After 4h NY special first time meeting Koike Eiko.

It's obvious they know each other very well and very comfortable around each other. It shows in the way they interact, how freely they touch each other.

It was very sweet to see Tsuyoshi cooking for her and entertaining her at the same time. LIke a dad dealing with a loud child. And when he thanked her for the nice evening, I think she was honestly surprised and delighted by this.


Angaruzu and Iwasa Mayuko (gravure, I assume). She looks like a mix between Kato Rosa and Amuro Namie.

Awww, it's her first filming of this kind. It's obvious even before they started, from the awkward way she waves.

Budget gurme! Eew, why everything is so... weird. Ikuradon, shirotonkotsuramen with collagen-full meat, chahan with seafood, 1man hamburger.  Well, I wouldn't've minded the chahan, but....

If I was there, I'd win the ramen game, especially if wearing contacts. Seriously. With all this PC-watching practice, haha

But wow, that was the scariest jenga game I've ever seen!


Weird. Is it like "best parts" ep? First Matsu Takako with talking globe and listening to trees. Then Yasu Megumi and Keisuke Santamaria.

Santamaria monomane'd Matchy. In a weird way that I didn't recognize O_o

Aaah, Kanno Miho! So pretty! Huuh, Nagoya gurme. Ferris wheel right at the crossing...
Aahahah, she wanted to ride it, but he doesn't like them, and they went to eat, not ride ferris wheels.

Tamayama Tetsuji. I don't even know him, but they're talking like old friends and Tsuyoshi even let him drive his van. They picked up some girls and making fun of them.

Aaaah! China-chan! Omg, it's that samurai and babies talk ep! awwwww, I miss her, especially with Tsuyoshi...

Tsuyoshi and the ladies! Kato Rosa, Fujii Mina, Takahashi.... Ma? Marina? Hoshii Nana.... something. Eeerk. Curling?

Yuu-san! Pornograffiti's Akihito! Some woman who really, really looks like a man. Uchiyama and Mizukawa Asami!

Ice skating in deer costumes with Dreams Come True and then surprise live!

Tsuyoshi and ladies, pt.2: Suzuki Sarina? can't read.... Anda Miyoko? and Natsukawa Jun.

Rabuho with some dude O_O Mashu Minami? And then suddenly You-san and some other woman, and You-san does something they can't even show, wow.

Kokoriko's Endo and kabutomushi's maggot. Kokoriko's Tanaka and birthday party. Kimura Kaera and Xmas cake.

KingKong and Inoue Waka. They spent many hours building Pifagora-Switch-like track to wish her happy 25 birthday, but she left 7 hours before they finished. Ouch.


Ueto Aya on Walker.

I think she was seriously sleeping when he came. She thinks that Chi-chan had high tension!

Wow, turns out Koike's family owns game center on Shimo-Kitazawa, a big one called Golden, huh.

Lol, they went to some place they were promised kare at, but turns out they make curry only on Thursdays. Something about their karepan being in high demand or something.

Mmmm, that coffee I'd drink! Frozen coffee cubes with milk!

Aah, they were given karebento after all. And they put bread into their curry, mmm nice.

Lol. "It suits you! - You're joking, right? Can't be! - Looks totally cool! - (looking in the mirror) Hmmm, looks good - ...Or maybe not?.. - I knew you were lying!" - ah, but it was said with such a cute intonation!

It's funny, really. She doesn't annoy me as much as she used to. Maybe it's really because I used to see her every where, literally. Now when she's not in the spot-light, it's easier to see her. She spews random quotes and trivia. She's easy to fool but easy to crack a joke about it. She has nice style in clothes too.

Aww, this acting was cute. I have NO clue what they were trying to do with this hedghog breathing or weird noises, but the whole scene was nicely done. Aya-chan's nervousness, lack of words, and Tsuyoshi's matter-of-factness, and that last "g-haa!" - omg so cute and funny!



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