Hina isn't here and OhYass is paired together, so it's 12 paparazzi against 6 targets.

Self-confident Yoko, who's sure that even if members will be caught, he'll make it. Hasty Ryo who tries to run right from the start. Maru is determined to not let the shot be good. Uchi is on the lookout, monitoring all sides. Yasu is calm, but Ohkura is all a-flutter, hehe. Subaru is worried, but walking carefully.

First they locked up on Yoko, who also noticed them and started running. And run away. I wish I could see the same sight now...
Next was Shibuyan. I think paparazzi started taking pictures too soon, because he didn't get a clear shot after all and Subaru run away screaming.
Uchi was shown briefly, but he's somewhere deep in the machi, so paparazzi didn't bother him.
Yasu is talking on the phone with Subaru. Subaru apparently told him how he ran away, and Yasu replied that they're just walking down the street all the time. Little did he know that in mere minutes... Ohkura is walking without even looking around, stupid boy. For someone who was so wary in the beginning he sure acts stupid.
So they're passing that bridge, and paparazzi jumps out behind them, and Ohkura runs away screaming, fast like a wind, and Yasu follows without cutting the connection with Subaru. They get away and Ohkura is all "omg scary!"

Nishikido dealt with it the best way (was he the only one to have a real experience with stalkers and such by this time?): once he noticed something weird before him, he just started running, and by the time paparazzi got into the position on top of the bridge, Ryo already run away.

Maru is going around promoting Osaka Rainy Blues. He spots the camera (I'm guessing, he spotted the paparazzi's cameraman, not the guy himself) and starts running, keeping his face away from the cameras. He runs away and paparazzi is amazed by the speed.

They are sure that they all got away once and now have less people to worry about, but truth is paparazzi all got into the taxis and went to catch them closer to the goal.

Yasu is so fired up that he mistook someone with a phone for a paparazzi. But then there really was one and Ohkura was the one who noticed him. They got away again, but Ohkura doesn't believe they'll be able to get to the goal now. He proposes a diversion and as Yasu wins in janken, is going to be a decoy so Yasu could get to the goal. His face at this moment is priceless.
He stupidly just runs into paparazzi, is caught and photographed.
"I was caught!" - "You run straight into them, so don't say you were caught!" - "I... I did it so you could get away, so you definitely have to get to the goal!" - "I promise, I'll do it for you sake too!"

Subaru and Uchi part ways at Takeshita dori (when they ever got together? huh?), and both successfully get away from their respective chasers - Uchi by calmly entering side street (without even knowing he was chased!) and Subaru by getting into some store (Laforet, I think).

There is 20 minutes left. Maru is on the other side of the park, Subaru and Uchi are closest, being still near Takeshitadori, Yasu and Yoko are farthest. Yoko is 1,5 km away still, on Omotesando. There was a paparazzi on the other side of the street from him, but he run away from him and called Subaru, learning that he's nearby. Here he has to run away again.

Shibuyan is surrounded by 4 paparazzi, but he doesn't know that. He runs into the small street and... gets out right in front of waiting camera.
He calls Uchi, telling him of the situation. Uchi is in front of Harajuku eki. And he really sees a camera close nearby and runs. In front of the other. Into the dead end. Sasuga, Baby *pachi-pachi-pachi*

Maru's first encounter with paparazzi is also the last: he sees the park right in front of him, runs and gets straight into the hands of paparazzi.

Ryo is on the overpass right next to goal. He gets down but the light is red and paparazzi is already right next to him.

While Yoko got into the park, Yasu got late because light was red. *pat-pat* Couldn't you hold it for 10 more minutes? Baka.
Pro no onna
Starts with an oyaji trying to learn pretty girl's cell number. Apparently he's pretending to offer her some job, but she refuses to give him her number, offering instead for him to buy her a new cell phone or call her employer's office and say he was a friend.
Uchi, Subaru, Hina and Maru are in the studio, deeming the try a "pass".

So Uchi calls the girl out on stage (she doesn't know that) and they congratulate her on passing the pro exam.

Love faker
They call to the studio owarai combi Shinagawa Shouji and ask one of them to lie (Shinagawa Hiroshi).
Yoko, Ryo, Tacchon and Yasu.
Shinagawa talks about how he and his partner don't act like a combi at all: don't talk much, don't meet outside the work.

They give a list of lies to tell (including Shinagawa becoming a Johnny's). Shinagawa picks some that will be totally believed in by his partner, Shouji Tomoharu.
A preveiw shows unexpected development!

Shinagawa is waiting in izakaya. Shouji came in and Yasu walked him to the table. The other three are watching eagerly.
First he tells that he needs to consult with Shouji on something. Yoko tells him to ask for the loan of 150 man first. Surprisingly, despite the totally weird way Shinagawa tells the tale of double loan of 50 and then 400 man and being short on 150 man more, Shouji believes! And doesn't even ask to write it down!

Next girls will come and be all over Shouji and totally ignore Shinagawa.
Yasu leads a pack of three girls to the private room two are sitting in, saying that those girls are fans and want to get a handshake or something. Shouji agrees. Shinagawa is lol-ing silently. Yoko, Ryo and Tacchon are lol-ing not so silently, both at Shouji and at Shinagawa, who looks like he's upset by the lack of attention.
Sweet Shouji is trying to pull their attention to Shinagawa, but they refuse, saying that Shouji is much cooler and they're not interested in Shinagawa. When girl leave, he even tries to comfort his partner, saying that after they see him on stage, they'll surely change their mind.

Next lie is that K8 are coming to greet their respected friend Shinagawa. Shinagawa greets them excitedly and introduces to Shouji. Yasu comments that atmosphere in the room which were very heavy until just now is suddenly much lighter.
They kampai happily (Ryo's holding something that looks suspiciously like beer).
Then Shinagawa pretends to have a phone call and leaves to join Yasu in the monitoring room. Meanwhile Ryo, Yoko and Tacchon are supposed to make Shouji say what he really thinks about Shinagawa.
Yoko asks what he thinks - he replies that Shinagawa really likes owarai. Yoko asks who he'd like to have as his partner if he to exchange Shinagawa - he replies that he can't imagine his image with someone else (btw, Shinagawa said Hama-chan, bah!). Yoko asks what he dislikes about Shinagawa - he says that he does gymnastics alone in the dressing room (because he wants to become stronger or something) and he wants to join in. I think? Anyway, that makes Yoko, Ryo and Tacchon to rotfl.

Shinagawa comes back, K8 leave and with them leaves the lightness and settles heaviness in the air once again. He says that the call he received just now was about his debt, and that creditor wants the whole sum back within this week. Because of that he proposes to break up the unit. Shouji doesn't want to break up after 8 years of trying hard and asks Shinagawa to try to find the money.
haha, funny dialog where Shouji asks him to try, saying that breakup is dame and Shinagawa replies that he wants to break up and then just plainly says that they're broken up now.
Major ROTFL in the next room.

That was a final lie, so they come to them saying "Please don't break up". Shouji is quite clearly upset.
Shinagawa starts biting him for not acting up, then this evolves into a fight, during which Yoko repeats "sumimasen, sumimasen" standing back and Yasu silently tries to help staff to break the two up.
Then the four is lead out of the room by the rest of staff leaving the combi to their fight. They're standing in the next room over, listening anxciously to the fight, then slowly creep back to the room only to find the two in... rather compromising position!
Turns out Shouji knew everything from the beginning! he only let them all play their roles because everyone were trying so hard!

Hmmm, it looked like Ryo didn't like the revelation... he even proposed to go and apologise while they're listening. And when asked, Tacchon said that they're real combi (?), with a tear glistening in his eye.
Okay, it was really stupid of me to think that I didn't care. But it only took me two words to turn off the festive mood. By the time I got to the bathroom, I was already puffy-eyed, and I don't even remember how I got into shower or how much time I've spent on a shower floor.

I'm not even in mood to watch Countdown. And somehow I really dislike Nishikido right now.


Nov. 16th, 2007 12:02 am
Sometimes, when I watch fanvids or look at old pictures I just can't help myself: I cry. Sometimes silently, sometimes I need a pillow to cry into, to stifle my wails.
I look at eight boys doing silly stuff together and it scares, scares me to no end to think that this might never happen. So many unpleasant possibilities, but one that scares me the most is not that he might not come back, but one that if he will come back he'll have troubles adjusting to all changes.
Not minor stuff like song lines, positions, correct responses to jokes, but major stuff like relationships. Right now he's probably much more independent than he was even then, Subaru's not used to him like he was then, Hina might have problems cutting him off, he's not used to wearing colorful stuff, he never wore shorts in PV, he's not owarai they were turned into.
It scares me to think that during those years he could've realised that he doesn't belong on this stage, that he doesn't want to do all those things for fame, for money, for whatever else he could get in return. That friendship, their support might not be enough to carry on with stupid jokes, to come in terms with inability to walk the street with a girl, to need to work for months with no days off simply because fame is fleeting.
So when I say 頑張って, when I say 戻って来て, I actually think "Please, please be willing, please be ready to come back, please don't be disappointed, please be glad to work for selfish us".
But what I say is 早く帰ってくれ、待ってるから. ずっと待ってるから.

K8 fancams

Jul. 12th, 2007 11:38 pm
Haha, I sorted all fancams in the set order, and only started watching when I was sure everything is in it's place.
I'm such a dork :)

Yeah, Tacchon, 'hot' is your middle name. And Dork is your last name.
Damn, Maru, why don't you wear all your shirts that way?..
Nice smile, Subaru.
Ryo, I can't even imagine how stupid you felt if you were smiling like this.
Tacchon, you're also a yakuza.

Tacchon is also a rocker. Of the hair-shaking kind.
Nice hip-movement, Ryo. Less amplitude - and it'll be juuuuust perfect ;)~
Careful with that arm, Maru :) (you're totally the Taguchi kind, btw)
huuh, I wonder what Subaru showed/said to Ryo... Though I think the understanding would've been enough.
Subaru really likes skirt swishing around his legs :) (I an totally relate)
Jump, K8, JUMP! god, idiots ^____^
Tacchon, cute V-sign! Yoko, stop bothering Subaru, lol
omg Subassan are chickens! god, I love you.
You don't have to shout it like this, Hina, but I still love you too.
Slo-mo is cool. Yoko, you're a cute gravure idol. Really.
GUH! I could've lived without this, Ryo! And Subassan! But thanks for bothering.

What, Ryo, not used to playing and singing? O_O Missed his cue, poor baby.
A~ah this Yasu's smile for Hina was pure love.
Eh, Ohkura, what was THAT?!
Subaru, not so fucking LOUD! I love your voice, but I want to hear Yoko too.
Hina's so concentrated on keyboard - reminds me of myself when I was learning.
God, Yasu's solo is so beautiful. Why do they keep cutting them from wherever they could?
Such a useless comments, they can't convey how choked-up I feel right now.

I want to KILL the person that decided to cut the solos out of this song. And Yasu's voice.

The dance is AMAZING! I'm all for more Yara-Hina collaborations. Even though that junior kept distracting me in the beginning.
Daaarn, nobody but Hina could pull this off, with the amount of small hand movements (and indian references, as usual) and sharp moves. And that black and white costume? Awww...

Magic word.
This is so gay! -_- No, really, Maru! Low-cut fitting pink shirt with blue trousers? GOLD scarf? This is SO gay!
I laughed my ass off, of course. And I don't love you less, but still - SO gay!

He looks like some kind of brit-pop singer. Only singing jpop ballad instead.
Sparkly things in the end are cool, but I don't see the big deal about him writing the title of song in the air.

New op video. V.cute. Tacchon and Maru turned to the back of the stage during the song.

Ryo, stop hanging out with Tacchon this much, you're mixing the words like he does already.
Despite understanding that it's all a play, I somehow found myself disliking Morimoto Ryuutaro just a little.
Awww, Orange helping Black after he's found Yellow...

Itsuka mata.
No glitches, no out-of-tune singing...
I want THIS version to be on album - no matter how cute was their banter, this is SO pretty...

Watashi Kagami.
Yasu looks so very unhappy with his performance. I hope I'm just reading too much into this.

Awesome skirt. Turn this way, Subaru. Nice scarf. Too much whatever it is, but cool song neverless.

Wonder Boy.
I just want to jump up and dance along.
Yoko, I love you!

Futari no namida ame.
YOKO! this is not the moves that were supposed to be there!
Maru's long jacket suits him...
Yasu's dance is... erm... special.
Aww, it kills me, this song!

Osaka Romanesque.
I shouldn't watch this anymore. Following furitsuke makes me cry. For real. Just following. Add Subaru to the mix - and I just can't stop the tears.

Sing along with Ryo - Samurai Blues.
It sounds weird.
Esp. if you're slipping and laughing, Ryo-chan. And don't shout at fans, come on! it's your own fault for not orchestrating it the proper way.

I think I'm missing one or two files from that batch... *sigh*


Jun. 22nd, 2007 01:53 am
oh man, am I allowed to hug monitor?
Really, I couldn't tell if the pic was new or old. Baby, why did you chose that shirt? Were you trying to say that you haven't changed?
Aw, your face is so round, but you still as thin as you were.
Baby, oh Baby, you still curl your fingers like this...

Johnny-san, can't you make a miracle happen? It could fit so perfectly!
I just saw those next week's Anan pix everybody was raving about.

What can I say? Congratulations on successfully imitating Angela Aki, Shibutani-san. It seems that you're still not over this. Too bad it's not permanent, because really, this is priceless, and if you're still unsure what to do with your hair, please keep this wtf, it's nice.

No, really, I liked the spaghetti look you've had in Dream Boys and before that. I might have troubles admitting it, but it did look nice. Especially since that wet-hair thing didn't make you look like drowned rat (unlike someone else, haha).

I'm a bit sad though, because Hina is sooo sweet in this shoot... No that weird-eyes look, nice hair, nice smile - I'm in love, seriously.

Is there a way to take cheeks of Tacchon without touching his body? No? *crushed*
But he's still hot. And Maru... handsome. But massive. I like him too.

Now, Yoko... who painted these pants on you? They made your ass look fat :(
oh, wait, no, not really. Just in this shot. And I like your jewelry set. Uh-huh. Nice. Though I miss The necklace.

Hina, you kill me. This hair is best thing that happened to you this year (no, I don't really think so, but seriously I can't think of any better thing right now). And you're not smiling your freaky smile and not trying to make your eyes seem bigger. You're so beautiful here, it makes my heart hurt. Amazing.

Haha, OhYass! And Tacchon the Big Dipper! Ahahaha!

Sorry, guys, SanOssan pwned you all. split personality Ryo and Yasu could share the second place, but the Big Three won fairly and squarely.

Janiben #5

Jun. 4th, 2007 02:37 am
holy molly, I've been missing one Janiben and I realised it just now! I won't have time to watch it tonight already :(

From the first seconds - YASU!!!! *hugs and squeeze* Damn it, you're killing me with your clothes and general cuteness!
Actually, all of them are shiny: Yoko in red hat he kept playing with, Hina with roses on his shoulders, Ryo in yellow pants, Ohkura in black and red pants - but Yasu! Yasu! Yellow sneakers, orange short-sleeved hoodie, orange and black shorts - kanpeki~!

Guh. I didn't know boxing paid so much. Car for 166000000 yen? Crazy!
Yoko, I can understand the big bed wish, but the orange juice pool? I'm with Yasu - it'll feel icky.
Ohkura, 1 oku for having fun?! Get rid of that pimple on your nose first! And what with paying for drinks and taxi! Be serious, we're talking about 2 oku now!
Hahaha, this story of Ohkura catching taxi home is cute (esp. told by our poverty king Yoko)

Awww, Ioka-san! <3 I like him, he's so cute, has nice voice and nice smile, and his sense of humor is... awww!
And the fact that he's using bicycle to get around is total win!

HAHHAHA! YOKO! Stuck in the net! Twice! Only you, baby!
I think Subaru couldn't see the balls. He was wearing glasses today, so it must've been hard for him to see small balls, no?
Damn, Ryo! So cool yet so dorky - how could that be?!

OMG IOKA-SAN in Subaru's glasses!
omg I'm fangirling japanese boxers, why I even know them!? aw but Ioka-sa~n!
Objective: find marriage partner for Chiharu from TRF.

God, first Tacchon forgot to gesture start of VTR, then Ryo looked at Yoko like a little boy unsure of what to do, even hiding behind him a bit (so cute, god, why)
Man, Yoko choosing which way to go is AWESOME - partially because of Ryo's reaction.

Ooookay. Crystal that, being hanged on the window, attracts attention of possible marriage candidates (15750 yen!), keitai strap making bad people go away (12000 yen).
Place where people successfully married leave their autographs? Or just famous people? I don't know, but it's apparently train-themed place. Looks nice if a bit plain, until your tokkyuu curry comes along, on a limited express! :)
LOL, the guy called TRF - JRF! So cute, really a densha fan! Ryo was so worried that he spelled it out for him :)

After that - to the temple specialising on prayers for marriage.
Prayer for Chiharu-san included not only the name of her unit, but also the name of program lol
Side note: NISHIKIDO! You're being filmed! Put your cell back into the pocket, wtf! Yoko! you're having problems with your stomach? Get UP!
...oh. You've been writing the wish? sorry then.

Next they went to dating service, found one guy suiting her requirements and brought him to studio.
Working in apparel company? First date - on the seashore, likes big eyes.
Wow, he owns 4LDK! and BMW! (Tacchon's reaction to the news is total lol)
Then they made Chiharu look away and showed his face (but not to the camera) and Yoko said he looks like Inocchi. And that's all we gonna know about the guy. Damn :)

btw, Sam-san, it's nice of you to massage shoulders of the girl massaging Chiharu's shoulders :D

Next is Ootomo Koutei - who's that, I wonder? Up until now I only didn't know one person... and I thought I don't know japanese music well, lol

Overall I like it. Because on second listening I was content with what I've heart. But first time was different.

First disk I listened with vague sense of 'blah' inside of my head. It's like I was expecting something different. Well, I definitely was - this jazzy sound they have lately is really not the direction I thought they'll go in. Most songs went right over my head as if I wasn't listening at all.
Which ones I've heard? Energy, Futari no namida ame, Sayonara wa itsumo, Goujou ni GO!
Obachan rock is only different because of the different talk parts (but the big-bandish version is nice)
Zukkoke and Kanfuu are nice too, but I was more concentrated on new songs.

But second disk redeemed it all.
Subaru is good, even if it's not what I usually like.
Yasu sounds so much better in studio version (god, he really needs to do something with his voice - 2 cons and he's already hoarse). THIS time I really like the song.
Maru is very cute. I don't even mind that it wasn't ballad (I want to hear Maru singing ballads!)
Mamoritai is still beautiful, but still not as good as Butterfly. And why they took backvocal out of it?
Wonder Boy is still major LOVE! I hope you like your solo as much as I do, Yokoyama-kun!
Damn it, Hina, I just realised that I remember the chorus of your solo! lol, even more, I've been humming it from time to time without thinking about you at all :) sorry m-_-m
Ah, Stereo. Still good. But the difference between the concert tape and the studio version is like with One. And Yasu's backvocal was the best part! Jeez. It sounds smoother, and the song is still pretty, but... but... Ryo really improved to the point when his live versions sounds better than studio ones (with totally unnecessary effects - hope it wasn't your idea, R-kun?). Good thing, no?
ARGH, gimme con tape! I love you, girl, for capturing this beautiful song in all its beauty!

Subaru, you totally sucked in Itsuka Mata.

I love your messy talk, you retards. I simply love you. I love Yoko's laugh, I love Hina's hiccups, I love Su's weird voice, Ryo's embarrassed voice, Tacchon's mixups, Maru's shouting, Yasu's squeals... and I miss one more voice *sigh*
Can't wait.

Janiben #3

May. 27th, 2007 09:55 pm
OMG electroluted Hina chou kawaii!
Ryo was pretty much unexistant, but he was wearing a pink jacket and was looking at the okyakusan a lot, and Yasu was wearing weird pink hat and is v. cute - balances it a bit.
They made fun of Hina's love for football and schedule conflicts.
Maru made whole studio do PAAAN! and Texas! and the guest actually made it better!

And they have a guitar-shaped bag in the studio. Pretty shiny red bag.
lol, Subaru's 'iyanagao' was SO cute! how he was indulging Maru-chan :) but he seemed honestly embarassed by doing this gag - come on, Subaru, haven't you done similar things in the past? or you're just not in the mood? ;)

Juniben! Hamada and Murou!
Boys, you really need to learn to express your happiness in ways other than "u~oh!" and "sugoi"! The way you say it it could be recorded and looped endlessly and no one will be able to tell the difference :(
Hamada-kun was cute holding (or rather, missing) the ball the first time and Ryuuta was able to do it from the first try - wow!

But Subaru's definitely in strange mood: leaning away from Maru, interferring with the guest - is it because Maru liked him so much?
Ryo-chan got it worse though: first Subaru tapping his shoulder, then Yoko talking to him - his glance really read "Dare ka tasukete", ne? And he fought them off with pitiful glances, throwing them both into fits of laugher. And he missed by mere millimeteres! :)
Why nobody dared to interfere with Ohkura's throw, I wonder? What a pro golfer he is though! lol

That last ball was the weirdest, of course. First guest and Maru-chan endlessly repeating the joke - I wonder how long it really took for them to stop! even on tape it was good 3 minutes!
Then Yasu. Subaru messing with his hat and him throwing it off. Too serious for that pretty pink hat, Sho-chan! What's wrong?



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