Dec. 29th, 2009 12:54 am

Really funny moment: when Bob takes out a headset and puts it on. It's clear that it's too small and there's no way headphones would reach his ears even if he weren't wearing a cap. So he had to cover headset with his hands.

The other thing: guy in the pictures, supposedly Bob before he gained weight, is obviously Indian. Well, definitely nothing like Japanese or even half.

And, of course, Todo's magical self-repairing sweater


Once again, time-frozen Japanese person.


I'm pretty sure flat they're renting was used for filming of Last Friends.

Jeez, those too really suit each other. Both are absolutely impossible, both disregard people around them and do stupid things. I would've killed both of them on the first day.

Poor, poor Shingo. I don't see this changing any time soon. He's amazingly patient and seems to be in for a heartbreak.

Weirdly, it reminded me of Castle: good balance of laughs and semi-smart things. And maybe I'm really broken-in into japanese drama for I don't find Fukakyon annoying if I don't see her overly often. Or rather, she doesn't annoy me the way Ishihara or Ayase do.


Dec. 28th, 2009 03:55 am
Lol, I could barely recognize Fukakyon here. In fact, the only reason I DID recognize her is because of her voice. I still can't figure why she looks so different.

I wonder if it was their intention to make the keitai look like Ultraman...

I don't really mind it that the girl is totally incompetent, but I'm really annoyed by how it portrayed as something that doesn't get in the way as long as she's able to follow orders.


I liked scene where this weird assistant was chasing Shingo. Yappari, Tamaki is good at being funny. Just like Eita is good at being gloomy.


IDK, I'm honestly baffled by the fact they're accepting boy not coming to his own damping party as a perfectly valid reason for suicide. Especially knowing that she didn't intend to jump from the start. That's a bit sudden.

And when disarming bomb - why couldn't they ask the culprit for the correct order to begin with?


Nice. Now it's ok to have people you loaned to steal money from your company so you could avoid going officially bankrupt, because you were taking care of your employees.



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