I tried, I really tried, but, like I said, I just can't do it. Maybe when I get my dvds and sit down to rewatch it, I'll be able to say something else, but for now...

3.01 Welcome Wagon

So from the start I guess it's clear that Hearst is our choice.
So much for not pissing anybody off, Veronica. You kinda pissed TA already.

wwwooow, new op is woooooow and the scene after it? HOT!

Really, Keith, you just take this briefcase with you after Vinnie took it?

Aaaand PLUNGING right in! New case! Old friends, new friends! Busting criminals! That's our Veronica.

Dick wasn't drunk. And when the hell he grew wit?

Please note that Keith haven't SEEN Cormac shooting Kendall. Although since he took Keith's pistol to shoot, we could safely guess that he intended to set him up.

ep 3.02 My Big Fat Greek Rush Week
And here it goes: Lamb is an asshole and Veronica is stuck figuring out what happened. Willingly, of course, just... not viewed as a good person by the victim and without hope for cooperation.

Logan has interesting choice of classes. As does Wallace.
And journalism teacher's totally calling Veronica a bitch.

OMG they are doing THE experiment! The Stanford prison experiment! That's SO cool!

Mars family does everything together. They live together, they grieve together, they fuck up together even being in different states.

ep 3.03 Wichita Linebacker
I have some things to say about the new opening.
First. The colors. I keep flashing back to BtVS, with their "someone forgot to pay for the light". It makes me nervous without even watching the actual episode!
Second. Note that every character is given at least two expressions, first being kinda curious and second being totally suspicious and condemning.

ep 3.04 Charlie Don't Surf
I actually don't see how Logan can be 'burning through' his trust fund, it doesn't look like he's spending much - aside from the room, actually.

This is actually pretty amusing to have such a heat raised by feminists about those rapes in this particular episode. Truth is that I started watching it immediately after reading [livejournal.com profile] _allecto_'s Firefly rant.

ep 3.06 Hi, Infidelity
THe one thing I just kept thinking: where the hell is Mac when she's needed?

The rape story really didn't need Logan in it. Seriously. Say "no" to LoVe-bashing.
(omg I totally just used a shipper expression)

ep 3.07 Of Vice and Men
Piz doing puppy-eyes. Just shoot me now. I'm really starting to like him.
Sad thing that the character looks like Dale from Private Practice and acts kinda like Dale. Sad.

Yep, college is a little bigger than high school. More people wanting to find people or stuff.

Trust issues. Big ones. AND urge to hurt everyone who have chance of hurting her before they do it.
Both of them... kinda deserved it, but not this harsh, definitely not like that.
Besides, didn't we go through this already?

And WHAT kind of idiot doesn't pick up the phone and call someone when they KNOW what exactly is happening?
I'm guessing that's the mark of the truly great TV show for me: when I can't find words to describe the latest episode unless it's in response to someone else's words, when I'm too overwhelmed to see separate facts until way after I saw them, when I need some time after each episode (or sometimes during it) to catch my breath and figure out just what the hell had just happen.
It was that way with Studio 60 and it is this way with VM: I would try to type down my thoughts after the episode but nothing comes out; I would try to stop and jot down stray thoughts during it - they don't make sense and too scattered.

I LOVE it. I really hope I'll find some time to sit down and rewatch both S60 and VM.



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