Jun. 22nd, 2007 01:53 am
oh man, am I allowed to hug monitor?
Really, I couldn't tell if the pic was new or old. Baby, why did you chose that shirt? Were you trying to say that you haven't changed?
Aw, your face is so round, but you still as thin as you were.
Baby, oh Baby, you still curl your fingers like this...

Johnny-san, can't you make a miracle happen? It could fit so perfectly!
I just saw those next week's Anan pix everybody was raving about.

What can I say? Congratulations on successfully imitating Angela Aki, Shibutani-san. It seems that you're still not over this. Too bad it's not permanent, because really, this is priceless, and if you're still unsure what to do with your hair, please keep this wtf, it's nice.

No, really, I liked the spaghetti look you've had in Dream Boys and before that. I might have troubles admitting it, but it did look nice. Especially since that wet-hair thing didn't make you look like drowned rat (unlike someone else, haha).

I'm a bit sad though, because Hina is sooo sweet in this shoot... No that weird-eyes look, nice hair, nice smile - I'm in love, seriously.

Is there a way to take cheeks of Tacchon without touching his body? No? *crushed*
But he's still hot. And Maru... handsome. But massive. I like him too.

Now, Yoko... who painted these pants on you? They made your ass look fat :(
oh, wait, no, not really. Just in this shot. And I like your jewelry set. Uh-huh. Nice. Though I miss The necklace.

Hina, you kill me. This hair is best thing that happened to you this year (no, I don't really think so, but seriously I can't think of any better thing right now). And you're not smiling your freaky smile and not trying to make your eyes seem bigger. You're so beautiful here, it makes my heart hurt. Amazing.

Haha, OhYass! And Tacchon the Big Dipper! Ahahaha!

Sorry, guys, SanOssan pwned you all. split personality Ryo and Yasu could share the second place, but the Big Three won fairly and squarely.

Overall I like it. Because on second listening I was content with what I've heart. But first time was different.

First disk I listened with vague sense of 'blah' inside of my head. It's like I was expecting something different. Well, I definitely was - this jazzy sound they have lately is really not the direction I thought they'll go in. Most songs went right over my head as if I wasn't listening at all.
Which ones I've heard? Energy, Futari no namida ame, Sayonara wa itsumo, Goujou ni GO!
Obachan rock is only different because of the different talk parts (but the big-bandish version is nice)
Zukkoke and Kanfuu are nice too, but I was more concentrated on new songs.

But second disk redeemed it all.
Subaru is good, even if it's not what I usually like.
Yasu sounds so much better in studio version (god, he really needs to do something with his voice - 2 cons and he's already hoarse). THIS time I really like the song.
Maru is very cute. I don't even mind that it wasn't ballad (I want to hear Maru singing ballads!)
Mamoritai is still beautiful, but still not as good as Butterfly. And why they took backvocal out of it?
Wonder Boy is still major LOVE! I hope you like your solo as much as I do, Yokoyama-kun!
Damn it, Hina, I just realised that I remember the chorus of your solo! lol, even more, I've been humming it from time to time without thinking about you at all :) sorry m-_-m
Ah, Stereo. Still good. But the difference between the concert tape and the studio version is like with One. And Yasu's backvocal was the best part! Jeez. It sounds smoother, and the song is still pretty, but... but... Ryo really improved to the point when his live versions sounds better than studio ones (with totally unnecessary effects - hope it wasn't your idea, R-kun?). Good thing, no?
ARGH, gimme con tape! I love you, girl, for capturing this beautiful song in all its beauty!

Subaru, you totally sucked in Itsuka Mata.

I love your messy talk, you retards. I simply love you. I love Yoko's laugh, I love Hina's hiccups, I love Su's weird voice, Ryo's embarrassed voice, Tacchon's mixups, Maru's shouting, Yasu's squeals... and I miss one more voice *sigh*
Can't wait.



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