It's been a joy watching a normal person saving a city full of geeks. Jack Carter is... well-meaning, funny, handsome, sexist and inventive in everyday way. The only major extra that he has is his "gut feeling", which helps with the investigations. A lot.

He's a sheriff, and he's a father, and it's almost as good as VM's father-daughter relationship.

There are many recurring characters, some of them even not trying to steal the thunder or be a hero of many episodes (or, in Fargo's case, a CAUSE of many episodes, lol). Women are mostly smart and capable, and not perfect. Zane was a good addition, but Taggart was... seriously weird. Lucas doesn't really fit. Allison is wow - strong, thoughtful (if a bit too insecure, which leads to some decisions I cannot understand). Lupo is... well, actually she's a caricature. But when she stops being a caricature, she's pretty cool. And, surprisingly, she's awesomely hot as a girly girl. Zoe is nice and very reasonable, just like her father. Nathan Stark... is kind of a McSteamy of this show, lol.

There are things that were handled rather... badly, imo. Like plot arcs abandoned as they had ended (see: Allison's son), and the way they just... dissolved Nathan Stark without almost anyone noticing. I was disappointed by the way they kept Jack and Allison separate after the memory event and the fact that Henry's involvement have never been discussed.

I'm a bit sad that season 5 will be the last one, but the sense of vague dissatisfaction that I had at the end of season 3 makes the decision understandable. I'll probably watch it until the end though.

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