interesting neighbor. Is she one of the Dolls? Don't think so, she's obviously thinking for herself. But she IS somehow connected to the Dollhouse, I bet. Dude is very reckless, I'd say, with the methods he's using its highly unlikely he'd stumble on something relevant. However, presence of the pretty neighbor suggests that Dollhouse really thinks he's worth looking after. IF she's from Dollhouse.

Wow, “I can't see his face, I don't think he has one...” No-ow we're talking.
And the exchange of roles for the trust imprint, THIS was ni-ice. Now we're all the way in, I bet next ep will be the real start.

Oh, you son of a bitch! I bet you do that to all Dolls. I bet you talked to Alpha this way too. Taking it out on children, you're psychopath.

ep. 1-03 Stage Fright

Um. One thing Eliza CANNOT do for sure is sing. No, it's not that she's off-tune, she's just... uncertain, somehow.

I can never understand of point of wearing a bra, a top and a tank-top over all of this, all tight. Especially when woman is supposed to be at rest. Most women I know take off bra the moment they step inside their homes! What's the deal?

Russian is still good. Is it an overvoice? Sounds like it is. Smart of them anyway, hehe. Also, the Russian guy's kick was nice.

Sierra's handler is not a nice guy.

Hey, so they say that Britney wasn't “not okay” with her antics?

One. I do not understand why they so carefully don't discuss anything about Alpha. Sure, they talk about him often enough, but do the ever talk about what exactly happened, even? No. No, they don't, outside of “fuckup happened, bigger fuckup was... prevented”.

Two. It really does seems to spread by the contact.

Three. I don't like that it started to be more obvious. Small, tiny indications of memories remaining were nicer. Also, shouldn't it be noticeable, the way soft liquid way she moved before changed to the rigid, tight steps? That she frowns constantly now? Also, since Sierra is not that advanced, shouldn't she be confused by her behavior?

ep. 1-04 Gray Hour

Woow, wow, wow, that went so well, up until that phone call!

BTW, from what I could see, Boyd had no idea what the assignment was, but he still went and done what she asked for, and reacted according to the situation as if it's perfectly normal turn of events.

Toffer, so sweetly concerned about Echo. Although, honestly speaking, I'm not sure if he's worried because he thinks it's gonna be called his fault, or because he really cannot imagine how painful it must be for her and wants to help ASAP.

I wonder if it's possible to wipe more than wiped-out? If it's possible to wipe memories that were created when everything else was removed? How does this wipe-out works, anyway? Do they simply write something over the new personality? Looks like it to me.

ep. 1-05 True Believer

There's an interesting parallels between Dominic and that ATF leader: all for the good cause. Sometimes I really can't believe how much people are willing to do, once they think of the goal only. How easy it is to forget the saying about road to Hell. How their memory of their actions seems to be montaged into something that they can accept: there was some good cause, some noble goal, and what's between their current position and that goal just... doesn't matter.

ep. 1-06 Man on the Street

Ooooh, my god. I even pity Ballard a little here.

Boyd? Is totally a ghost. Like, hand appears out of nowhere, head says the phrase about the treatment and they both just... float away, tip-toeing over the mess.

And oh god, that “porn!” squeak was so like Whedon's style!

Mmmm.... Boyd, my hero. I was sure it was the handler, but when I saw the shadows, I thought about Dominic instantly.

Adel seems like a dangerous woman, but I hope her dislike of Dominic and like of Boyd isn't my imagination. And god, is she hot in that dress!

This millionaire has told Ballard what he really needs to hear. That he really needs to listen to. It doesn't even matter that he's totally obsessed with the Dollhouses, it's more that he doesn't understand the purpose of them. And really, how is fulfilling the dream of the house and wife with a prostitute or just a woman for hire is different from engaging one doll every year to do this for him?

If this is a combination played by Adel via Topher+Echo, it's so much more interesting than if it's really a residue. I'm hoping it is – maybe because I kept a close eye on the office while Boyd and Topher spoke. Also, he so deliberately sent that helper girl away just before he finished preparing the image.

I like it that for all her denial before Dominic, Adel is still aware of too much residue being left in Echo after all those assignments.



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