Stupid dream sequence, bah.

HAHAHA, Sakurakouji, youthful smile is all. Of course man with such a fresh smile cannot be older than 17.

Aisu no yarou, hehe.
Right, everybody is perfectly convinced that Sakurakouji's in love with Hikari.

Okay, since she hates fighting, lets get beat up. Interesting idea, refreshing too.

Yakuza kowai! Oh god, this is good

Wow, Makky learned to properly compliment people.
Kazu and his sewing, so cute.

I just knew that he's going to forget about his birthday.

First time in a while we see all teachers...
Too bad this ep wasn't in February, with all those challenges piled up on Feb. 14th

Finally she learned the truth.

Mark of the final ep: starting with the op.
Minami-sensei, so serious. Makky, the crybaby.
And sotsugyoushiki scene was too long IMO.
Arrrgh, Sakurakouji! Stop with this gf-like talk! People could live without knowing each other's keitai bango for more than 3 kagetsu, really, they could!
Makki, ma-na- modo ni shimashou!

Erm... I saw a breast-like hills under that red costume...
Anikinder. I can't stop laughing.

I don't see how getting pudding going to help him get his gumi. But whatever, it's not the point, right?

Unfortunately, as it usually the case with doramas, 6th ep is the lowest point :( Right now I don't have any will to watch the rest. Hopefully, my stubbornness will kick in :)
Why are you imagining your father as such an unpleasant person? Why are you trying to think negatively to begin with?

Jeez, Hikari, what are you thinking? True, I'm not a japanese schoolgirl, but I totally don't understand what got into her.

Ahahaha, Sakura-nantoka, do you even realise what you've just done? Stopping Makio from kicking those guys asses...
Aww, defending him in class too... Hikari, it was your call, ne?
And now acting as a jealous wife. This "you've changed" shit, heh.
I guess it's time for me to watch all doramas I missed over the year. I'll have to finish ProDai too then.

okay, Sakura-nantoka, you have such a big boycrash on Makki it's not even funny.
And poor girl is so jealous and not understanding what to do... So stop kicking her, Jun :(


Bwahaha, less than 1% of getting married before 30! LOL

Jun, don't be jealous too O_O (god, Tegoshi, so girly!)
I wonder though if she does it consciously? She looks like she's not aware of the effect she has, nor realises that he's different from Jun.

I have a question. Why he always comes to school by different road?

And LOL! Turgenev as a main antagonist of the story!

I guess Koki's really good as Nagase's underling. But on his own he only employs same faces and acts. He should try something more serious: in the serious moments he just as good as in funny ones.
Kashii Yu. I wonder if all her roles are as tightly controlled as Minami and Noriko? Because I'd like to see her in different role... If she's same in every dorama, how I'm supposed to trust the impression of her being a good actress? haha (and her English is good, huuuh...)



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