Ep 4.07 Ugly

Annoying bitch is so very annoying, I honestly don't understand why is she still there.

Don't lie, boy, please. Don't lie to try and get your surgery. This will not help, it will just worsen the problem because next time something happens.

Cameras make people stupid. Some more than others.

Wow, Thirteen is right there with that CIA doctor? Thaaats impressive.

Damn its so sad that he didn't see that last few seconds! I doubt he would've been impressed much, but this obviously wasn't edited at all, it was true. The edit job was... hideous, lol. But yeah that's what happens with documentaries, with interviews, etc.

Ep 4.08 You Don't Want to Know

Wow, guy is so lucky that out of whole audience he picked two doctors.

Also, hmmm, so fellows spend time together outside work, and Mormon has time to do stuff that ISN'T work and family.

Bitch, he expects you to LOOK AT THE PATIENT you're doing MRI on when you're bragging to be a good doctor!

God, Thirteen, don't tell me you have a Huntington’s?

Wooow, nasty. I'm glad she's capable of biting back when angered. And that diatribe in the end was... amazing. How she just keeps getting better?!

Sad, sad, sad about Big Love. He's so... strong. Even if he was weak with Taub (even if I can understand his decision). But yeah, it's House, so he couldn't've stayed. And I can only pray that Thirteen will stay...

Compared to Cameron she's simply amazing! Female characters that do not annoy are so rare for some reason, even though some of them grow on you with time.

Ep 4.09 Games

Cutthroat Bitch, it doesn't matter that you want to win if you're not doing your WORK to win and cheat instead. I don't like it.

I don't get it. I mean, I get the problem with hiring all of them, but I don't really understand why he wants to keep all of them. Because I swear to God I can't see how Bitch is better than any of them. I don't remember correct diagnosises from her!

Oookkay. I don't like it. Should I like it? Because I don't.

Oh! NOW I do like it :D
Muuuch better <3

Ep 4.10 It's a Wonderful Lie

Mmmm, the idea of always telling truth always appealed to me, because it's such a hard thing to do. This episode shows exactly why.

I'm sad that mother turned out to be a fad – and I wonder how it'll affect the daughter in the future, when she learns about this lie. There is no way she won't, and mother better think of it. I don't even understand why she would think it doesn't matter, or how she supposes it is possible to build life of truths based on a lie this big.

The daughter, on the other hand, is a perfect product of this upbringing, telling the truth where her mother indicates a strong wish to keep it a lie, despite truth hurting the most. This I can understand, this is how I view situations like this: hope is good, but you should be aware that nothing can actually change because of it. You can hope but you shouldn't lie.

This is actually how I try to treat my life: I'm not strong enough to not to lie to people around me, but I try to not lie to myself to the best of my capacity. I find it reassuring in a way, the admission of truth of my situation. Because if I know and admit the truth, it makes it easier to realize that it might not last in good situations and to hope that it might get better in bad situations. Without underlaying truth the house of cards of hope is shaky, and bad things coming up hurt more.

Ep 4.11 Frozen

I don't know anything about this episode yet, but the panorama is interesting. I wonder if they really done it IRL or it's a rendering. Both ways, it's really cool thing to do.

Right, that was a peek at high level technology yet to come. Self-focusing mind-activated web-cameras with auto-zoom, auto-pan and auto-pretty-much-everything.

Huuh, last couple of episodes House is surprisingly interested in ladies. He's latching on every interesting woman that comes across the way. He seems lonely and unstable. I wonder what changed, why is this happening.

I think that as well as showing just how wasteful House's team is with the resources this episode is actually showing again WHY he insists on starting treatments before the tests confirm the theories: because sometimes hitting the right answer on a hunch is the only thing that can save the patient, and other times it's the only thing that would keep them alive for some time needed to make the right diagnosis.

Ep 4.12 Don't Ever Change

Wow, Cutthroat Bitch doesn't wear short skirts and low-cut blouses when she's not trying to get the job she wants? She looks all weird dressed like that.

Ahahaha, “OMG you're sleeping with me”. Wilson's faaaaaaace! Oh god, so funny!

Ep 4.13 No More Mr. Nice Guy

Oh god, I'm laughing so hard! Bitch and House SNIFFING each other over Wilson! This is so funny and true and I'm thinking that in THIS role I like her more (not that I like her much, but between her and Wilson they actually make up one character that I do like).

God, this is so crazy, but so true to life! I can't help but remember some cases similar things happened to me or my coworkers. When you spend too much time at work, it becomes your coworkers' job to notice you getting unstable or developing a condition, to offer you sometimes unwanted advice about your phone conversations with your friends and significant others, and after a while you stop noticing such things and start thinking that 7 am calls for advice for some bizarre reason are actually relevant to your actual work. Because, really, aren't they? If someone can't make a decision, that might affect their work performance, and if your work depends on this person's performance, you'd rather give them their damn advice than wait for them to get to specialist about the cause of it. Not that you wouldn't recommend a specialist to them.

...or am I wrong about it?
Ep 4.04 Guardian Angels

Oookay, so House openly favors Thirteen? I didn't remember that... Although I have to say I'm pretty happy about this.

Cameron, I thought you were engaged to Chase? What's with all this flirting.

Hm... Bitch is as bitchy as I remembered.

Um. He has no problem dissing religious beliefs, but it seems that his wrong assessment about family situation made him think. Either of new ways to torture the guy or of way this was a wrong thing to say.

Huh. Did they do something special for that scene with her mother? I thought the mother is looking too sharp, when everything else was... not blurry, just soft-looking.
Or maybe it's because of the sharp furniture? Chest of drawers, chairs with plain wooden arms, part of the table, corner, painting on the wall... Edges, sharp-ish light...

Wow, not-doctor is really sharp. Bitch is mean.

For someone who doesn't believe that other people don't see what she does she's terribly accepting about the fact that they can't hear them.
Also, what's wrong about Walter?

Huh. I didn't know Parkinson's causes hallucinations.

I hate Thirteen! - Not as productively. HA! Get that, bitch! I don't really understand what she's doing on team still aside from providing entertainment.

It's amazing how closely two actresses resemble each other, despite not being related in any possible way.

Now, the question is, HOW she knew about Stark and his dog. I mean, collar, okay, but who that was and how they died?

I'm sad to see Henry go. I'd rather see him than Foreman again.

Oh, how funny it is that the cause of all this was ergot. AND the girl believed in God. Conspiracy! Clearly!

Ep 4.05 Mirror Mirror

Eeerm, patient collapses in the middle of the hallway, team has time to get paged and run to the patient (to another floor, as far as I can see) and patient's still laying on the floor?!


Yeah, a mirror to see yourself, not the way you appear to others, but the way you really are. It's such a rare opportunity, and even if it's only because of the disease, grab the chance, see what you're missing.
Or maybe I really, really need that right now.

Wow, they're much more bold than the original team. I can't really imagine even Chase stuffing meat with sleeping pills!

I like that House didn't assume that Thirteen didn't want to deal with the patient in means of treating him. That she didn't want a mirror instead.

Ep 4.06 Whatever It Takes

Yeah, Foreman, you're too fast to assume you know the reason she's sick. Why? Do you need to be the one who comes up with the correct answer? What is going on with you? I thought you were happy working with House...

ILU, Thirteen. She's not antagonistic, she's not angry with Foreman, she's doing what he's claiming to do: helping the patient. Claiming because I'm not really sure it's his main intent.

They're making fun of the proceeds, they don't care. I don't like it. I don't like that both Foreman and Thirteen are participating in it.

Again, I'm not sure if I imagining it, but it seems that camera showing doctors with the second patient is a bit fish-eyed. That makes all of them look like idiots.

Huh, Brennan is actually promising. He's obviously trying to save the patient. That makes three of them. The rest's just working for points.

That's probably the first time I see House treating the patient himself for any prolonged period of time.

Oh. Cameron, she looked so much like Reid right now, biting her lower lip.

Oh, Brennon. Oh god. I hope they really called the cops. No that I don't understand his reasoning, but it's just too creepy.
Ep 4.01 Alone

Okay, Wilson as a criminal mastermind is a new approach. I still don't like him very much, but it's much more interesting than his usual actions. And Wilson in hoody I like better than Wilson in suit.

Cuddy looks very pretty.

House needs team not only because he needs someone to bounce the ideas off, but also because he needs someone to keep patients' family off his back. While random intern he gets out of the ER can give him a right idea, they can't talk to family members.

And I didn't like the scene in the end. Seemed kinda bland after pretty weird episode.

Ep 4.02 The Right Stuff

Oh. My. God. I'm so ridiculously happy that House saw Chase exactly when 13 was talking and I just thought that she was as cheeky as he was!

But as much as I was glad (surprisingly) to see Cameron, I didn't think she was ever that reasonable and emotionally/psychologically attuned to the patients. In fact, she was frequently and horribly wrong about her assessment of them until House pushed her to the right thing.

Ah, he's a mix! Of course, Cameron had blond hair! Wilson, you're brilliant, lol
Sensitive like Cameron, cheeky and insistent like Chase.

NO WAY! He? Foreman? NO WAY. Too logical and I like him more than Foreman. This cannot do, the whole team that I actually like? HA! CANNOT BE!

But the pointing to the selected candidates using the ex-team is nice.

Ep 4.03 97 Seconds

Cutthroat bitch is a right term for her. And coming to Cameron with this story was stupid. If Cameron's gonna act on this, I'll be calling her Stupid Bitch from now on.

Actually I've watched it about 3-4 weeks ago. Right now I don't have time to watch even 1 episode. Kinda upsetting, I think, since I have a backlog of size of universe. But oh well... July is probably going to be less hectic.
ep 22 Resignation
Something's weird is in House just quietly going away when Cameron and Chase casually tell him to. And no one sees anything out of ordinary in this.
House's team really is too comfortable around him now. They're very comfortable in their places. They're sure of themselves. They joke, they laugh - even Foreman is calm and confident around House.

Chase is way to smart, and House knows it and likes it, but Foreman doesn't even want to admit it - just like his reason for quitting.
This episode clearly shows that CHASE is the one who is like House - like House nobody wants or can see, curious, insistent, doing anything to reveal truth, trampling people's feeling because they lie in order to cover up unpleasant things.

Nice play between House and Wilson around their trust for each other.

ep 23 The Jerk
House let Chase to write on his board?! Oh. My. God.

Magic mushrooms? No problem!

Ewwww, mother seriously thought that this attitude was normal?

Chase isn't afraid of House, Wilson, you idiot. Someone should tell Wilson just how big of an idiot he is with all his good intentions. Oh wait, Cuddy already did.

HA! Whole team, hell, whole hospital (I mean those who work with House daily) are overanalysing, not believing words and instead figuring out what IS really wrong there. Oh, he trained them well, that he did...

The kid was AWESOME.

Ep 24 Human Error
Oh seriously, going to see House from Cuba? erk...
oh man, but they fail in faking accents - simply forget about them all the time. Not to mention how easily they suddenly understand all those difficult medical terms.

Woah, Chase was seriously out of line.
But... I hope he really understood what House is saying.

This is actually scary: House thinking about him losing his touch? being helpless? being wrong?
Oh, I'm sure he doesn't think he's wrong about Chase and I agree with him.

I'm glad they all went off with smiles. It's sad that only Chase was really ready. Chase and House.

It was very sweet ending to the very rickety season. This couple and God again - it was... christmas-y.

Well, now all I have to do is to wait until the end of the current season to know how House deals with his changes.
ep 18 Airborne
Man, Wilson sure has it rough. House seriously let his team to get out of hand.

I have one serious problem with Cuddy's attitude. She's not stupid. She's not blind. Then why did she insist on letting the girl listen to their conversation?

But I love how House's whole attitude changed after Cuddy jumped onto the bandwagon. Another amusing thing is how House views his team: a kid (Chase, I assume), who agrees with him on everything; a man who disagrees because he doesn't understand shit; a woman who is a self-righteous bitch.

Wow, never a turbulence on a plane had so many chances of accidentally killing someone (okay, paralysing, but whatever).

Now the analogies in revelation scenes really had me laughing like an idiot.

Ep 19 Act Your Age
Like I said many times, Chase is way more like House that anyone else on team.

In this "no sex" situation Chase's reacting way better than Cameron. He doesn't think House's punishing them, he doesn't try to make Cameron jealous, and he's actually trying to concentrate on the case.

Now, I have a question here. Why in all this time no one thought that BOY is acting weird.

HOUSE you're an ASSHOLE!

Ep 20 House Training
Cameron, get a taste of your own medicine.

Oh god, I just want the whole Cuddy/Wilson thing to be OVER.

Ep 21 Family
Wow. Never though I'd live a day to see House shouting at Wilson like that. It was good while it lasted.

The worst part of this ep, in my opinion, is that Nick didn't get a chance to help his brother like he helped (okay, agreed to help) him.

Foreman O_O That was... the absolutely worst thing I've seen you doing up till now.
Looks like a nice light episode for a change. This photo of House wasn't the best one.

Cameron, you're a bitch and an idiot. Chase, you're the best.

And once again - the best. When others come to House for him to spew out some new theories, he comes and give some suggestions.

Oh Cuddy. Looking at the babies... but bitching at Cameron was a good thing.

I guess this story give us a look at how it might be for House to treat Cuddy.

Oh please, Foreman, you care about Cameron love life because it affects you? HA!

Cameron is an idiot. Did she really never looked at Chase?

There are no photo of House :(
ep 14 Insensitive

Okay, so we establish that the girl has something that makes her mother to worry about her like that.

Oh, House, do you really want Cuddy to stay single? Or you really that concerned that her baby's dad going to be some jerk?

Haha, how adult, dear girl! But House won, even though you obviously practiced all reasons your life sucks many times before.

Just before I could applaud Chase's solution (however wacky it might be) I realised where exactly House is headed and barely caught myself so not to shout out loud. But I still want to type it out: "HOUSE, NO!!!"
Does he want to piss her off enough to be kicked out of the hospital.
God, Gregory House, you act like an elderly father who doesn't want to believe that his little girl has grown up and needs to find herself another man.
Asshole. Seriously. Last part was totally unnecessary.

Woah fuck that was weird. The smile she gave before she broke away... creepy. Doesn't really associate with paranoia for me.

Cameron, good call, he didn't expect this. I don't think he forgot, he probably hoped THEY'D forget. I certainly hope that even though it's "House", this test will be enough...

Wooow, House, that was...
Just say it.
Oh, Cuddy...


Wilson, I don't trust you. Sorry, you lost your privileges. And I never liked you anyway.
Cameron, you too. Please just shut up. Of course he's judging without knowing, it's FOREMAN!
AND he's right. Up until the "not criticizing" part.

I have a feeling mother doesn't feel pain either. Because she was talking way too freely.

Hmmm... Chase was more affected by that punch, it seems. He's more subdued, doesn't want to think much, rarely talks... Or am I just imagining things?

Chase, you look weird in that hat.
Cameron, you're a BITCH! I don't think that will work with him.
It's interesting that after all this time Chase is turing out to be less logical and more emotional than his colleagues...

ep 15 Half-Wit

Patrick Obyedkov. I had to stop to laugh.

House's playing rough. 5 am. It doesn't seem to be an emergency...

Chase'd changed. So House cannot be right.

Why would House say that to the girl? I don't remember him saying anything this dangerous before... is anything wrong?

Cameron, why would you lie about this? Just tell Chase when you've been there, stupid.

Oh, Cuddy... Cameron... you both...
And Wilson. You're an idiot. And you're lying.

I just wonder why House did this. Because clearly it's all a lie. The question is why? To test his team? To have Cuddy's attention? To have more leeway? To please Wilson?

Erm. Cameron. Wooooah. Eeek. OMG O_O

Chase, you're reaction is the best. Are you going to come up to him.

For some reason I dislike the father. He's... fake.

Chase, you're the BEST! Seriously.

Cuddy, you ruined the moment. Good thing she kinda made it better with a hug. And a feel.

Can we please remove half of House's brain? Maybe he'll look happy too?

ep 16 Top Secret
The opening is... awesome. Very original.
And the "meeting people" part? Never thought I'd see something like this on "House".

Cameron. Leave him ALONE O_O

Ahhahahaha now Foreman knows!

Smart, Cameron. Now Foreman thinks he's wrong.
But Cameron, you don't have to be such a bitch about it.
Chase. Don't be such a baby.

Yeah, right, Cameron, you're over him. That's why you said that when no one asked ANYTHING relevant.

Oooh, now we know House watches porn.

very... interesting episode, operator's work-wise.

Wow, niiice. Continuation of the dreams.

They should just hook up and get over with it. Or should I say "hook up AGAIN"?
Ep 12 One Day, One Room
Cuddy, I don't like this jacket. Please take it off? (and possibly don't replace it with anything else <3)
I think House didn't expect her to act like that.

Cameron, you...
Wow, that shot with Cuddy and House was... perfect.

Erk. Bribes? House, that's worse than usual. Cuddy's idea is smart though. Making House interested in the process is the best way to deal with it.

Huuh, that girl is seriously nasty and bitchy. Is this an American way to deal with being raped or what? Why she declines to see a psychiatrist? Does she want to torture House? Is this because he understood everything without her saying anything?

Is this episode all about people who decline to be treated?

Seriously, the girl behavior is weird. Cameron is weird too. But she's right.
Only girl's still weird. And she's using House to solve her problems for her. AND she acts like a shrink.

Damn, this is seriously American way to deal with that. House's right, she's raping him, and it's not pretty.

Woooooah. Nice cherry to top her cake.
Damn, she's total psycho. Pro-life too. I hope House gonna make some good arguments. But it's too serious of a topic to be covered properly. Besides, if his arguments lame, it's gonna ruin everything.

Ah-ha. You need to know that guy that did that to you will be punished. This is exactly right.

Oh man, she should stop making her story her excuse for everything she does.

That cancer guy was fast to go O_O very quiet too... I wonder what goes through Cameron's head while she watches person dying before her very eyes and does nothing? Washes him for the last time?

The episode title's meaning was revealed in the very last moment. I thought it was interesting.

Ep 13 Needle in a Haystack
Huuh? House's got a car? Ah, too cold to walk or ride the bike?
Why Chase is in his chair? Why isn't he angry or upset about it.
Haha, why all female doctors in this hospital are so snarky?

Smart boy. Too smart, in fact. I'm guessing parents aren't at the conference.
Woah. Better than conference!

HE'S WHAT?! Seriously!
I know that romale here have houses, don't mind outsiders coming in, drive cars, etc, etc, etc.
I can see how it's different in, say, Romania, but in USA?

I can see what's wrong with Chase's positions. He trusts House TOO much.

Haha, here we see that House affected not only Cameron, but Foreman as well. He talks like House now.

He's too fast to use experimental drugs. And they should kick out at least the kids. AND people who are obviously not family.

WTF. I'm... amazed. And shocked.

What an interesting view of life the guy has. But he is right. All three of them are alone. And House too. I hope he'll get to keep his girl.

The wheelchair thing was cute too. House the great manipulator.

Cute pun on the episode topic!
"Scared Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle" - eight Carpal (Wrist) bones (Scaphoid, Lunate, Triqetrium, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate).

Closing theme - "In The Waiting Line" by Zero 7 - makes me nostalgic. What is it with this season, making me nostalgic over music time and time again?
Ep 8 Whac-A-Mole
Cameron, annoying.
YOU'RE A BITCH! How could you just talk to the poor guy like that? are there no other ways?
It's like she's taking all the worst treats of House's without any good treats -_-

You know, if I was in Foreman's place, I'd tell her. That the guy refused help himself. She might've even thought her brother to be noble then.

I liked that Chase just flat out told House what he thinks about risking his license for him. Did I see respect in House's eyes after that?

Ep 9 Finding Judas
You know, I'm not surprised that Cuddy knows about secret-secret stash, but I suspect that House was embarrassed to tell her that there is no secret-secret-secret stash, hmm?
Ah, so he simply forgot about it, I see... Or not.

Interesting. If situation was different, mother's actions would've been totally justified, but here, with her daughter possibly dying before second opinion is given, is she really thinking about possible medical mistake, or is she merely disagrees because her ex-husband agreed?
And, if House is wrong (no matter how much everybody say that he's always right, he makes mistakes just as often - he just pays no mind to them or learns from them, but he never sees them as the end of the story), how will they deal with it between themselves?

Chase, I like you more and more. Even though he's on phone as everyone else, he's still listening and, I'm willing to bet, thinking.
Cameron, sorry, you fail. But thanks for trying to think through your own call.

People, arguing whenever girl is allergic or isn't in front of parents that can't agree on stuff themselves isn't the best way.

SMART damn judge. Why women are that smart with House on this show? Did she feel some kinship with Cuddy or something?

Hmm... Foreman, thank you. Tritter is good psychologist, he says correct words. So thank you for choosing familiar bastard House over unfamiliar bastard Tritter. (I honestly doubt it's because HOuse saves lives and Tritter possibly ruins them.)

Yes, Tritter, House changed her and NOT for the better, but telling her that won't get you anywhere.

Hmm... am I right or not? House shows a pill... twirls it in his fingers... but doesn't take it? Done it twice already.

Jeez, why everybody gang up on Chase all the time? Because he's blond? Because he follows House? Because his father was a doctor and a rich guy?

House, THAT was seriously mean. I know she's gonna stand by you even after that, but it was MEAN.

Chase, you know that they're gonna think it was you... no matter what you say. Brave of you to bait HOuse, to try to joke about it, but it won't help.
Thank you, Chase, for trying. Thank you for running after House, for talking.
But he's gonna tell you you did great. Sorry. Please don't be upset.

Ep 10 Merry Little Christmas
Ah, Christmas eps are always great.

Wilson, you have to start to discuss your 'good deed of the week' with intended victim - or at least with someone sane! And LISTEN to them!
I'm sure EVERYTHING would've gone differently have they told him the truth when it mattered.

WOAH, Chase, that bruise... O_O
made you more sarcastic too, heh.

That one hot short woman. Seeeeerioulsy hot. Not only she's pretty, she's snarky when it matters and she follows House word for word.

Hmm... House's team actually capable of working without him. They really are getting too independent.

Cameron, you're only angry at Wilson because if you thought about it first you would've done the same.
Foreman, don't pretend you're only helping House to get a hypothesis. And you're tanned House haha

Wilson, you're a right asshole. You really don't believe in House at all. You don't trust him. You don't want him to be right all the time.

Cuddy, thank you for telling House the truth. Thank you for telling him you care both in your own terms and terms he understands.

Woah, miss shorty mother, are you angry enough to come onto House?

Okay, next try is Cameron's. Will she be able to get some theory out of House without giving him anything? Let's see... Also, will Chase do this too? Or is he too ... um... weirded out? upset? unbalanced? Probably yes.
Oh, Cameron, don't you dare to bitch at Cuddy. You're less reliable and more naive. Cuddy, while listening to House, still manages to be objective about him without being condemning.

Cameron, this ain't gonna work, haha.
Only it worked? but Cuddy still didn't give him anything.

Wooooah. Those other drugs that aren't Vicodin are... different. I don't like them.

Ep 11 Words and Deeds

Chase is too sympathetic.
Cameron is too insistent.

Yes, House, if Cuddy is THAT worked up it IS serious.

Guys, can't you see he doesn't feel good?

Cameron. Fuck off. You three can do it on your own.

Chase. Smart guy. And Cameron. You seriously have to get some self-esteem back.

This... this... this COP! he is... insane?

awww guilty kid Greg :)
BAM! Voldemort.
Wilson, YES, he is that manipulative. AND a great actor.

Tritter arc is a major fail, although related drama was great.
I'm still upset over Chase though.

Ep 4 Lines in the Sand
Since when Cameron ISN'T the one that instists on helping the patient?
Woooow, Cuddy... nice legs.

Foreman, you're an idiot. How the hell a man with your education level could NOT know about autism and how autistic people should be treated? Hell, have you not seen the "Rainman" movie?

Cameron, shut up.
Why Chase is the only actually willing to work on patient? In fact, he's the only one who keeps trying to fix it. NOt settling for one diagnosis. Keeping thinking about another possibilities...

Omg Cuddy/House are cool here.
Nice House/Cameron too. "My parents loved me unconditionally" was harsh.

Cuddy/Wilson. Roles reversed. Good.

Oh man, I actually like the blondie more than Cameron. How the hell they did that? She started out minorly annoying but largely okay!

THAT was great. Wilson is a bitch, but House won.

Episode 5 Fools for Love
House. Inderectly praising Chase. That's gotta be the first.

Chase walking behind and inserting smart quips. Priceless. Still love him the most.
This episode he's the most logical, and actually seems the most clear-headed and honest.

Is that guy ex-military or something? He's going just a step too far all the time. And I actually don't understand why.

Foreman is an idiot. Sentimental idiot.


ep 6. Que Será Será
don't like it. No Chase, no smart quips, annoying cop...
The only thing I like is totally hot Cuddy.
What happened to the show I used to watch about medical aspect? sad, sad, sad.

oh, and that asshole spoiled Studio 60's Matt's 'alright' for me. Hate on him.


ep 7 Son of Coma Guy
World is getting his revenge on House.
Big surprise? All three chickens warning to HOuse about world's conspiracy behind each other's backs. Cute <3

One thing I like in House is that it never fails to suck me into "just one more ep!" routine whereas stuff like 24 can't do that so easily. Heroes were doing great job, but I wasn't be able to get past ep 16. I guess I'm just not as interested in Sylar's story as everybody else seems to be.
Hope House keeps it up.

One thing I've got to say about 3rd season: I don't regret not skipping it. Lots of insight, particularily on reasons why the team went away. It's 1/3 of the season and it's obvious that they're too cocky, they're getting smarter and more pain to deal with for House.

I'm SO pissed about first ep of 3rd season!
I can't believe how simple thing of House being healthy could make them all show their highest points.
Cameron, always a hypocritical whiny bitch, is such a hyper-bitch here it's disturbing.
Foreman, always eager to learn on patient's expense without really thinking about making them healthy, takes every opportunity to find something new.
Wilson, the lecturer, the boring side-kick, after all those years seems to think that words could somehow make House believe in stuff. And... why he did that? that constitutions as betrayal in House's book!
Cuddy and Chase were the only two with transformation not turning them ugly. Chase doesn't mind thinking if that's what HOuse wants, he believes in House's intuition and is trying to be objective. Cuddy, the last stronghold, woman who never succumbed to HOuse's insistence, she still stood her ground even though basically he was saying the same thing he always said.

Too bad that in the end it looks like they all trying to tell House that he's better off with bad leg. AND they basically proved that he can't diagnose without Vicodin.

Episode 2. Cane and Able

Cuddy. Why you're taking other side in talk with Cameron. YOU said that, YOU KNOW what's be right. You're cool woman, you can admit you were wrong to go with Wilson's suggestion. At least to yourself. Please.

Oh god, Chase...
People, stop lying to each other. When you think you SHOULD do something, YOU SHOULD DO IT WTF!

Wilson, you're worse than Stacy.

A WEEK! Cuddy. God.

Episode 3. Informed Consent
Cameron, isn't that what you were waiting for? A carte blanche! Make up your mind! Bitch.

If you trusted him to have guts to kill you, why don't you trust him to have guts to heal you?

Chase. Thank you. Thank you, man.
Too bad you couldn't go to the end.

Cameron. Whiny bitch.

Cuddy, surprisingly calm about it.

I cannot say that I'm proud of Cameron for more reasons than one.

"Into Dust" by Mazzy Star is still such a beautiful song.
2x01 Acceptance
Like I said, I like dr. House less now when Stacy is nearby. Foreman, get a hold on yourself.
2x02 Autopsy
House, lay off Cameron. Even if you're right about her behaviour, there is no need to not give her actual tasks. It will only make things worse.
Chase, back to the cute, yay! or not. 21 years of difference at THAT age is too much.
This is a lol episode. Absolute lol. Not for Chase though.
And House stopped telling truth even to Wilson. That's probably the saddest thing.
Foreman, Foreman, Foreman. You hypocrite.
You were angry at House because he is not nice and cuddly with his patients. And now you want throw your patient out just because she's homeless.
Why are you so pissed? why?
And while we get a clue why Wilson was so interested, we still can't see why Foreman was so angry.

One of the small wonders of the modern world is that most people know about rabies and afraid of it, but hardly anyone knows what exactly it is and what the symptoms are (aside from hydrophobia, I mean). For example, while I knew about fever (but low fever - I believe 105F is a bit too high), I had no idea of selective loss of sensitivity. And in any case, I didn't know that to date, only 6 people survived after symptoms started.
Conclusion? Rabies kills. Next time you get bitten, you go get your 6 shots in the gut.

Weird thing is how whole team adopts House's manner of dealing with people.
Also Chase went from nice guy to a physho in span of two episodes. This was beyond weird. And it all started with Cursed, with his father's appearance.
And then in Heavy, when they learned that House's gonna sack one of them within a week, Chase was the first who snapped. Let's see: Cameron told others the truth, Foreman lied and Chase went to Volger directly. Also, he's been lying to House and everyone.

Oh, Dr.House, I'm so with you on that dream about the Volger guy.

HOLY SHIT CHASE! I would never thought! WOW! You suddenly look much more enticing that for the last 3 episodes!

Three stories. Yes. I've been waiting for an episode like this. It surely changed my opinion on House. A little. Now I like him a tiny bit more.

God, I can only call her a self-righteous bitch. How can a grown woman who is all about doing the right thing do something like that? This is the absolutely worst thing woman can do to a man who was with her and still in love with her! I have a feeling that I'm not going to like season 2.

Oh, and 1-17 on ouou is actually 2-17. Megavideo is the only place that has a real 1-17. Too bad.
Funny how after we first saw House's home in ep 5 we suddenly see it a lot in the next episodes. Weird, huh.
I'm still not impressed with him, and with Cameron's love to him. But Chase... Chase continues to impress me. First with his talk with nun, then with the boy.
I don't even know why I like him, I blame the accent.

God, but this lady in ep 8 is hilarious! Suddenly being in love with Ashton Kutcher!

Also, isn't it funny that right after ep 8 when we see how alike Foreman and House really are comes ep 9 when he keeps saying he doesn't think House's correct choices doesn't justify his unabashedness about his mistakes.
Honestly, I don't know whats the big deal. So he's self-righteous jerk, so what? You knew that before, idiot, why are you so upset about it suddenly?

What I like about this show is that things are not always said explicitly. For example, Cameron's story in ep 7, or Hamilton's job in ep 9. Things are left unsaid, but the answer is obvious. Nice. Makes you think. Twice as nice.
So I've decided to check out what all fuss was about. Just a quick peek, one ep.
But alas, all my fav. sites didn't stream season 1, and dling it was a bother (I've only wanted a quick peek, after all!), so... I've spent approx. 2 hours searching for the place that streamed first eps without chinese subs. No luck. Had to bear with it. Luckily, found a place with a good quality.

So. I do understand why even people who never had any interest in TV shows are suddenly hooked. But apparently it's still not enough - I've found Galileo much more entertaining.
Besides, no matter how sarcastic and assholish House is, I still like Chase better :) He was SO adorable when Allison talked about sex to him.

One thing makes this series worthy of watching: plenty of information about diseases. Yes, I'm a nerd.



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