Jun. 19th, 2007 02:25 pm
Was reading old jwebs - from 2006, 2005 even...
Kept thinking how lately there are no jwebs from Maru, and how I wish Ryo would take time to write something. Word-game will suffice too, though I would've preferred something random, outside-world inspired stuff.
I liked Eito shoot in Wink Up so much! So different from usual stuff...

News Q&A.
Slowly, slowly... rainy season is here. So this month lets ask rain-related questions...

1. Have you shared the umbrella? Yes, no?
YT: Yep.
KK: Yes.
NR: Yep.
KS: Of course (I don't understand how it could be "no").
MT: Yep.
TY: Yes!

2. Outside its raining heavily. You don't have an umbrella. How will you get home?

YT: Call a taxi.
KK: Will run.
NR: Will run till I find a taxi.
KS: Will get home drenched.
MT: Will buy an umbrella.
TY: Will go home under the rain.

3. Have you ever made Teru Teru Bouzu*?
YT: Yes.
KK: Sometimes, the day before the sports meets.
NR: Made it when we went hiking.
KS: Made it. The day before the hike, for example.
MT: When there was a sports meets.
TY: The day before the hikes. (he's called ame otoko...)

4. How much do you trust the weather forecast's prediction of rain?
YT: I don't watch weather forecasts.
KK: 60%
NR: I don't watch weather forecasts.
KS: Less than 40%
MT: Don't trust.
TY: About 30%

5. Have you seen the rainbow?
YT: Yep. Last time I've seen it in Kyoto.
KK: Seen.
NR: Of course I've seen it!
KS: Naturally, yes.
MT: I've often seen it in grade school.
TY: Seen it in Guyana**

6. The rainy day image - which color it is?
YT: Blue
KK: Grey
NR: Aoi***
KS: Black.
MT: The darkish light blue (water blue).
TY: Light blue (water blue).

7. What rain says during the rainy season?
YT: Pachi-pachi
KK: Neta-neta
NR: Jime-jime
KS: Za~
MT: Jime-jime
TY: Ga~ga~

8. What creatures are happy when it's raining?
YT: Frog.
KK: Snail.
NR: Snail.
KS: Snail.
MT: Snail.
TY: Water-strider.

9. Tell the good points of the rain?
YT: Rice grows tasty.
KK: Possible to share the umbrella.
NR: After the rain always comes good weather.
KS: It's good for agriculture.
MT: I don't dislike the rain, so there is no bad points.
TY: Trees are happy.

* White doll, used to bring good weather the next day or luck in competition.
** Co-operative Republic of Guyana
*** blue-green. Nishikido, a truly japanese boy.



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