Women in their 20s/40s again. I bet on 2,4,5,7

Hmm, Yoko selected the 5th and she seems kinda angry coming up to him. He can't even stand up straight, trying to get away from her. She has a new tool to torture him with if he's wrong!

Ishizuka from owarai team chose 4 and 8 and asked them for the profession they wanted to be when growing up. Ha! 4 said stuardess! That means she's over 40 for sure - aren't they called cabin attendants for over 20 years already? If she's not - why did she use that word?

Tacchon asked 3, 6 and 7 for their favorite celebrities. Fujiki Naohito, Takamizawa Naohito and Watanabe Ken. Not really helpful, huh. But Tacchon's logic is solid: even though Takamizawa is older, his image is much younger than Watanabe's.

Ahaha, upon learning that she's single, they asked her who she likes the best among those present, and she slyly asked for what: for a lover or for a husband? (HINA! you're SO loud! you're only drawing attention to Subaru. ugh) Lol Nishikido bites, lady, be careful. And Kokado - who is he, even? - laughed and pointed at K8 screaming "You JOHNNYS!". Is that an insult now? haha I wonder if he got his reason voiced behind the sceneds.

Nakaoka selected 1, 3 and 8. Some of the ladies are yawning while he explains to them why he's asking to say "超ウケる~". Hmmm, if 1st really is in her 40s, owarai team's gonna catch up with K8!

Damn, but no.6 really looks like a foreigner. It must be eyes, because she's definitely keeping her mouth the japanese way.

Maru asks 2 and 6 to name their "song of my youth". Ouch, 2nd named Ozaki Yutaka. He's STILL popular, so that doesn't tell us much. 6th said ABBA's Dancing queen, which is... also timeless. Oh Maru, you're really bad at this, are you? She liked the song because her PARENTS liked it very much. And she still looks like foreigner to me.

How curious, why is he asking them to close their eyes? Hmmm, how is seeing their purikura pose going to help? Is peace sign necessary for everyone below 40?

Hina, don't be so frank, please. No woman wants to hear that her skin is "tired". Even if you're clearly right in this case -_-

I got 3 out of 4 right! Go me!
Slot machine against owarai team! Ookay. They have to guess which answer was most popular among common people and all 7 of them should give the same answer. And team that gets more similar answers gets 10 points.

Sooo, first question: which spot would make a girl happiest on a first date? Most popular answers are Yokohama, then movies, and then, first place, Tokyo Disneyland. Owarai team ALMOST got it: 6 of them chose correct answer, but the last one ruined it.

WTF! They're cutting K8 heads off with the CG of rolling slots! Get a grip, staff-san!

Huh, Odaiba? Isn't it a bit... boring? Yasu and Subaru named amuzement park and Yoko said sea. awwww, it's because they're living in Tokyo and he's not! Anyway, owarai team gets 10 points.

Next question: which female celebrity you wouldn't say no to dating? Hina, Subaru and Yoko said Tomochika-san, Ryo - Ajian's Babazono, Tacchon - Okamoto Mari (are gravure girls even considered geinin?), Maru - Itou Asako (huuuuh?), Yasu - Imoto Ayaka (SERIOUSLY?!). Lol, Maru's shy about his choice - it's ok to select someone because they seems nice, Maru! Ryo, rude! Selecting someone because they look more asian than their partner? What are you thinking, saying such things! Tacchon's choice was deemed "too real", to which he responded by pointing out that this girl's ranking is apparently quite high?

Yay! Someone from owarai team called Yanagihara! And 5 of them named Tomochika, so they get 10 more points.

Oooh, but common people named Ajian's Babazono first! and Tomochika was only second. AND Tacchon was spot-on for Okamoto Mari: she's third!

Third question, best Ghibli movie. Duh, Tonari no Totoro.

In Owara team 3 named Tonari no Totoro, two - Sen to Chihiro. Mononoke Hime and Nausikaa were also named.

People put Totoro first, Laputa second and Sen to Chihiro last.

Lol, Yasu named Laputa and Yoko - Sen to Chihiro. All others said Totoro! Well-earned 10 points!

Oooh, fourth question is difficult! Who's the most popular Japanese sportsman outside of Japan?

People put Nakata Hidetoshi third, Sawa Homare second and ....

Yasu, who's King Kazu? Why couldn't you name Ichirou like a normal person? Rather than crying, try to be less quirky when playing a game like that! Seriously.

Crap, of course owarai did all-7 on this. And while they're celebrating this victory, guys went to comfort poor Yasu. And when he was asked why, out of 14 people he didn't say Ichirou they even tried to answer for him.

Haha, which Korean star captured hearts of most Japanese women?

WHAT! WHAT! WHO?! Maru, why Chan Geun Suk? He's a newbie, a one-hit star! HINA! How could you MISSPELL! Oh god, they'll never win.

Real answers were Jang Dong-Gun, I Byonhon? and of course Be Yong Jun. And owarai team nailed it.

Oh well. There's last challenge, 50 points for correct answer. Subaru, don't smack Yasu around, you'll make it worse.

I... don't quite understand the question. An example of frankness? Anyway, the answer is "futon ga futtonda", and judging by Yoko's premature fist-pump, they'd nailed it... not. Yoko, you're so backwards. Owarai team is right, they should take Shimizu-ana in instead of you, he fits well and not much older than they are.

Other wordplays named by people are "toire e ittoire" and "kaeru ga kaeru". Naturally. I would've said "Kaeru ga kaeru".

Bonus stage! If owarai team gets all similar 7 answers, they gets 10 man. Not much, but still nice. I wouldn't've minded it right now, lol

Sooo, which pasta sauce is most popular? Everyone said "napolitan" and only one named meat sauce. Meh. Oh, but one misspelled it as "mepolitan", weirdly enough.

Most popular was napolitan, with meat sauce (!) and carbonara following. I'm fairly sure no one even heard of napolitan outside of Japan, and carbonara would lead the charts in most countries.

Should I continue watching this? It's not that fun once the topics start to rotate, and I like learning new things when I watch stuff.
Hmm, eps 22-23 are nowhere to be found. No hq, no lq - nothing. Strange.

This episode is weirder than others. They have to guess who Isono Kiriko dislikes despite being seemingly good friends with.

First out is Michishige Sayumi from Momusu. She seems surprised that there are other people in the room where Kiriko is seated. Or maybe she's suprised to see K8 there? Anyway, Kiriko-san laughed at her (and I did too) because she was just so cutely confused! Even stumbled a bit and turned to ask Kiriko-san about it but thought better of it. I would be sad to learn that she's disliked.

She speaks surprisingly well for someone so young, even when so confused. Her reactions are well-timed too. But Kiriko-san keeps loling about her answers and guys seems to take that as a sign of her dislike for the poor girl.

Next is Ookubo Kayoko from ... Oashizu? I'm SO out of the loop O_O She's getting weird answers from Kiriko-san. Like, favorite point? Face. Although... Sayumi-chan apparently looks over Kiriko-san, so liking Ookubo's face seems fairly normal. Besides, they seems to hang out off-work too.

Third is Takeda Nobuhiro. I thought he came in with a towel on his neck! But no, it's a scarf. Favorite thing about him? He's kakkoi. She doesn't look at him much and generally seems much less smiley than she was with the women. And she dwelled on how he gets angry. Not a good sign.

Forth person got all guys standing and greeting him. But it's Degawa! He's... not fun. At least I don't like him much. Well, Kiriko-san seems to like him well enough: looking at him when speaking, laughing with her mouth open... Even though both admit to not meeting outside of work (well, that one time when they went golfing really doesn't count) she's comfortable with talking to him or laughing about his jokes. And yes, I guess driving her home after sunset really did make the mood weird.

Last person to enter is Ozawa Kazuhirom from Speedwagon. Yoko, his entrance wasn't that funny, why are you laughing? So, he's easy to talk to? That makes him very likeable. Ahaha, he asked who she likes more, him or his partner Jun! That was a heavy pause, Kiriko-san! And how easily you say you like him! Hmmm, she looks at him often enough, but doesn't laugh as much as with Michishige, Ookubo and Degawa...

I say she dislikes Takeda. She didn't look at him much, she spoke of him being easy-to-anger - it's him.

Guys seems to think it's either Michishige or Takeda (oh stop it! Poor guy was in tears already from the very thought that he might be disliked!). But written on the flip-cards is mostly... Michishige! Why? Because she's a pretty young girl, she's supposed to be disliked by an older woman? Yep, that's the reason Hina's giving. Didn't get why Subaru thought it was Ozawa, but Maru said that it's weird that with such a long pro life side-by-side they never meet with Degawa aside from that golfing trip.

AHA! I guessed right! Ha! So you lot all think that if someone's cool then they cannot be disliked? But I don't really get the story behind this dislike. He invited her to come have dinner with her and that model, Liza, expecting her to accept even if Liza doesn't want to, and she thought he wants to have an excuse to meet with Liza instead? Confusing!

I'm glad she didn't dislike the pretty girl though.
Hmmm, parent-child couples. That's tough. And it looks like they've chosen well. I'm only fairly sure that couple no.7 is a real one. All others? no clue.

Lol, did they select a nicer way of punishement because of Okura's nose? What happened to it, anyway?

Hmmm... 2 and 6 are fake.

Those are the rowdiest bunch so far. First couple to be kicked out even commented from their seats! And asked Tacchon the question everyone was thinking of: what happened to his nose! Apparently, he sunburnt it, but why did he decide to cover it with a band-aid is beyond me. Shouldn't it be bad for a sunburn?

Awww, kids answers are always refreshing! What would you ask your parent to change? - The way he gets angry all the time... the way he doesn't come home... And Okura only made it worse saying that he chose the first couple because the boy didn't look into his father's eyes.

Wow, Maru (and me) made the right choice! no.6 are fake!

Subaru, so honest. "Which is the feature you and your kid share?" - "Eyes probably. Don't the look alike?" - "Sorry, can't tell". Eeek!
Ahaha, and he forgot to bring the mic up to his lips! Oi, that's a big miss!

Well, I was wrong about 2. Me and Subaru both.

The gun is out of water! Hina is lucky!
Ep 18 was about food and 19 was a recap of all previous ep with next to no new content - just a couple of sempai actors that were cut off from the ep 16.

Ep 20 is a two-hour special where they are guessing which women are female and which are male in women's clothes. My selection is 2, 5, 8 aaaand... I don't know. 4, I guess.

Subaru is calling out number 3, which... I guess, I can understand. The way that person was standing was kinda weird and their leg muscles are kinda huge. But, as guys backstage are pointing out, facial expressions are pretty feminine, down to accidental ahiruguchi. Yet they have no breast to speak of and foot size is pretty large too. Staff-san chosen well.

Um, Okura, making kiss faces at you? Really? And others agree that only women could do that properly? Huh? Hmmm, who's rofling in the background and calling no.1's face "kotori kiss"? No.2 is not cute at all. It only assured me that this is a guy. Hehe, you've just realised that those are guys making kiss faces at you? Oh Tacchon...

I'm weirded out about how they don't seem to move their mouths at all when they're supposed to make kiss faces, and the only one who did was laughed at. What am I missing?

Huuuh, so no.7 after all. Lol, Okura, do you really think you'll lose to this person in a fight?

Maru-chan, are you trying to look up their skirts? Not all of them are wearing skirts, even. Or are you looking at the way they're sitting? Maru... I'm tempted to facepalm at you. Really? What do you wash first thing in a bath? REALLY? And you're selecting the one that is exactly the same as previous? (both of them shown how they're washing their hair as if they were short though).

Awww, they're still getting close to the perfect record! And Maru even hugged the poor guy, haha.

Okay, I officially fail in those games. Why did Yoko ask them to wink? And how did he figure out that no.1 winks more like a man? The only thing I understand is him selecting the opposite person from what he thought initially because when others guessed before him, he was always wrong. But still, telling someone that they're kinda large when they're standing right in front of you is a sure way to get slapped harder. You should have thought about it before you let your tongue loose, Yoko. And she even has a boyfriend, so it could get even worse!

Ryo is rambling. Please do shut up. You're not making any sense. And from your face I can guess you know that too.

Ahaha, turns out there was no way Yoko could've escaped his well-deserved slap! And Ryo only made it worse by saying that no.1 is very man-like. At least they made Yoko come out and apologize too for the things he said after he was slapped. AAAAND got him slapped AGAIN because he asked to re-choose! And wow did she slap him! It hurt even to see it that slap!

Well, with all this excitement I'm sure Yasu didn't even have to time to worry about his choice. At least he's surprisingly calm about it. Erm, Yoko, what "female neck" even means?
Lol. Subaru: I said from the start, that 1, 3 and 5 are the ones! Hina: But no.1 was a woman!

Second part! To check who is odd one out of the group!
Had to take a minute pause because they kept talking about them debuting. Sigh. It will never not hurt, will it.

Sooo, they'll win a big monetary prize if they answer all questions with the same answers. Yoko is visibly nervious.

Hina and Okura took off their jackets. Love Maru's shirt-tie combination. And Yasu's shirt... is funny but it suits him. Hina's shirt looks silk and wow he looks good pacing like that back and forth!

Nice face, Ryo. Annoyed, huh? Well, I don't know who was the most popular in Shibugakitai too. You're on your own here.

Who's image is alwasy tied to sunglasses? Yoko looks like he doesn't remember if he wrote Tamori-san or not. Or maybe he just can't figure out why his slot keeps turning and turning. Or he's hangover.

Hina keeps wandering away from his stand. Stop pacing, Hina! It's weird to not see you in your place when the question is announced!

What English word starting from "a" is most frequiently used as an example? Yoko, difficult? How? Hehe, Maru is answering with "wtf, it's simple!" Ryo seem to have figured it out, and Hina and Subaru seems to be sure too.

Awww, Ryo even drew a picture of an apple! Maru! MARU! How ANTS are popular?!
*falls over laughing* Yoko, "apllu"? At least learn the rules of English-to-Japanese transcription!

Hm? A talento who's a... first example of monomane? Hehe, Maru keeps looking at Okura's answers when walls are removed. That won't help you, Maru.

What Doraemon item you want the most? Or the most wanted? Dokodemo door! Yoko? What's that face? Hehe, Yasu has noticed The Face. Lol, Yoko, WHY were you making that face?

Erk. Am I reading this correctly? Is this some cultural thing I'm not aware of? A color of... underwear of a woman who has captured a man? Now Yoko has wandered off the screen. And slot has stopped near Subaru... who's making a face too... PINK and white for Yoko. Ouch. Pink at least made sense. Why white? Because it's an innocent woman.

Which kanji is most often used as an example of "itohen" radical? Now who's the one asking what "itohen" is?! Yoko?! Lol, Nishikido, your surname's kanji rarely comes up at all. YOKO! That would have been "itoashi" if that radical even existed!

What meal is called standard set? Lol, Yoko doesn't eat sets, figures.
Okura, Maru, Yasu - karaage, Ryo, Hina, Subaru - yakiniku. Yoko - asa. Asa what?

They made Hina and Okura switch places. Because Hina couldn't stand still? But answers are still listed in the same order. Does that mean that Hina really said karaage and Okura - yakiniku?

Which swimsuit will make a man interested? One-piece, bikini, high-leg.
Ahaha, Subaru thinks that he and Yoko will choose the same? Okay, bikini it is. But oh Yoko, your faaaace~!

Most often used chemical formula? Yoko, stop going off-screen, what the hell? Subaru, no, chemical sign isn't the same as cartography sign. Ahahah, announcer even gave them an example of a formulas! Hina and Maru said CO2, Ryo and Okura - H2O, Subaru... some nonsense, Yasu O2 and Yoko... π? Ah, maybe Subaru wrote πr2 then? That's not chem, guys, that's math. Oh well, at least you know π.

Last chance!

Announcer gathered them and asked to do the pep talk they do before the show. Subaru, that was one weird pep-talk. Very business-like. Announcer couldn't even find words to describe it. "So today many people came to see us, so please do what you can do writing answers. Please write them."

Okay, we're promised an miraculuous come back. First question is "Which season you prefer, summer or winter". I have a feeling that everyone's gonna choose summer.

"Famous geinoujin with the name "Hiroshi"?" I... can name three, but I doubt anyone will remember Neko Hiroshi now... Even Yoko prayed! Wow. and I haven't even heard about this Itsuki Hiroshi!

"What component of miso makes you sad when it's missing?" For me it's definitely tofu. I mean, what's the point of miso if there's no tofu in it? Apparently they agree with me! Except for Yoko who's apparently extremely fond of wakame. Although I can forgive him for the face he was making. In his defence, though, wakame was second-most-popular answer.

Hmm, they seems to be in a good relationship with the announcer. Just going over and crowding him like that.

They made him to go and apologize in the Japanese way. "Even though the most popular filling for miso is toufu, I wrote wakame and for this I sincerely apologize". But there's a slap to look forward to too! And what slap that was! Looks like that woman was reeeeeally angry at Yoko for being so far removed from his group.
Oh my, kanji reading test. Level middle-2. I see 7 faces of people who had never seen the actual list of kanji required on that level. Otherwise they would've been as cowed as I am.

Here we have Ryo ripping Maru a new one for "bringing the combined level of K8 down".

Erm... why Maru is talking about 滞り (とどこおり) (stagnation)? Ah, he used the wrong word? You can't _feel_ stagnation, after all, but 憤り (いきどおり) (indignation) you definitely can. Nice beginning, Maru. Really shows off your kanji reading skills.

Yes, Okura, you'll know about losing ability to write kanji due to keitai guessing the right one correctly for you.

Maru, 恐竜? Dinosaur (きょうりゅう)? That's the most difficult kanji you could think of? Yes, of COURS it's not difficult!

Wow. 金輪際 ごめんだ. I couldn't read the middle one, but こんりんざい seems to be the right answer. Hmmm. The meaning is "never"? What will the phrase mean then? Deepest apologies?

Well, Maru, that was a good start. Even though even Maru is not sure if "above 2 grade" is a compliment or not. Subaru, don't "atarimae", you had troubles reading it.

Awww, Subaru, favorite kanji is from your mother's name? Such a good boy! But it's NOT a difficult kanji!

And sure enough, he couldn't read the second part of 作戦を企てる (to plan a military operation). くわだてる. Now who would say that Japanese don't know how to shorten their words? hehe

Okay, Subaru, are you even above shougakko? 人を募る, to invite someone. Yay, つのる is a correct reading! Aahahaha, Yoko! "I'll write you a song with level chuu-1 kanji only!" said in such a kind voice. Let's see how YOU will do first!

But first - Hina. They didn't even check his level? 願いが成就する - to fulfil a wish. I would've been disappointed if he would read it wrong. But no, he's right, it's read as じょうじゅする. Subaru's seating in his place of shame and hoping that his members will fail too.

Finally, Yoko. His favorite four-kanji saying is 弱肉強食 - survival of the fittest. And after kanji expert says that it's most favorite among shougakusei, Subaru rejoices hoping that Yoko will join him instead of Maru and Hina.
His kanji is 吐息でかすむ - to mist up with a breath. Poor Subaru - Yoko read といき correctly! Although I think he simply guessed it (just like me).

Ryo. 起伏が激しい - intense, um, shaking? I couldn't read it at all. きふくがはげしい. Got it right.

Only Yasu and Okura left. I'm somehow more worried about Yasu than about Okura.

著しい進歩 - remarkable progress. いちじるしいしんぽ. Well done, Okura. Yasu is bound to fail now...

Wow, Subaru, what an evil eye you have! Seriously, I would be scared to cross you after that. And he looks like a spider, spread out like this and moving his upper body this way and that. Scaaaary.

Yasu sees ... banana in lower part of smile's 笑? Eh? Don't see it at all...
便宜をはかる - to... weight something? べんぎ. Got it right, Yasu! Yay!

Poor Subaru, not only he's the only one left in that corner, his amazement at Yasu's reading, his exclamation is used against him. "That was a voice of 1 year kid".

That was a nice one. Hope there will be more of these.
Hoooly.... do they intend to drag 5 sempai actors for 50 minutes?! Members don't look very excited either.

Erm... why do they have a blurred patch above their heads in the waiting room?

Okay, so Okura didn't watch the source material when filming Hissatsu Shigotonin. And Maru is... very tired? Or why else he has completely NO reaction? Even when slapped? That's simply unlike Maru... Lol, did the actor ask if he could slap Maru the second time?!

Oh shi.. they're going to go UNTIL they guess the name right? GUH.

Lol, Ryo's face after Yasu got slapped on second guy! And Ryo even guess the surname right, too. Now they only need to guess the name. And awww, he's so nice despite his scary face! Tried to console those losers and got "please don't be nice to us" from Subaru.

Oh! the moment when they discussed Numata Baku's name in 8th part! I've been wondering what they were discussing there! Apparently they've been trying to fit every kana to "-ku" *facepalm* Well, serves them right then. Couldn't they think logically for a moment? Who has name like Roku? Ugh.

Ouch, Ryo, you didn't know name of an actress who's a fan. Boo. Although he said honestly that his surety is only maa-maa.
Hehe, she virtually jumped Hina! She's sooo happy he guessed! Awwww. Not much genuinely surprises Hina, but she managed that. And she was in Real Clothes, that's why she looked familiar!

Oh my god, Yasu, stop being SO nervious! you'll be ok! Although... if you're going to be so happy afterwards, then go ahead and be nervious, hehe.

I... understand why they keep doing those names topics, but those are kinda boring. Hope there aren't many of those.
Meh, veteran owarai. How interesting, they announce their agencies.

Huh, Unabara Haruka Kanata know Subaru? How?
Yasu, don't say "daijoubu", it's clear that you have no clue.

Group 3. Si~lence. Ahaha, no one knows?

Wow, now this is simply cruel. To separate them into kaeremasu-kaerema10 groups, and to put Okura into 10 just because he had never pulled an all-nighter? What will they even DO there whole night?

And to send Maru to do this too because he pulled the most all-nighters is.... huh, actually that kinda makes sense.

I wonder how do they decide the order in which members will attempt to do things here.

Eh, an owarai duo which is actually funny to me? A rarity. Nobu and Fukki, huh.

Wait, they skipped showing Okura getting slapped! I saw him sitting in ienai corner! And didn't show this duo's clip because of this. Meeh. And on next duo they didn't show the faces Maru was making into the other camera! Heeeey!

Uh-oh, Yasu goes 6th and no one has ANY clue about their name. Uncharacteristically, all others are praying for him to guess it correctly and... HE DOES! Woohoo, Yasu saves the day! Congratulations! \^___^/

As bonuses go, guessing sempai actors' names isn't a very good one. Oh well, at least they've skipped 3 in the middle. Oh, Maru, you only guessed ONE kana wrong. Do they know which parts they've guessed right? Judging by the ease Ryo guessed right, they do, but it's unclear.
This is similar to Arashi's weird taste thing. I wonder if something is actually edible out of this?

Hehe, Yasu and Yoko can't handle natto! Me neither, guys, me neither.

So, apparently nattou with purin smells like purin. Now, who should I trust? Confusedly accepting Yoko or decidedly rejecting Yasu? Oh, Okura actually didn't like it too? I think I should go with gurme expert here and not try it.

Yeeaaah, I don't really see how gyuudon would go with fruit punch. But maybe Yoko is right and syrup only doesn't do the trick? At least others seems to trust him on this more than Yasu.
Lol, Subaru! "It's like samba in your mouth"! And yet everyone voted this one down. Yep, Yasu lost. Again.

Oh, hey, this one I can actually try at home - if I have any noritama furikake left. I'll only need to buy some vanilla ice-cream.
Aww, Maru blows on cold things on his spoon! Just like I do, hehe. Makes no sense, but I just do it without thinking.

Huuh, even Hina exclaimed in surprise. Maybe I should do it right now while I remember? Especially since they don't intend to do the same topic in the next part...
Ouch, ouch, ouch, Yoko met someone from Shounentai and they told him they watch Shiwake. Ouch.

Oh, Tacchon, you don't know ANY of their songs, do you? Did you even back-dance for any sempais?

Awww, do I see Touma backdancing for V6?

Poor Yasu is crying again. Poor baby.

Ahaha, everyone is worried because they know that Subaru makes this face when he's unsure. But... he made it after all. Will Yasu be the only one in ai-nashi corner?

Yoko, stop harrassing Yasu. He's upset as it is. Seriously! Even skipping the handshake! What is wrong with you!

Ryo, of course, is overjoyed and helps Yoko in harrassing Yasu. At least he's not as vicious as he could be. And Tacchon is such a coward with his excuses! Did he really think anyone will believe him?

Uwaaa~ That's even worse than 20-40~! can't guess at all! Okay, 1, 4, 5, 7 are shougakusei. let's see.

Oops. Yoko, I'm with you on this.

Oh god, Ryo, shut up. Just... shut up. Why oh why you're never punished for your rudest remarks.

Ouch, they all are laughing at Yasu's hair. Can't even fault them, this hairstyle IS totally weird on him.

Motoyan, huh. 2, 4, 5, 8. Let's check.

So far, Yoko is the rudest. God, whaaat are you saying, Yoko...

Okura's reasoning seems to be solid. 仁義 has a meaning of a group's moral code. But... even if he was right, it wasn't because she selected the name 仁 for this reason. I wonder who's that person she liked long time ago, hehe.

Urgh, so this is Oota-ben? にしゃ しゃーしぃーんじゃ means お前うるさい? Sure sounds unpleasant, haha.

Wow, I SO don't hear what Subaru heard in the girls' voices. What did he hear? How did he figure this out?

Same for Hina! I wouldn't've guessed from that AT ALL!

So I guess Maru is just not familiar with this culture? Otherwise I don't understand why he had failed when others didn't seem to have any trouble at all... Maybe I should read up on yanki.
I wonder why it's always a woman slapping them. It's not like men don't slap people.

Poor Yasu, could barely talk. I guess it's exactly what Ryo and Subaru were loling about in their seats of shame.

I wonder how did they manage to NOT guess the name of that one guy. Surely they've seen him so many times. But at least Okura and Yoko remembered the names of people they've worked with. I wouldn't have been surprised if they didn't. Okura especially. I think the dude was sure he'll fail - his whiskers were dancing as he was trying not to laugh.

Yasu, of course, was the funniest. I can't decide if others were embarrassed for him or honestly this amused. Anyway, even host laughed at his silly name. And of course Ryo almost died laughing at his misfortune. What is wrong with you, Nishikido! At least Maru didn't laugh at all.

The last guy sure was scary. At least Hina saved the day (although it would've been lovely if Nishikido got out there and got slapped for laughing so hard).
So, rollercoaster, huh? I wonder why they've chosen those three. Hina's afraid of heights, so he's a natural choice. Yasu tends to be emotional, so he's interesting to watch too. Why Ryo then? To make it more popular?

Well, Momonga at least scared Hina. But apparently not enough for it to be considered fun? I think Ryo was more upset than happy about White Canyon.

(Ryo, nature is a weird thing to enjoy while riding a rollercoaster. Not that there's something wrong with that, but...)

Weird, though. I didn't think Yasu enjoyed White Canyon, yet he called it fun. I wonder. At least Hina laughed at SOME point in Uzumaki Zone.

What's up with trying not to laugh or hiding your laughing face? Yasu, you better off laughing and not make THAT face, really. If Maru's lawyer impression is funny, just laugh.
Wow, with this selection of women I would have trouble deciding too. Okay, I say 2, 3, 6 and 8.

Poor Hina is so cute, tugging his necktie. And Maru, as usual, is talking about his mother. Maru, really, you should stop comparing EVERY woman to her. I'm sure she's a wonderful woman, but this is a little too much.

Good choice, Subaru. Yoko, close your mouth, I'm sure this isn't the first woman you saw wearing knee-high boots.

YOKO! You've chosen her because she's covering her neck?! Wow, how rude. Couldn't you lie about it at least? It's too late to say that she looks v.good now.

Awww, poor Yasu cannot decide, so they pushed out Ryo. Can't stop laughing at his face. Really, they're so careful about Yassan, it makes me happy.

Ryo, you idiot, what do you have in your back pocket? Another mic? Ugh. And I see that you've been practicing your rude.

Oh but the last woman was amazing. Not only she's naturally pretty, she also has amazing sense of style and looks so young in her movements and poses. If I wasn't looking for her age, I would've been sure she's much younger. I don't even know what tipped me off.
Hmm, last time I saw them doing any challenging physical test Subaru was the worst one. And then Tacchon, I think, and Yoko. I wonder who's going to be the worst this time.

O-okay, even Subaru made it. Who's the one who failed? From the preview it looks like Yasu, but it's blurred and voice is changed, so I might be wrong.

Ryo, stop smiling so widely, everyone saw you flounder on the third turn! What a shallow boy, tsk.

...Hina, are you asking the announcer to praise your six-pack? Really?

Oh, Yoko. From the reaction of others it seems like they're bracing themselves for his bad mood. Except for Ryo, of course. That one sure laughed unabashedly at the misfortune of his bandmate.

Oh god, Maru, training for it while seated?! awwww, so cute.

Ahhaha, no one can understand how did even manage that. Ryo, shut up, seriously.

Oookay, so they will not be let out so easily after all. Whos's the worst now?

Wow, guys, what was THAT? Seriously? And Maru seriously was the worst. I mean, who would've expected?

In other news, someone needs to tell Hina to stop wearing shirts with such high collars. He looks like he has absolutely no neck.
I wonder how this segment is filmed. It looks like it was edited quite heavily from what I see.

Oh man, they look so grown up, it's a bit unsettling. I hope Subaru will cut his hair sometime soon.

Why do they keep glancing to the left? Is the audience there? or are they looking for cue cards, god forbid? And their blank faces while Hina is thanking the host are amusing.

Are they really worried that they can't remember their sempai songs? or are they simply unsure if it's a joke or not?

Heh, Tacchon seems sure of himself. (Good timing, Maru-chan! no one have been expecting that!) Well, if the only song you know is Kimi dake ni, why did you look so happy about this challenge?

I wonder if Yasu is more upset about failing than he's letting on. He hates to lose, after all. And he keeps blinking and looking up there in the background.

Oh, everyone's sure that Yoko's gonna fail. Unsurprisingly, perhaps. Did he do it so that he could comfort poor Yasu? Nah, unlikely. But he is trying to cheer him up anyway.

Why Maru's voice is so husky? Not that it's not pretty that way, but...

Geh, why do they need to repeat EVERYTHING that happpened last week?

Ryo either doesn't know how to control his breathing or his lungs really suck. And poor Yasu is still upset, although less noticeably.

I bet they're going to be mocked for their failure. Higashiyama is hardly going to forget this degree of disrespect. Then again, I'll gladly watch him failing the same way over his own band's songs.



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