Janiben #5

Jun. 4th, 2007 02:37 am
holy molly, I've been missing one Janiben and I realised it just now! I won't have time to watch it tonight already :(

From the first seconds - YASU!!!! *hugs and squeeze* Damn it, you're killing me with your clothes and general cuteness!
Actually, all of them are shiny: Yoko in red hat he kept playing with, Hina with roses on his shoulders, Ryo in yellow pants, Ohkura in black and red pants - but Yasu! Yasu! Yellow sneakers, orange short-sleeved hoodie, orange and black shorts - kanpeki~!

Guh. I didn't know boxing paid so much. Car for 166000000 yen? Crazy!
Yoko, I can understand the big bed wish, but the orange juice pool? I'm with Yasu - it'll feel icky.
Ohkura, 1 oku for having fun?! Get rid of that pimple on your nose first! And what with paying for drinks and taxi! Be serious, we're talking about 2 oku now!
Hahaha, this story of Ohkura catching taxi home is cute (esp. told by our poverty king Yoko)

Awww, Ioka-san! <3 I like him, he's so cute, has nice voice and nice smile, and his sense of humor is... awww!
And the fact that he's using bicycle to get around is total win!

HAHHAHA! YOKO! Stuck in the net! Twice! Only you, baby!
I think Subaru couldn't see the balls. He was wearing glasses today, so it must've been hard for him to see small balls, no?
Damn, Ryo! So cool yet so dorky - how could that be?!

OMG IOKA-SAN in Subaru's glasses!
omg I'm fangirling japanese boxers, why I even know them!? aw but Ioka-sa~n!

Janiben #3

May. 27th, 2007 09:55 pm
OMG electroluted Hina chou kawaii!
Ryo was pretty much unexistant, but he was wearing a pink jacket and was looking at the okyakusan a lot, and Yasu was wearing weird pink hat and is v. cute - balances it a bit.
They made fun of Hina's love for football and schedule conflicts.
Maru made whole studio do PAAAN! and Texas! and the guest actually made it better!

And they have a guitar-shaped bag in the studio. Pretty shiny red bag.
lol, Subaru's 'iyanagao' was SO cute! how he was indulging Maru-chan :) but he seemed honestly embarassed by doing this gag - come on, Subaru, haven't you done similar things in the past? or you're just not in the mood? ;)

Juniben! Hamada and Murou!
Boys, you really need to learn to express your happiness in ways other than "u~oh!" and "sugoi"! The way you say it it could be recorded and looped endlessly and no one will be able to tell the difference :(
Hamada-kun was cute holding (or rather, missing) the ball the first time and Ryuuta was able to do it from the first try - wow!

But Subaru's definitely in strange mood: leaning away from Maru, interferring with the guest - is it because Maru liked him so much?
Ryo-chan got it worse though: first Subaru tapping his shoulder, then Yoko talking to him - his glance really read "Dare ka tasukete", ne? And he fought them off with pitiful glances, throwing them both into fits of laugher. And he missed by mere millimeteres! :)
Why nobody dared to interfere with Ohkura's throw, I wonder? What a pro golfer he is though! lol

That last ball was the weirdest, of course. First guest and Maru-chan endlessly repeating the joke - I wonder how long it really took for them to stop! even on tape it was good 3 minutes!
Then Yasu. Subaru messing with his hat and him throwing it off. Too serious for that pretty pink hat, Sho-chan! What's wrong?



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