I feel robbed of my squee :( It's no fun in squeeing all alone after doing it with someone!

ep 6 True Crime

There was a continuity error: Jim was injured at the bank, but when he went to talk to Nick, he didn't have a bandage and no marks on his shoulder.
Aside from that - I enjoyed the way Jim/Blair and True Crime team figured where to go almost at the same time. And Blair got to play a hero and both got kisses on the cheek.

Ep 8 The Rig

The territoriality problem is... a problem here.
Beginning of the episode is directly connected to the situation in it, and, like in the beginning, it was said outright by Blair.
I liked how Jim moved when guns were trained on him. Slooow, smoooth, careful and seemingly not very worried.
The problem of this episode was the storm that passed fast and practically unnoticed - not even few hours, and even during the time it was supposed to, well, 'rage', there were no sounds.
Pretty things were Jim's worry for Blair (including 'house-breaking you' moment) and Russians.

ep 09 Spare Parts
Weird thing is that in 10 years expensive cars didn't change any. They still look like a squashed cockroaches, just like they looked back then. And it's still dangerous to own one, right?
Why hello, Naomi. It's obvious that Jim really makes that argument for appearance's sake: he clearly knows that he's gonna lose, and doesn't particularly care.
Choices, choices. He tells mother he stays - he has to go drive that truck, he says he doesn't want to - he sets up Jim and loses his chance to continue work.
Scene with Simon was cool, I just hope it didn't mean that Blair took it as he was lying when he was talking to Naomi.

1. I never saw Jim looking at Naomi.
2. Blair didn't want to take a shot at Francine until Jim told him it's for the sake of information.

ep 10 Second Chance
Miraculously healing lip cuts.
I wonder why Jim bought a new truck? His old one looked bullet-proof, at least I didn't see any actual holes...
I'm still halfway through 2nd season and I don't have time to summarize my thoughts about it properly, but one thing for sure: this is hymn to clean and kinda naive nineties.
Take that mustached Jim in flashbacks for example! I saw that and I thought "NINETIES GAY PORN". Yeah, I know that not everybody saw any gay porn, let alone porn that old, but that's not the only thing...

Anyway. The fics.

In Thicket by Martha - very beautiful solution to the dissertation problem. Hurtful, beautiful and very IC.

Rag and Bone by janedavitt - story with a great supernatural plot, really thought out and complete. There are some things that had me blinking, but it is brilliant.

Other Kinds of Things by Helen - this one I've found first of those three and in retrospect it's not as good as it seemed at the time, and even on first read I had the urge to actually cut slash out of it because it doesn't really fit IMO. But this Blair is very real to me, so...



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