Well, this is ridiculous. First half of the season looks like a parody and characterization in the entirety of it is all over the place. I'm also getting super-confused because of the clashing of the depiction of women's suffrage with surprisingly strong objectification of women in this season.

Like, one minute I'm glad to see struggle for votes and girl gangs on the screen and next Murdoch is ogling Dr. Ogden's backside as she's struggling to obtain information for the case. They're going out of the way to show that he supports her decisions, and yet he shows disdain for women in a way he never did before.

With all that and the Crabtree business I'm really confused right now.
As usual, first two seasons - very good and interesting. Then, slowly getting more and more implausible, more focused on personal relationships and semi-historical people - moving away from reality. On top of that, they'd started losing characterization points: like Murdoch suddenly acquiring a temper or Dr. Ogden hiding things that don't even make sense hidden, or Darcy making an U-turn.

The way the Emily Grace's relationship was handled is also quite annoying. And Gillies! As much as I liked the character, this was painfully dragged out and unnecessary. Also, Leslie seemed pastede on, like the character wasn't supposed to go the way he did.

But truth to be told, Yannick Bisson is so pretty, and he and Helene Joy work so well together will probably continue watching. If I remember to.

On the other hand, the original three movies are harsher, grittier, truer to the period. I was glad to see a completely different Murdoch, without all the shiny gadgets and holier-than-thou attitude. I wonder how he is in the books, now.



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