ep 1. I have a feeling that I'm gonna miss creepy uncle Peter before long. But oh now so much of the tumblr makes sense!

Ep 2. I love that Allison was calling STILES to tell him what's going on, not Scott. Oh, and Jackson makes me feel the... the myötähäpeä thing.
Derek is such a puppy. Sometimes he knows what he's doing - and these times are GLORIOUS. Other times? He can't quite figure out how to control his voice and face. Which... didn't seem to be such a problem in season 1?

Ep 3. is full of what. the. fuck.
The fuck is Derek doing with Erica? WHY is he doing that? Why is he flaunting HER as his new puppy before Scott and Stiles?
The fuck was that with Lydia? Did she really saw him or it was a hallucination? The fuck Jackson did with the camera? And Lydia? And are his problems related to that time when Derek cut him?
How is that everything slipping through Scott's fingers? More like out of his BRAIN! Dr.Deaton is eeeeevil. I wonder why he doesn't want to talk about it?
I loved the barely contained smiles when Boyd and Derek looked at each other. But I wish there was a way to make Scott see the point of this :( He's... not very objective at it.

Ep 4. Dr.Deaton, I'm interested in your history with Gerard Argent. VERY interested. He's creepy. Creepier than uncle Peter, definitely, - he doesn't have animal instincts to blame. It's just insanity in his case, pure and simple.
Stiles has damn good intuition. Hope it'll help him. At least Derek didn't have to do ANYTHING for him to start talking. It's like Stiles thought "well, yeah, YOU I have to tell this shit because who else is gonna know what to do, and Scott's ridiculous hangups can't hold me back here". And Derek... he seems to be really embarrassed by this kanima shit. Like, he probably knows right away who this is and why.
Girls' skirts are getting shorter and shorter. It's insane. And I don't like the new Lydia's new room. And I don't like that the only way for Erica to be powerful is to be sexy. And that apparently only possible if she wears impossible heels. Like, what the fuck, guys :(

(Random The Tell rewatching reminded me again how awesomely Sheriff's and Stiles' mannerisms match. I mean that "oh, crap" was EXACTLY how Stiles says it, down to the little twitches)

Teen Wolf

Aug. 27th, 2012 03:09 am
This cactus is muuuch tastier. I like pretty much all the (male) characters, I like how it goes, I'm curious about how it's gonna end... I like it, even though women are only there to be pretty so far. At least Stiles balances the stupid and I'm not as annoyed with Scott as I expected to be.

And mid-season, with Jackson getting a pretty nice twist I started hoping that there's a future for Allison as well. Lydia is the Summer of this show only with too much lipgloss and not enough brain, so I try to, like, ignore her.

I think that big part of why I like it much better than SPN is the actors. Tyler Posey can panic with his eyes. Like, literally, only his eyes are visible and it's clear that he's panicking. Dylan O'Brian can do things with his voice. Like make it break or disappear mid-sentence or go from worried to "We're going to die and we're just stalling the inevitable". And his eye-rolls are epic. Crystal Reed is stuck with a terrible, terrible character but she's doing what she can.

Overall, the last three or so episodes were probably the best. In fact, the second-to-last episode was so good that it was better than finale. But Code Breaker had some very good moments as well even if it didn't make much sense.

(I'm still kinda confused and upset about the ease with which Stiles caused Scott pain and suffering. For all his supposed good intentions it reads like something even worse than jealousy.)



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