Friend going out with mutual friends, making plans in front of me and not inviting me. Then telling me how much fun they had.

Friend not being online when I wanted some comfort.

My FireFox crashing out of blue.

Weather getting cold, rainy and windy again.

Period coming couple of days early.

Troubles breathing. Noises somewhere in the aparment making me jump. General moodiness.

old news

Jul. 16th, 2007 09:03 pm
Today I suddenly felt that every person over 25 is an old bore. Not that they're old, and maybe not that boring, but after 25 it seems like they're stuck in their niche of interest.
Certainly not a new thought, but somehow it hit me like something I've never accepted before.
People who are interested in something, who could go on and on about the same thing - the problem with them that after 25 they're able to look at that thing longer and harder and talk about it in more length and in result they don't see anything else. People who are younger are eager to see more, and more, and more, but as soon as they find stuff they like and start paying more attention to it - they become boring.
Not a big deal if you see the person once or twice a week, or perhaps more often, but seldom one-on-one. But if you see the person every day, or just regularly enough - you slowly learn all stuff they say again and again, and it becomes obvious that they're simply repeating same thoughts.

It's so rare for people to remain interesting in close quarters. I shall value those who're able to.


Jun. 19th, 2007 02:25 pm
Was reading old jwebs - from 2006, 2005 even...
Kept thinking how lately there are no jwebs from Maru, and how I wish Ryo would take time to write something. Word-game will suffice too, though I would've preferred something random, outside-world inspired stuff.



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