ep.5 "Moto kano vs ima kano" - Ex-gf vs current gf.
Jeez, who hands in vacation form the day before vacation starts? It really looks like he didn't want to go. Also, I can't help but notice the change in his behavior towards Nao after Makoto came.

ep.6 "Kanojo no kokuhaku" - Her confession.
Nao is trying so hard, and this friend of hers became SO annoying when she felt that there is something wrong there.
Moreover, Makoto, if you're upset about how your father used to work all the time, why do you insist on acting the same way?

I'm feeling kind of bad for Fujieda. Even though he seems to be serious about Makoto and even scolded Touji, it's unlikely that she'll let him go. See, no matter how clearly he shows her that he has a new gf now, the one he as serious about as he was about her, she just doesn't stop trying. And it even hurts him as much as does her.

Damn, the Saito twin is good here. Not annoying like they always are, but pretty natural.

ep.7 "Mou ichido dakishimetai" - I want to hold you once again
Damn, those peak episodes are the worst. I can never understand why they like to peak up all the angst in one ep, it makes it so hard to watch!

I like Touji. He's mellow, he doesn't speak up soon enough. But he tries to not judge people and he learns from other people's way of life and their words.

ep.8 "Sankaku kankeina yoru" - The evening of love triangles
Touji is also a character that almost never smiles. Quite different from Tsuyoshi's usual.
And sadly, Uchiyama Rina does nothing for me. It's not even her character that bothers me - there's nothing to be bothered with. It's her. Even when Nao does something reasonable and understandable, I still think don't feel comfortable about it. She's a good actress, but...

Ah, he might not be so rough and loud, but Touji is just like his father. It's hard for him to talk about his feelings. At least, unlike his father, he's able to show it with gestures.

ep.9 "Honto no kimochi" - Real feelings.
Yuuji, the epitome of youth, unable to see and accept other's feelings, unwilling to stop pushing, to give time.
In a way, Nao acted the same way when she pushed for the answer, causing Touji to lie. Only she gave him more than enough time and trusted him before situation finally became unbearable.

Like I thought, although in the beginning it was obvious that pairings are good as they are, now I'm as stuck as Touji. There is Nao who was nothing but supportive and understanding until she caught them, and there is Makoto, who obviously was the best time of his life. So now when pairs are forcibly put on the screen together, it's vaguely annoying. I want to say "Give me time! Let me think this through!"

Ah, and of course, I keep forgetting of fake-triangle of Chitose, Hitoe and Yuuji.
And until Makoto mentioned, I never noticed that names situation is reversed! It's always girl who's always called by her first name, but boys are usually called with surname. It's the other way around here: everyone, both girls and Chitose, and family, are calling Touji by his given name, and girls get called by surname, both Hayakawa-san and Saeki-san.

ep.10 "Mou koi nante... soshite wakare" - Again the love... and break-ups
Hmm. Somehow, while totally expected, it still was unexpected situation. For reasonable and calm Nao to snap like this... But Touji's reaction was absolutely nothing surprising. Even sitting like this whole night.

Pictures of fish in Touji's room made me laugh. And row of Yaguchi Takao's "Tsurikichi Sanpei" too.

And we finally learn the name of Nao's friend: Manami.

They had me at the end, as always. I really thought it will end like this. And then less than 10 minutes before the end... still undecided...

And the collection of polaroids from the whole dorama, complete with silly faces and kiss scenes. Ah, I wish all doramas gave me that sense of completion instead of being upset over story being purposefully stirred up at the last moment!
Moto Kare

ep.1 "Sarariman 1nensei" - Salaryman on the first year.
Episode where we meet Hirosue Ryoko in her usual role of hard-working kind woman

ep.2 "Kanojo ni furareta riyu" - The reason she dumped him.
Where Hirosue Ryoko suddenly grows a spine and reveals her rebellion against her parents. Not all that unusual, as it's a common story line for her heroines, but still interesting because of the impact it has on this particular story

ep.3"Pea no storappu" - Paired straps.

Ah, I love the title sequence <3 It's so simple and pure and explains the story immediately!
And places, oh my god, places! Movies at Odaiba,
transferring at Kudanshita in ep.3? And the bridge that I'm sure is West Park bridge on Odaiba... and pachinko mise that looks like the one across the road from Suidobashi...

ep.4 "Wasurerarenai koigokoro" - Unforgettable love
It's interesting how they always show Touji and Makoto working equally hard, but when they talk, it's obvious how different their reasons for working hard are.
For now I'm thinking that current pairings are perfect: Touji and Nao, Makoto and her boss, Fujieda. Although in the latter case Makoto's coworker's warning comes to mind...

Just who are her parents, how they treated her for her to say with such convincion:
Sono henni yasashii suki janai



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