Just saw Hey Say Jump and .... Holy shit they've grown! I literally didn't recognize Chinen at all! Poor quality probably has something to do with that, but ... wow. Sadly, that doesn't mean that they sound any better.

Hikaru has a mushroom on his head. And Yuuto is SO TALL!

At K8 introduction I was surprised at how Ryo jumped up to speak so naturally and eagerly. And I was surprised by how much I still don't like T.W.L. I love Monjai Beat though, so that's a relief.

Ah, Ken. Why so blond. And Sakamoto. Why moustache? At least they sound like honey to my ears - except when they sing solo. I wonder if it's indication of lipsync or of their good work together.

Uuugh, Taguchi looks damn good with his mohawk! I wonder if Kame really is botoxed this heavily or I'm being unfair to him. How funny is that they are the only two who actually spoke? Ueda looks like a little boy but at least he's not as ugly as he used to be. Maybe it's because of makeup though, hehe.

SMAP, as usual, killed my ears. Ugh. How come they're THIS bad at singing? But I was glad to see Shingo having fun. And holy shit, did KimuTaku run up to the camera completely unexpectedly? Or was that security fuckup? Either way, his ability to continue singing as if he wasn't just about torn apart by a group of girls in Santa costumes is amazing.

How peculiar is that they put Aiko and KK together for introduction. Tsuyoshi... danced with Kara? Woah. Aiko had a pink earphone with golden star! Sign of true star? She didn't sound too good though. Kind of like she was struggling with singing. Maybe it was intentional but...
God, KK sounded amazing. Flower brought tears to my eyes. But what was that weird dancing move in the beginning of Negau ijou no koto?

Tokyo and Juju went past me unnoticed (except for Tokyo's hats - what was THAT?) but Arashi! Oh, such a delight! They look good AND sound good! I'm definitely having an Arashi period. Such a consistently happy group.

I liked Kimura Kaela's A winter fairy is melting a snowman, which is weird because I never liked her much.
Saito Kazuyoshi's song sounded like they slapped some background music to his guitar and voice combination and didn't quite manage to make them work together. Sounded like two different songs playing at the same time.
Yui has grown up so much yet somehow she's still the same sullen girl.
Nishino Kana sounds good. Surprisingly strong and full voice. She would benefit from some vocal training though, I thing - she stifles herself a bit as it is traditional with Japanese pop.
But no matter how good she is, Porno Graffiti blew her out of the water. Ikimonogakari as well - even though I don't like their songs, they sound good.
Just-married Koda Kumi is such a lady suddenly, even Cutie Honey. Speech patterns are still a bit yankee though, hehe.
Audience screaming for Girls Generation was sooo loud! But I think that they screamed even more loudly for AKB48. Their Katyusha song was cute too.

Lol Lady Gaga hugging Tamori and the girl! Lol at her interpreter dragging her away. Lol at her almost falling down. She looked drunk.

Oh shit, never again will I watch something in such a bad quality. (okay, except for the old shit)



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