What curious is how they was her below the waist?

Weird. Even though Koume makes such bold suggestions, she still doesn't try to do anything about Kana who still does nothing.

I wonder why she won't have papa doing stuff for her. Why?
But misanga, huh... natsukashii...

Proposal date is a big deal too, huuh... I bet my parents don't even remember, not to mention making such promises.

Aw, sweet guy... really after her.
looked weird, right, when he was waving - first one style, then next, then smile, then grin.

I think the guy won Papa's heart.
Yes, Ritsuko, he doesn't treasure you. It might hurt, but it's the truth.

What are you doing? - Fucking up my daughter's friendship.
Man poor guy.

Ahahaha, penlights and uchiwas and T-shirts! Of enka singer! Oh fans, haha.

In the end it was "Work hard, speak frankly, respect elders, be filial to your parents".
But it was a nice dorama, light and bright and not annoying at all. Tachi Hiroshi was great as a father-turned-daughter, Aragaki Yui wasn't annoying as a daughter, and senpai was so cute and nice - the only character I couldn't believe in actually, lol.
One great thing about this dorama is its length. If it was longer than 7 eps, if they had a temptation to drag it out, it wouldn've worked. But since it was no more than 7 eps, it worked our great.

PapaMusu 4

Jan. 2nd, 2008 06:43 am
Heheh, they sound like each other already, funny. Got used to their positions, perhaps?

He also managed to learn a lot about school's structure in 4 days, didn't he? And this sensei is seriously scary. Like an oni. Even acting like this in the end.

Yeah, that's how they avoid responsibility!
IDIOT! You just blown up your own daughter's chances!

Okay, so she speaks her mind. And president supports. But what if he only woke up conveniently? Especially with all this speech about responsibility?
Oh, yeah, speaking about responsibility - do you understand what "responsibility" means in office?

Oooh, what a responsible boy. I guess they're lucky he likes Koume...


Woooow, whole new batch of problems.

PapaMusu 3

Jan. 2nd, 2008 12:10 am
They don't say anything about peaches outright, but they keep repeating the image. Come on, it's already obvious!

Girl, realise this already! Women from work don't just go for dinner with their department bosses!
And don't ask their bosses to ward off annoying suitors.

Yeah, this is Japanese company alright. Superiors' approval is more important than ensuring success of the actual product.

Wow, I just realised how BIG their house is.

Kenta-senpai is ni~ce!.. But it still doesn't justify you jumping on him!
Poor guy, he has no idea...

Wow Hoshino is pretty messed up in the head.

PapaMusu 2

Jan. 1st, 2008 11:20 pm
I think I like Kenta-senpai. Pretty unusual taste he has. Lucky for him, it wasn't real Koume with him...

What the hell was THAT?! What LANGUAGE was that?! Oh god, I think I had to rewind this place 5 times. SOOOO funny!

Awww, poor baby fell asleep too... better look up on what movie you're going to see first next time!
Ahahaha, Shinsengumi... Oyajippoi! Boys.

Oh those overbearing fathers! I'm glad mine wasn't like that.
Yes your plan did backfire. Deal with it.

Kenta-senpai, you're a dork. But a sweet dork. I bet if Koume wasn't his daughter, Papa would've liked him imminently. But alas, he doesn't.

That's weird. Probably Japanese thing. Because I cannot imagine all high-schoolers taking a break from their studies at the same time anywhere else.

PapaMusu 1

Jan. 1st, 2008 10:53 pm
Truth hurts.
Middle-aged man called ossan reacts the same way 20 y.o. will in similar situation. But in his case it's the truth.

Okay, weird point to leave the girl alone after such a confession. I wonder if he had seen a man standing next to her...

Does every girl tell her father that she's going to marry him when she grow up? I don't remember saying anything like that...

Ah, baba, not telling such a legend, it was harsh! Wise old woman, so there are such women in Japan too...

Ah! A chipmunk! Kawaii <3

Wow, those are some powerful peaches!
And the switch scene went well. Wow. Really good. Pretty believable, too.

I'm glad they're focusing on father more - girl is good, but, alas, not good enough.



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