Poor guy, having problems with katakana-nihongo :)
Yuri-chan, it's ok to be all hyped-up about cleaning this room, but sleeping on the bed is really not. As well as sleeping in the movie theater!
Moreover, is it really ok to ask a maid in a hotel to sew on your button?
A~ah, I just knew she's gonna try to use Yukio like that! Oh man, that gotta be hard for a boy... joking like that with a person who's in love with you, Yu~ri! He even got tickets already, poor soul...
Mama! Are you serious, saying you're gonna be happy for you husband if you see him walking with younger girl?!
Yuri is kinda Osaka-ppoi tokyojin desho? Counting her money this carefully, preferring famiresu to higher ranked places... so speaking kansai-ben somehow suits her :)

Heeeey! Yukio, don't scream like that! Yuri, don't be so stupid, what are you saying! Gosh, realise it already, girl!
Fuu-chan writing about Kei-chan's love struggles! Sounds soooo familiar! LOL
Yuri. Please, please start listening to what people are saying. Please. Don't fall asleep, don't listen to music, don't look out of the window, don't remember stuff. LISTEN!

But Sanma is probably better off as a stage actor. He's a bit too much, I think. Although his role warrants it, probably.
Also, although Sanma-san and Masami-chan's interactions seems good, she somehow looks more natural in the dorama than IRL O_O
But that's said, all characters are alive on the screen, all real. I'm worried about Yukio-kun's feelings, upset about Yuri's inability to concentrate on conversation, (^_^)'' at Fuu-chan's attics, can't help but feel for Kei-chan's situation.
I guess that low ratings are mostly because for many people this story is too real and too... umm.. serious?
I've watched the first episode, and I don't think I understand where low ratings came from.
It's not all fun and games, has next to none toilet jokes, yet it's imminently more interesting than, say, Abarenbo no mama.
Sanma and Nagasawa are light and simple but since their characters are not that simple, they let some of the hardships to peek from behind the facade at all the right times.
*shrugs* I would be very upset if that means that Galileo will disappoint me.
Basically it was expected. Really. For the last 4 eps nothing much happened with Satou-kun, but Hitomi was bumbling around in the background, being miserable and totally not coping. Also, the drugs. That message was also clear: depression is not curable with mind-altering drugs. Yep.
Okay, that jiji with the mop in the onsen(why the hell he decided to lecture them anyway?!) was somehow unexpected, but his message was clear too. It's what Japanese think about suicide since bubble burst.
Your family might get your insurance (if it miraculously does include suicide issues which I think pretty impossible), but they'll pay from it for searches, clean-up, etc.
So you might feel better (or rather not feel at all), but people around you would be bothered muchly.
and omg heartwarming scene in the middle... blergh.
and the end... predictable.

aside from that: heeeheee! Kusano!



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