Lately it feels like no matter what I say or do, no one cares. People lose track of conversation with me, cut my stories short, don't read my emails and so on. Am I really this boring? Do I not say interesting things anymore?

I've been told that I'm too fast to give advice. I'm trying to stop doing that. But that means that basically whether someone talks to me, half of the time I end up verbally patting their backs and keeping silent otherwise. And I don't know how to answer questions about my life.

"What's up?" Nothing. Nothing's up. I work, I go home, I chat with couple of friends, I go to sleep. I watch tv, I crochet, I read a little. Who wants to know about that tv series I've watched? About that perfect doily I've found? Apparently, no one. Because as soon as I start talking about crocheting instead of simply showing people finished things, the interest fades.

It just makes me so sad when I see someone's eyes glazing over and their attention drifting when I talk about something that interests ME instead of something related directly to them. Do you really think I'm always interested in whatever bothers you right now? Do you really think I WANT to give advice all the time? Can't you at least try to be interested in me too?


Mar. 28th, 2009 05:21 am
Grey's Anatomy season 4 - check.
Criminal Minds season 3 - check (almost).

What do I have left?

House M.D. season 4
Private Practice season 2

And I'm basically all set for the end of April!

Which means that I possibly will have nothing to watch really soon. Unless I watch Farscape... hmm..... not really in the mood for it, but who knows?

So in addition to the current series, I have:

Californication season 2
Uta no Onii-san
Ryuusei no Kizuna

Wow. More than I thought. And that's only recent stuff.

Also, damn you Livejournal for taking away my ToDo list! DAMN YOU!!! Nvmnd, found it. Although only through the help system. And I'd filled it already. Wtf.

Why can't they allow me to pay for 1 functionality I need? I know it's not much to get a paid account, but I don't need it, and I don't like buying things I don't need.



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