Love Story

Aug. 10th, 2008 01:12 am
Ep9 "Honto no kimochi" - Real feelings

Shingo-san, you can't play drunk to save your life. Just drink next time you need to.

Oh, god, I KNEW it, the third-to-last episode of DOOM! This damned diary has finally made an appearance.

How much is put into it, how letting go of it doesn't change much. Some material thing, no matter how big of a symbol it might be, can be a much smaller thing compared to memories.

Ep10 "Wakare" - Farewell
Ep11 "Taisetsuna mono" - Precious thing

This time I'm ready to believe that Shin-chan really was playing Memories of Alhambra himself. He had couple of months to learn it, after all, hehe

Kano-chan became kinda unreasonable, even if her wish for Nabetomo to come after her was absolutely natural. Still.

There is something weird in a way this dorama had hero and heroine kinda mixed up for me. Usually I'm annoyed with the woman, but by the end of this dorama I was thinking that Kou is totally annoying. Because, seriously, how can you claim that you only tell the truth (and do that too, for the duration of 9 episodes) and then suddenly start telling lies that are completely obvious?
Some might say that he didn't realise it himself, but didn't he write the RL-21 story? isn't it clear that he understands everything perfectly? Didn't he explain everything clearly to Kumiko?

Speaking of Kumiko. Although I can't imagine holding out for someone for such a long time, she earned my respect with how she never forced anything and how she laid everything out in the end.

Also, that dokkyuusei? Came out of nowhere, went nowhere and had a total of 10 minutes of screen time. What was the point? That she realises everything? Weird.

Okay, I have to say that OF COURSE I cried. 3 last episodes I cried. I cried during those last 5 minutes in ep 9 and first 10 of ep 10 and again on story with Kano and Nabetomo, and totally sniffed couple of times when situation in publishing company became unbearable.
But in the end, in the airport, I was smiling, and I totally watched the end scene, like, three times.

It might not be the best dorama I've watched, but it is nice.

Love Story

Jul. 28th, 2008 03:18 am
Ep1 "Tobenai tori" - Bird that doesn't fly

Aw, damn it, I get happier every time Shin-chan comes on screen! But his character's relationship with Kou-san is good, huuh... He seems like a nice person, even though a playboy.
And that woman - was she introduced yet? - she matched Kou-san word for word, I hope he'll tell off her boss for firing her.

What the heeeell! He really let her staaaaay!
Okay, Yuuka is pretty cute here <3

What's that, suddenly private conversation in the middle of business meeting?

I like that Toyokawa Etsushi is totally not pretty. His face is all weird and freckled, and his lips are strange, and he moves unnaturally.

Ep2 "Motenai futari" - Two that don't fit together

Goukon with people who know each other rather well is meaningless, no? They seem to have fun though, hmm...

Oh, what possessed her to say that? Why people even do things like this? What's the point? Even if that lie will not be exposed right away, it'll still be known later.

Ah, the soundtrack clashes so much with the theme song... It's mostly songs in English, absolutely unfitting... and knowing the Spitz' song is the theme song... erk.

Ep3 "Kimi no koi" - Your love

Ahahaha! I wonder what Nagase will do when he notices the door!

It's nice how all four of them are realising that they're with wrong people. But two of them know this for sure and two of them didn't even think about it beforehand.

Ep4 "Omowanu tenkei" - Unexpected development"

Yep. I think this concert was pretty much ruined for both of them.

Damn, Nakayama Miho has facial expressions so similar to Shibasaki Kou, it's scary sometimes.

Oh god, we're really expected to believe that these groomed and clearly female hands belong to Nabetomo?..

It's funny: the cover really looks good and fresh, so if father had to pull some strings to put it there, it's okay, because further works will be on his own, no?
But I guess it's hard to accept the fact that you can't do anything without your parents.

Ep5 "Chikazukitai yo" - I want to come closer

Wow, how cute it is! They're referring to Sorimachi/Matsushima wedding <3

Ep6 "Masaka no kisu" - No-way kiss

Aww, does he even know Nobita? Although he doesn't look like Nobita at all...
But Misaki's "I'll be your Doraemon" was soo sweet...

Funny, how could I think that Iketani is a bad guy after his talk with Yumi? When they were going through the company's building and discussing Nagase, they seemed shallow and maybe kind of mean, but I probably misinterpreted it because of words. Because now as I think about it, they're simply saying the obvious things, with Iketani being naturally aggravated with the whole ordeal.

BTW, isn't what Yamada does also considered sexuhara? Only in more refined way, no?
Although if Iketani really spent a night with her, it's different.

Ep7 "Saigo no de-to" - The last date

Okay, Iketani, that was... gross. You're cute and stuff, but it was gross.

Poor Nabetomo, to learn that this girl chased after him simply because she wanted to have an exciting life for once... That she never intended to chase him until the end... and to learn it all after he barely begun to really look at her.

Ah, the story is like Nagase and Sudou... Angel Tamura is, of course, Nagase, and the girl who committed suicide, is ... Misaki? Was he thinking of it this way when he wrote it? Or he realised it after he learned about her and Iketani?
Either way, sad.

Oh god. Kato looks SO much like Domoto Koichi! It's scary sometimes.

Kano-chan, you're saying that you can't dye your hair, but Yuuka, your hair are dyed!

It really depends on where you grew up, doesn't it?
One couple eats yakisoba and goes to the aquarium, and the other walks Omotesando?

Ep8 "Mata furareru no" - Dumping again

Gosh, so cute, Nabetomo! Rolling around the floor because something that is reality for you is already like a dream for her...
Oh, this was useless... But so pretty...

Ouch, Iketani... that was kinda...

Oh, my head is spinning. Kumiko was kinda unexpected, but now it's all totally got out of hand! Next ep is the 9th ep of doom! I'm scared to watch it! I'm relaying only on my stubbornness to get through it.
*sigh* If I don't manage to watch it this week...



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