And now we're on the last two episodes.

Okay, so probably mask has something to do with radiation.

Finally emotional exchange between Galileo and Kaoru... And Kusanagi's back.

ARRRGH! What bad memories? OSHIETE!

Hahaha, that face, Yukawa, it's like you couldn't believe you really would be asked to help! You're standing right there, idiot, and you're not helping any, letting the man rant at you only, OF COURSE you'll be asked to help.

I sense some problems for Utsumi because of his silence.

Haha, Yuge, she stopped being your rookie long time ago, didn't she.

Wrong question, Galileo, don't you think? Shouldn't it be "how" not "why" were they killed"?

HAHAHAHAHA! Nice cap, re-ealy nice! 1000 RUR with some girls superimposed on it, heee! Nice connection to SU, smart! Me likes.

Oh god, his voice is so depressed...

Okay, I couldn't understand what he was doing with wires (aside from checking potential, probably), but his "typing" is total failure.
HEEEY! you're pressing two keys at once! And barely moving your left hand's fingers!

A~ah, I'm not even diappointed by the lack of conclusion between main characters, I just wish they'd make a second season. And explained why Kaoru-chan suddenly wears her hair down on police business, hehe.

Galileo 8

Jan. 1st, 2008 03:55 am
Awwww, Kaoru-chan, such a pitiful face! If only it was someone other than Galileo, he would definitely feed you!

Wasn't there vapor on the glass?

Omg he ate! HE ATE! And thought it tasted good! YAY!

Weird. No big names in this ep. Or rather, no faces I recognized.

Galileo 7

Jan. 1st, 2008 03:02 am
Huuuh... affairs are difficult things in Japan...
Manabu-san smiles much more often now, huuh...
Huuh... she's suspicious, this wife... Flirting like that, grrr! And heeeey! she slipped! SLIPPED!
Also, Fukakyon looks pregnant or something, huh.

WAAA! Wa, sugo~i! this fluid, it changed state!

Oh please, Galileo, don't become interested in trains too! It would be AWFUL!

But damn, it's the role I've always wanted to see Fukakyon in. Suits her perfectly. And she played it perfectly too. To smallest details: posture, voice, eyes, walking...

Galileo 6

Dec. 28th, 2007 03:01 am
STUPID! You've won for the first time? How it's your win if it proved YOU wrong? Baka.

Haha, Kaoru, you sounded like a pissed-off mother talking to her son.

Lonely scientists and policemen, huh.
I think that person who has requirements about what should be known in order to have a conversation with them simply don't know how to listen. It's unforgivable for anyone, especially scientists. Because, really, if you won't listen to what people learned before you, how would you figure out new things?

I still can't get over the number of celebrities involved as guest stars in this dorama. And it still has 22 as an average rating. Looks like Japan needs to adjust either their rating system or dorama production system.
And Fukuyama, he's so yellow compared to Shibasaki O_O

Galileo 5

Dec. 28th, 2007 01:59 am
Yeah, assuming something without knowing the whole picture is bad. Cool of you to apologize, woman.
Hayatochiri, cute word indeed.
Lol, you've learned to play him well, have you, Kaoru-chan?

OMG OMG WOOOOOOW! That was close!

Okay, so you screwed up the plan because you've wanted to keep memento of him? What was the point in following instructions then?

I think that not only people on campus but also people at the police department think they're dating *sigh*
It's cute though.

Galileo 4

Dec. 11th, 2007 03:09 am
Wow, oppai! Right from the start!
A~ah, the guest this time is Katori Shingo-san.

Haha, bimbo ni wa furo de oboren da yo~
True, true.

Kuribayashi was an assistant for 20 years?! No wonder he is stressed, hehe

Damn, Katori looks cool. And totally not 30 y.o., lol
Maybe I should try to watch that winter dorama with him, hmmm...
Eh, maji de kakkoi! Yabai!

Jeez, woman, you're the only one who goes to the police office to REST!

Huh, why he's practically throwing himself onto Galileo? Doesn't he realise how suspicious it is?
And WOMAN! stop blabbering to people it doesn't concern! Don't you think he's weird?! DON'T YOU?! It's NOT normal for someone to give you a free stay at the good hotel! BAKA!

Man, Katori is like Nakai, he shouldn't be allowed to play bad people, he's to charismatic. And that shower scene was totally unneeded. I could've lived without that image... though I don't really mind, haha.

Oh, Takami, you smart guy! But it won't help you.
And yes, Galileo is genius, but I don't understand how it made you confess! grrr! Illogical!

I'm a bit upset that Tagami's mind was linked to anime. I can probably understand whence they are coming, but it's still upsetting.

Galileo 3

Dec. 11th, 2007 02:20 am
This time the guest is Hirosue Ryoko-chan.

Kanzaki was really good person, was he? An he really tried to tell them he was there, in a way, right?

Ah, Galileo, you're really KY, haha
But you did well despite that. Good.

(and that step in the end was perfect)

Galileo 2

Nov. 4th, 2007 03:08 am
Are, are? isn't it Haneru no tobira Mihoko-chan? She's cute when her hair are not up in that stupid bun of hers, very cute!

Hmm... this is kinda obvious from the start, huh. But I wonder which one of them is that?

Kaoru-chan! Is that you talking about drinking, partying and dating? Don't make me laugh, YOU don't do any of this!

A~ah, Galileo, do you see yourself in that boy?

Heh, I was wrong. It makes me happy. When murderer comes out of the frame, it's so much more fun. Especially in drama like that.

And I'm in love with the ending song. And the ending. And the way karaoke was managed.

A~ah, too bad I cannot risk watching it without subtitles - I'll miss all the fun parts, all the explanations! But I want to so much!

Galileo 1

Nov. 4th, 2007 03:02 am
Erk... good thing I have it subbed. Can't understand a word Manabu-sensei's saying... Fukuyama and Shibasaki are both kinda famous because of their bad diction, hehe

Oh, hey, they have new girl reading the list of sponsors! Never heard her before, nice voice!

Ah-ha-ha! They translated "Hissatsu Shigotonin" as "superhero"! Cound't be further from the truth, ne? Since he says "I would've killed them already", ne?

Kaoru-chan is rather cute, when she's totally misses the opposite sex's appeal, heee! And Manabu-sensei? "Nobody every shouted at me like that", kawaii~!
It's so sweet of him to explain his words in his scientific way! and so him to refuse to explain his THOUGHTS before they could be proven!
Kaoru... for your tears to work, you need a) know what you want them to do and b) cry on your own, without remembering your sad story... also, it wouldn't work every time. Oh, and don't forget to really cry!
Oh well, as long as it works... *shrugs*

WOAH! Totally cool, this scene reconstruction site! woooah!
It's strange though, that students will be available at that hour and for that long as it takes to recreate it... Truly dedicated guys, they are.

Yokatta! Galileo is not boring! Tottemo omoshiroi ya! Yokatta~
It's like a Liar Game, but so, so much smarter! Liar Game left me with feeling that I was tricked a bit. Mostly because, well, dear tensai sagishi never was good at explaining things, heh. I hate it when logical things are not explained properly - I only understand them on the surface then, and I hate that.
Also, here everything is based on science, such vague and unpredictable thing as human relations don't really enter the picture, so everything is much clearer and more reliable.
Yep. I like it and I support every percent of its amazing rating.



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