This series feels very... real: no hysterics, no overreactions (well, not many, anyway), good actors. The storyline is good too: not many jdoramas start with main character in a relationship with a younger guy without being apologetic about it. Also, unlike many jdoramas, it's not easy to predict who will end up with whom.

I'm really sad it got such low ratings, especially since AraFour got up to 14.

Around 40

Apr. 19th, 2012 12:42 am
Surprisingly easy-to-watch dorama. Nothing extreme, no visible peaks, no excruciatingly boring parts.

I started watching it for Fujiki Naohito mostly, but the rest of the cast was nice too. Amami Yuki (Satoko) doesn't overplay a lot, Otsuka Nene (Nao) doesn't either. Matsushita Yuki (Mizue) was kinda annoying, but maybe it's her character was, not the actress herself.

I liked that Satoko didn't choose to leave everything behind, but the way family situation was resolved for the rest of them was... disappointing. Then again, the message of dorama was different from "do whatever you want" - more like "communication is the key", as expertly demonstrated by main characters. The way they sorted out their troubles was... startling but refreshing. I wonder if this idea will take...

Love Story

Aug. 10th, 2008 01:12 am
Ep9 "Honto no kimochi" - Real feelings

Shingo-san, you can't play drunk to save your life. Just drink next time you need to.

Oh, god, I KNEW it, the third-to-last episode of DOOM! This damned diary has finally made an appearance.

How much is put into it, how letting go of it doesn't change much. Some material thing, no matter how big of a symbol it might be, can be a much smaller thing compared to memories.

Ep10 "Wakare" - Farewell
Ep11 "Taisetsuna mono" - Precious thing

This time I'm ready to believe that Shin-chan really was playing Memories of Alhambra himself. He had couple of months to learn it, after all, hehe

Kano-chan became kinda unreasonable, even if her wish for Nabetomo to come after her was absolutely natural. Still.

There is something weird in a way this dorama had hero and heroine kinda mixed up for me. Usually I'm annoyed with the woman, but by the end of this dorama I was thinking that Kou is totally annoying. Because, seriously, how can you claim that you only tell the truth (and do that too, for the duration of 9 episodes) and then suddenly start telling lies that are completely obvious?
Some might say that he didn't realise it himself, but didn't he write the RL-21 story? isn't it clear that he understands everything perfectly? Didn't he explain everything clearly to Kumiko?

Speaking of Kumiko. Although I can't imagine holding out for someone for such a long time, she earned my respect with how she never forced anything and how she laid everything out in the end.

Also, that dokkyuusei? Came out of nowhere, went nowhere and had a total of 10 minutes of screen time. What was the point? That she realises everything? Weird.

Okay, I have to say that OF COURSE I cried. 3 last episodes I cried. I cried during those last 5 minutes in ep 9 and first 10 of ep 10 and again on story with Kano and Nabetomo, and totally sniffed couple of times when situation in publishing company became unbearable.
But in the end, in the airport, I was smiling, and I totally watched the end scene, like, three times.

It might not be the best dorama I've watched, but it is nice.

Love Story

Jul. 28th, 2008 03:18 am
Ep1 "Tobenai tori" - Bird that doesn't fly

Aw, damn it, I get happier every time Shin-chan comes on screen! But his character's relationship with Kou-san is good, huuh... He seems like a nice person, even though a playboy.
And that woman - was she introduced yet? - she matched Kou-san word for word, I hope he'll tell off her boss for firing her.

What the heeeell! He really let her staaaaay!
Okay, Yuuka is pretty cute here <3

What's that, suddenly private conversation in the middle of business meeting?

I like that Toyokawa Etsushi is totally not pretty. His face is all weird and freckled, and his lips are strange, and he moves unnaturally.

Ep2 "Motenai futari" - Two that don't fit together

Goukon with people who know each other rather well is meaningless, no? They seem to have fun though, hmm...

Oh, what possessed her to say that? Why people even do things like this? What's the point? Even if that lie will not be exposed right away, it'll still be known later.

Ah, the soundtrack clashes so much with the theme song... It's mostly songs in English, absolutely unfitting... and knowing the Spitz' song is the theme song... erk.

Ep3 "Kimi no koi" - Your love

Ahahaha! I wonder what Nagase will do when he notices the door!

It's nice how all four of them are realising that they're with wrong people. But two of them know this for sure and two of them didn't even think about it beforehand.

Ep4 "Omowanu tenkei" - Unexpected development"

Yep. I think this concert was pretty much ruined for both of them.

Damn, Nakayama Miho has facial expressions so similar to Shibasaki Kou, it's scary sometimes.

Oh god, we're really expected to believe that these groomed and clearly female hands belong to Nabetomo?..

It's funny: the cover really looks good and fresh, so if father had to pull some strings to put it there, it's okay, because further works will be on his own, no?
But I guess it's hard to accept the fact that you can't do anything without your parents.

Ep5 "Chikazukitai yo" - I want to come closer

Wow, how cute it is! They're referring to Sorimachi/Matsushima wedding <3

Ep6 "Masaka no kisu" - No-way kiss

Aww, does he even know Nobita? Although he doesn't look like Nobita at all...
But Misaki's "I'll be your Doraemon" was soo sweet...

Funny, how could I think that Iketani is a bad guy after his talk with Yumi? When they were going through the company's building and discussing Nagase, they seemed shallow and maybe kind of mean, but I probably misinterpreted it because of words. Because now as I think about it, they're simply saying the obvious things, with Iketani being naturally aggravated with the whole ordeal.

BTW, isn't what Yamada does also considered sexuhara? Only in more refined way, no?
Although if Iketani really spent a night with her, it's different.

Ep7 "Saigo no de-to" - The last date

Okay, Iketani, that was... gross. You're cute and stuff, but it was gross.

Poor Nabetomo, to learn that this girl chased after him simply because she wanted to have an exciting life for once... That she never intended to chase him until the end... and to learn it all after he barely begun to really look at her.

Ah, the story is like Nagase and Sudou... Angel Tamura is, of course, Nagase, and the girl who committed suicide, is ... Misaki? Was he thinking of it this way when he wrote it? Or he realised it after he learned about her and Iketani?
Either way, sad.

Oh god. Kato looks SO much like Domoto Koichi! It's scary sometimes.

Kano-chan, you're saying that you can't dye your hair, but Yuuka, your hair are dyed!

It really depends on where you grew up, doesn't it?
One couple eats yakisoba and goes to the aquarium, and the other walks Omotesando?

Ep8 "Mata furareru no" - Dumping again

Gosh, so cute, Nabetomo! Rolling around the floor because something that is reality for you is already like a dream for her...
Oh, this was useless... But so pretty...

Ouch, Iketani... that was kinda...

Oh, my head is spinning. Kumiko was kinda unexpected, but now it's all totally got out of hand! Next ep is the 9th ep of doom! I'm scared to watch it! I'm relaying only on my stubbornness to get through it.
*sigh* If I don't manage to watch it this week...
Every episode opens properly with an opening, and ends with number of episodes left. And by the end opening is like an open book, practically telling about all characters outright...

Set-up is finished by 3rd ep, the one that had the lowest ratings. It has a feeling of calm before the storm. Finishing touches are applied: trade glasses for contacts, take pictures, explain the dorama's title, give a hint on why the father was killed, set up with friends.

From that moment on, it's "Ten little niggers". And it ends in a way anyone can relate to the feeling, this feeling of helplessness, when everything you do is no good and whole world is against you. The feeling that makes you really take a machine gun and just kill all people who made it possible to happen, all consequences be damned.

I like how the older men go easy on Izumi, being careful with their words and relaying their displeasure via Sakuma, whereas younger men are rejecting her outright and going against Sakuma to treat her like an ordinary schoolgirl.

Her father is also many-layered person, it seems. But as Izumi changes from the clumsy shy girl to the confident leader, all characters around her also change, from Sakuma to Mayumi.

It's difficult to watch at times, be it too fluffy suddenly, or too filled with comedy, but in the end it was.. okay, I guess. As with Papa to Musume no Nanokakan, it goes well with strict schedule, 7 episodes is perfect for this.

Oh, and this girl has truly invincible glasses! If my glasses were broken like that even once, they would've been useless O_O
ep.5 "Moto kano vs ima kano" - Ex-gf vs current gf.
Jeez, who hands in vacation form the day before vacation starts? It really looks like he didn't want to go. Also, I can't help but notice the change in his behavior towards Nao after Makoto came.

ep.6 "Kanojo no kokuhaku" - Her confession.
Nao is trying so hard, and this friend of hers became SO annoying when she felt that there is something wrong there.
Moreover, Makoto, if you're upset about how your father used to work all the time, why do you insist on acting the same way?

I'm feeling kind of bad for Fujieda. Even though he seems to be serious about Makoto and even scolded Touji, it's unlikely that she'll let him go. See, no matter how clearly he shows her that he has a new gf now, the one he as serious about as he was about her, she just doesn't stop trying. And it even hurts him as much as does her.

Damn, the Saito twin is good here. Not annoying like they always are, but pretty natural.

ep.7 "Mou ichido dakishimetai" - I want to hold you once again
Damn, those peak episodes are the worst. I can never understand why they like to peak up all the angst in one ep, it makes it so hard to watch!

I like Touji. He's mellow, he doesn't speak up soon enough. But he tries to not judge people and he learns from other people's way of life and their words.

ep.8 "Sankaku kankeina yoru" - The evening of love triangles
Touji is also a character that almost never smiles. Quite different from Tsuyoshi's usual.
And sadly, Uchiyama Rina does nothing for me. It's not even her character that bothers me - there's nothing to be bothered with. It's her. Even when Nao does something reasonable and understandable, I still think don't feel comfortable about it. She's a good actress, but...

Ah, he might not be so rough and loud, but Touji is just like his father. It's hard for him to talk about his feelings. At least, unlike his father, he's able to show it with gestures.

ep.9 "Honto no kimochi" - Real feelings.
Yuuji, the epitome of youth, unable to see and accept other's feelings, unwilling to stop pushing, to give time.
In a way, Nao acted the same way when she pushed for the answer, causing Touji to lie. Only she gave him more than enough time and trusted him before situation finally became unbearable.

Like I thought, although in the beginning it was obvious that pairings are good as they are, now I'm as stuck as Touji. There is Nao who was nothing but supportive and understanding until she caught them, and there is Makoto, who obviously was the best time of his life. So now when pairs are forcibly put on the screen together, it's vaguely annoying. I want to say "Give me time! Let me think this through!"

Ah, and of course, I keep forgetting of fake-triangle of Chitose, Hitoe and Yuuji.
And until Makoto mentioned, I never noticed that names situation is reversed! It's always girl who's always called by her first name, but boys are usually called with surname. It's the other way around here: everyone, both girls and Chitose, and family, are calling Touji by his given name, and girls get called by surname, both Hayakawa-san and Saeki-san.

ep.10 "Mou koi nante... soshite wakare" - Again the love... and break-ups
Hmm. Somehow, while totally expected, it still was unexpected situation. For reasonable and calm Nao to snap like this... But Touji's reaction was absolutely nothing surprising. Even sitting like this whole night.

Pictures of fish in Touji's room made me laugh. And row of Yaguchi Takao's "Tsurikichi Sanpei" too.

And we finally learn the name of Nao's friend: Manami.

They had me at the end, as always. I really thought it will end like this. And then less than 10 minutes before the end... still undecided...

And the collection of polaroids from the whole dorama, complete with silly faces and kiss scenes. Ah, I wish all doramas gave me that sense of completion instead of being upset over story being purposefully stirred up at the last moment!
Moto Kare

ep.1 "Sarariman 1nensei" - Salaryman on the first year.
Episode where we meet Hirosue Ryoko in her usual role of hard-working kind woman

ep.2 "Kanojo ni furareta riyu" - The reason she dumped him.
Where Hirosue Ryoko suddenly grows a spine and reveals her rebellion against her parents. Not all that unusual, as it's a common story line for her heroines, but still interesting because of the impact it has on this particular story

ep.3"Pea no storappu" - Paired straps.

Ah, I love the title sequence <3 It's so simple and pure and explains the story immediately!
And places, oh my god, places! Movies at Odaiba,
transferring at Kudanshita in ep.3? And the bridge that I'm sure is West Park bridge on Odaiba... and pachinko mise that looks like the one across the road from Suidobashi...

ep.4 "Wasurerarenai koigokoro" - Unforgettable love
It's interesting how they always show Touji and Makoto working equally hard, but when they talk, it's obvious how different their reasons for working hard are.
For now I'm thinking that current pairings are perfect: Touji and Nao, Makoto and her boss, Fujieda. Although in the latter case Makoto's coworker's warning comes to mind...

Just who are her parents, how they treated her for her to say with such convincion:
Sono henni yasashii suki janai


Jan. 2nd, 2008 11:52 pm
I wonder. Guy doesn't know who he is and where he's from, he doesn't trust members of the same gang he's obviously from, but a girl who rejected him says "Go" and he goes.
Wow, that's probably more blood person gives when donating?
Preacher sounds like a broken record. Because he is broken, lol.

Well, that'll teach you to believe everything you've been said.
I wonder if Ema is able to cross the borderline?
I also wonder what will happen if normal person will try to stop Peace? Will he kill them, even though they done nothing against the rules? or is resistance to Peace against the rules by default?
And what ARE the rules anyway? Honest wish to kill someone for real? At least it seems so.
Then again I wonder about this 15 y.o. thing: there are plenty of adults walking around, like Kouya owner, or the preacher, or that salaryman guy?

It looks like Ema never appeared before Peace kill his intended victim before. Then again, nobody but her never resisted him before, probably.
Hehe, she should stop wearing long sleeves, the way they become torn every time.

It was stupid to think that bus really will leave Shibuya.
How long it will take for him to notice the Eye?
So only Ema has power to _kill_ Peace, even though anyone could kick and beat him? I still wonder who's that Kouya owner?

So adults are involved too, huh? Saying itterassai? And every adult could turn Peace?
Her hand cleared. No mark anymore. Weird. Because someone was killed, even though it wasn't her?
Wow. Nice comeback. It IS for him to decide, especially when you're hiding so much from him.
Yes, it seems that the only reason is strong wish to kill someone. Others think of death as of something pure and not related to them, they don't mind people dying, but do not really try to actively kill somebody.

Ahaha, how Kengo-san reacts to DJ's 'yo's, hahaha! And he showed wrong fingers too.
Can't get over the lack of keitai.
"Who is dark man".
Wow, this is interesting. So naturally, you can't leave before you die properly, but why the change then?
Oh, the Peace is back. And someone's keeping Ema away from him.
Who are you asking for help, they all are adults!

Okay. Did she get out or did she not?
Yeah, now both of them will be dead.
I wonder about this homeless person. He looks too much like Peace.
I bet this pretty girl that joined Palhands is none other than Asagi.
Why Peace is there? So I figured he was the one dealing with Ryuugo... but why he came for someone who wasn't marked?
Oh, interesting, so mark could be set on a thing, not a person?
And that also means Kengo is behind it?

So every person really gets their own pattern.
Where did his fighting abilities go? Is it because he refused to be Rave?
Hmmm, isn't Ema sitting in place where there are no 108?
Wow, cool! From the store right into the street! and TWO marks! and double Peace!
Whence exactly she gets her three wings?
Oh finally he thinks of the most important question! Who IS he? What's his real name.

DJ, what a simple-minded guy you are.
Moon. Why moon?

I wonder why she was alone before meeting Rave? Why she remembered those who died? A glitch in the system? Where wings came from?
Ah the moment between lives...
Is it really such a difficult age, 15 years? why they always talk about it like it's a worst part of anyone's life? Or is it only parents' view?
Wow, were it came from? the fake nail?

Hm, this time it came back much faster than ever before.
Everything is back to normal, like nothing happened. I wonder...
Hey, he came back in time - this world's time! Hey, the eye is blue!
Right, it couldn't be that easy. So Ema wasn't the glitch, Tsuyoshi was.
Hahaha, it was Kengo! Peace this time was Kengo.
Ema was the girl that caused it all?

The end of the world is near, but they came to eat katsudon?
So she really never eats?
This guy, he thinks himself a god or does he just like to punish people?
Hmmm... Ema is the core of this world, but why Tsuyoshi is so strong?

Ema is annoying, Asagi is annoying, homeless guy is annoying, but the most annoying is Peace, with his bad wig, awful accent and weird ways.
Overall, not a bad dorama, but I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know. Even though they turned it around with ending.
What curious is how they was her below the waist?

Weird. Even though Koume makes such bold suggestions, she still doesn't try to do anything about Kana who still does nothing.

I wonder why she won't have papa doing stuff for her. Why?
But misanga, huh... natsukashii...

Proposal date is a big deal too, huuh... I bet my parents don't even remember, not to mention making such promises.

Aw, sweet guy... really after her.
looked weird, right, when he was waving - first one style, then next, then smile, then grin.

I think the guy won Papa's heart.
Yes, Ritsuko, he doesn't treasure you. It might hurt, but it's the truth.

What are you doing? - Fucking up my daughter's friendship.
Man poor guy.

Ahahaha, penlights and uchiwas and T-shirts! Of enka singer! Oh fans, haha.

In the end it was "Work hard, speak frankly, respect elders, be filial to your parents".
But it was a nice dorama, light and bright and not annoying at all. Tachi Hiroshi was great as a father-turned-daughter, Aragaki Yui wasn't annoying as a daughter, and senpai was so cute and nice - the only character I couldn't believe in actually, lol.
One great thing about this dorama is its length. If it was longer than 7 eps, if they had a temptation to drag it out, it wouldn've worked. But since it was no more than 7 eps, it worked our great.

PapaMusu 4

Jan. 2nd, 2008 06:43 am
Heheh, they sound like each other already, funny. Got used to their positions, perhaps?

He also managed to learn a lot about school's structure in 4 days, didn't he? And this sensei is seriously scary. Like an oni. Even acting like this in the end.

Yeah, that's how they avoid responsibility!
IDIOT! You just blown up your own daughter's chances!

Okay, so she speaks her mind. And president supports. But what if he only woke up conveniently? Especially with all this speech about responsibility?
Oh, yeah, speaking about responsibility - do you understand what "responsibility" means in office?

Oooh, what a responsible boy. I guess they're lucky he likes Koume...


Woooow, whole new batch of problems.

PapaMusu 3

Jan. 2nd, 2008 12:10 am
They don't say anything about peaches outright, but they keep repeating the image. Come on, it's already obvious!

Girl, realise this already! Women from work don't just go for dinner with their department bosses!
And don't ask their bosses to ward off annoying suitors.

Yeah, this is Japanese company alright. Superiors' approval is more important than ensuring success of the actual product.

Wow, I just realised how BIG their house is.

Kenta-senpai is ni~ce!.. But it still doesn't justify you jumping on him!
Poor guy, he has no idea...

Wow Hoshino is pretty messed up in the head.

PapaMusu 2

Jan. 1st, 2008 11:20 pm
I think I like Kenta-senpai. Pretty unusual taste he has. Lucky for him, it wasn't real Koume with him...

What the hell was THAT?! What LANGUAGE was that?! Oh god, I think I had to rewind this place 5 times. SOOOO funny!

Awww, poor baby fell asleep too... better look up on what movie you're going to see first next time!
Ahahaha, Shinsengumi... Oyajippoi! Boys.

Oh those overbearing fathers! I'm glad mine wasn't like that.
Yes your plan did backfire. Deal with it.

Kenta-senpai, you're a dork. But a sweet dork. I bet if Koume wasn't his daughter, Papa would've liked him imminently. But alas, he doesn't.

That's weird. Probably Japanese thing. Because I cannot imagine all high-schoolers taking a break from their studies at the same time anywhere else.

PapaMusu 1

Jan. 1st, 2008 10:53 pm
Truth hurts.
Middle-aged man called ossan reacts the same way 20 y.o. will in similar situation. But in his case it's the truth.

Okay, weird point to leave the girl alone after such a confession. I wonder if he had seen a man standing next to her...

Does every girl tell her father that she's going to marry him when she grow up? I don't remember saying anything like that...

Ah, baba, not telling such a legend, it was harsh! Wise old woman, so there are such women in Japan too...

Ah! A chipmunk! Kawaii <3

Wow, those are some powerful peaches!
And the switch scene went well. Wow. Really good. Pretty believable, too.

I'm glad they're focusing on father more - girl is good, but, alas, not good enough.
Stupid dream sequence, bah.

HAHAHA, Sakurakouji, youthful smile is all. Of course man with such a fresh smile cannot be older than 17.

Aisu no yarou, hehe.
Right, everybody is perfectly convinced that Sakurakouji's in love with Hikari.

Okay, since she hates fighting, lets get beat up. Interesting idea, refreshing too.

Yakuza kowai! Oh god, this is good

Wow, Makky learned to properly compliment people.
Kazu and his sewing, so cute.

I just knew that he's going to forget about his birthday.

First time in a while we see all teachers...
Too bad this ep wasn't in February, with all those challenges piled up on Feb. 14th

Finally she learned the truth.

Mark of the final ep: starting with the op.
Minami-sensei, so serious. Makky, the crybaby.
And sotsugyoushiki scene was too long IMO.
And now we're on the last two episodes.

Okay, so probably mask has something to do with radiation.

Finally emotional exchange between Galileo and Kaoru... And Kusanagi's back.

ARRRGH! What bad memories? OSHIETE!

Hahaha, that face, Yukawa, it's like you couldn't believe you really would be asked to help! You're standing right there, idiot, and you're not helping any, letting the man rant at you only, OF COURSE you'll be asked to help.

I sense some problems for Utsumi because of his silence.

Haha, Yuge, she stopped being your rookie long time ago, didn't she.

Wrong question, Galileo, don't you think? Shouldn't it be "how" not "why" were they killed"?

HAHAHAHAHA! Nice cap, re-ealy nice! 1000 RUR with some girls superimposed on it, heee! Nice connection to SU, smart! Me likes.

Oh god, his voice is so depressed...

Okay, I couldn't understand what he was doing with wires (aside from checking potential, probably), but his "typing" is total failure.
HEEEY! you're pressing two keys at once! And barely moving your left hand's fingers!

A~ah, I'm not even diappointed by the lack of conclusion between main characters, I just wish they'd make a second season. And explained why Kaoru-chan suddenly wears her hair down on police business, hehe.

Galileo 8

Jan. 1st, 2008 03:55 am
Awwww, Kaoru-chan, such a pitiful face! If only it was someone other than Galileo, he would definitely feed you!

Wasn't there vapor on the glass?

Omg he ate! HE ATE! And thought it tasted good! YAY!

Weird. No big names in this ep. Or rather, no faces I recognized.

Galileo 7

Jan. 1st, 2008 03:02 am
Huuuh... affairs are difficult things in Japan...
Manabu-san smiles much more often now, huuh...
Huuh... she's suspicious, this wife... Flirting like that, grrr! And heeeey! she slipped! SLIPPED!
Also, Fukakyon looks pregnant or something, huh.

WAAA! Wa, sugo~i! this fluid, it changed state!

Oh please, Galileo, don't become interested in trains too! It would be AWFUL!

But damn, it's the role I've always wanted to see Fukakyon in. Suits her perfectly. And she played it perfectly too. To smallest details: posture, voice, eyes, walking...

Galileo 6

Dec. 28th, 2007 03:01 am
STUPID! You've won for the first time? How it's your win if it proved YOU wrong? Baka.

Haha, Kaoru, you sounded like a pissed-off mother talking to her son.

Lonely scientists and policemen, huh.
I think that person who has requirements about what should be known in order to have a conversation with them simply don't know how to listen. It's unforgivable for anyone, especially scientists. Because, really, if you won't listen to what people learned before you, how would you figure out new things?

I still can't get over the number of celebrities involved as guest stars in this dorama. And it still has 22 as an average rating. Looks like Japan needs to adjust either their rating system or dorama production system.
And Fukuyama, he's so yellow compared to Shibasaki O_O

Galileo 5

Dec. 28th, 2007 01:59 am
Yeah, assuming something without knowing the whole picture is bad. Cool of you to apologize, woman.
Hayatochiri, cute word indeed.
Lol, you've learned to play him well, have you, Kaoru-chan?

OMG OMG WOOOOOOW! That was close!

Okay, so you screwed up the plan because you've wanted to keep memento of him? What was the point in following instructions then?

I think that not only people on campus but also people at the police department think they're dating *sigh*
It's cute though.

Galileo 4

Dec. 11th, 2007 03:09 am
Wow, oppai! Right from the start!
A~ah, the guest this time is Katori Shingo-san.

Haha, bimbo ni wa furo de oboren da yo~
True, true.

Kuribayashi was an assistant for 20 years?! No wonder he is stressed, hehe

Damn, Katori looks cool. And totally not 30 y.o., lol
Maybe I should try to watch that winter dorama with him, hmmm...
Eh, maji de kakkoi! Yabai!

Jeez, woman, you're the only one who goes to the police office to REST!

Huh, why he's practically throwing himself onto Galileo? Doesn't he realise how suspicious it is?
And WOMAN! stop blabbering to people it doesn't concern! Don't you think he's weird?! DON'T YOU?! It's NOT normal for someone to give you a free stay at the good hotel! BAKA!

Man, Katori is like Nakai, he shouldn't be allowed to play bad people, he's to charismatic. And that shower scene was totally unneeded. I could've lived without that image... though I don't really mind, haha.

Oh, Takami, you smart guy! But it won't help you.
And yes, Galileo is genius, but I don't understand how it made you confess! grrr! Illogical!

I'm a bit upset that Tagami's mind was linked to anime. I can probably understand whence they are coming, but it's still upsetting.



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