Is this how time normally passes? Reeeeally slowly. In the right order...

I'm mightly annoyed by them never mentioning the Tardis translating. And how easily people accept Tardis - how she's bigger inside than outside - and how she travels through the time and space. Sure, they're surprised at first, but they recover quickly - too quickly. And if that's expected with Rory and Van Gogh, with people on the drilling station it's not expected at all.

"You graffitied the oldest cliff face in the Universe! - YOU wouldn't answer your phone."
I love her. She's been and is very, very fitting character.

(still hate them for Rory though)

Ha! The girl on the right when they're riding horses is clearly NOT Amy. Her hair is too short. Not to mention she's not red-haired.

how did he light a torch with a sonic screw-driver?!

Well, however disjointed this season was, last two episodes definitely brought it together. Well, first torn everything to pieces but then brought together anyway.

this is how I expect next season to be: the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River, all together, MAKING SENSE. And Doctor will have to stop being so snappish and slow on uptake, it's embarrassing.
They've changed the opening. They've changed the music. They've changed the title card. They've changed EVERYTHING! And ruined Tardis!

Although the "swimming pool in the library" thing was alright :)

But he's weird and bitey. And throwing things around. Idk. Weird.

And creepy! With that everything's gonna be fine! line...

I like Amy more than the Doctor.

I'm a bloody queen, mate. Basically, I rule.

I'm not sure I like the new Doctor. He's too unstable, too neurotic. Has been from the very beginning. I just feel weird with a Doctor who shouts and gets angry with his companion and threatens to kick them off Tardis for absolutely normal things. He also doesn't give them a chance to explain while he's angry. And so far all the times the day was saved, it was saved by Amy's quick wit and attentiveness to details.

Yep. I don't like him. I definitely like Amy + Rory. Rory is so out of tune with the whole thing, but he's very reasonable and understanding anyway. Amy is smart and... she doesn't follow the Doctor, she acts on her own, and she's not afraid or in awe. She's like the little girl she was then, only grown-up. Amazing.



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