Private Practice is much more real. Where Grey's Anatomy is confined to the small circle of the main characters and their neverending problems, Private Practice shows that sometimes behind those characters backs things happen. Things, that affect them. Things, that affect everyone. Things that happen behind EVERYONE'S backs without them noticing.

Surprisingly, quality of the episodes slipped as ratings went up. Or is this only me? And whats up with the cliffhanger in the end of the season? Cliffhangers are not a mark of a good series! Although I have to admit that it wasn't unexpected, with all that was going on in last 3 episodes, it was obvious this all can't just stop at season finale.

I liked the way every episode had a theme, and both patients and doctors were forced to deal with that theme, with doctors gathering clues from what's going on with the patients and the other way around. It reminded me of House for some reason, of first - best - season.

I liked that every character slipped at least once throughout the series, doing something they thought was wrong to do and each one of them dealt with it their own way. I'd love for this to continue.

Okay, characters.

Addison is forced to make the toughest decisions and deal with most difficult choices there are. And she hates that, and she hates that even when decision was universally accepted as the best one, everyone still hated her because they didn't like it. I liked how she dealt with Archer (okay, I didn't, not really, but it was justified enough for me), and Kevin, and she was honest - sometimes brutally honest even - if not with others then at least with herself.

Pete went insanely OOC for me mid-season, but I was able to roll with it because it looked okay. I liked Megan and I didn't like the way it turned out - that's the point OOC-ing started. I don't think he has any business being with V. and I don't think I'm gonna like it.

Naomi is ... difficult. Both she and Sam are playing swings, first him trying to move away to avoid being hurt, then her, then them hurting each other anyway because they both didn't have guts to talk it through - hell, I don't  think they even talked about Sonya after she was gone! I think they were great friends and I think if Sam just had some closure in a honest talk with Naomi, it  all could've gone much better.

Violet is unstable and manic, and unable to deal with her own life and being pregnant actually calmed her down a lot and both men pushing her to have a fatherhood test were just being selfish and cruel. Mostly because of the way the question was asked, like "Tell me who the father is so I could prepare for this burden or fuck off happily". I think she was awfully cruel and tactless and selfish with Charlotte and I think that as psychologist she should've behaved differently.

I think Cooper and C. is an amazing, if unlikely, couple and I'm happy that they managed to work it out despite having such a horrible timing. He proved himself to be a great pediatrician and I love him for his unfailing love for his patients - even when their parents are unable to love them unconditionally. He'd made some mistakes there, but mostly even in his emotional moments he doesn't let himself do the wrong thing. This was especially visible with the AIDs boy and his stupid, stupid parents, and the hearth tumor girl.

Charlotte is very close to Addison in a way that she's really able to put her emotions aside if it's about a patient's good. I like that she's allowing herself to be persuaded by C. sometimes, but usually makes her decisions herself. I like it that, despite being scared as fuck about everything, she's still making an effort - and for her it's much more difficult than for him, because he feels ready, and she's not, she'll never be, but she's trying.

Dell had finally stopped being Piz for me, and that took some off annoyance away. I see him as a great guy now, who's able to admit his mistakes and who's able to judge himself and others fairly. He's caring for his child and I hope they'll find a way to do everything better. I'm glad they'd let him wander around careless for a while, but I wish someone'd talk some sense in him before that, before whole mess happened, and before everything was "fixed" by girl's return.

I hated Wayette and Archer and Noah. I liked Sonya and I liked Megan (as a once-a-while addition, I wouldn't've liked her as a regular). Dell's girl (the reappearing one) was good too, I'm really sad about what happened - again, I wish she hadn't done what she had, that was a mistake and one I cannot understand.

I absolutely adored Amy Acker's heroine - or, rather, I'm amazed at Acker's acting, I want to watch more things with her, but I'm not ready to watch Angel and doubous about Alias... - and Fran Kranz's too.

So, with all the themes - drugs, homosexualism, family, trust, suicide, responisibilities - being handled this carefully and strongly, with balanced and beautiful stories, this season is definitely worth watching, even if first one is skipped.



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