This series feels very... real: no hysterics, no overreactions (well, not many, anyway), good actors. The storyline is good too: not many jdoramas start with main character in a relationship with a younger guy without being apologetic about it. Also, unlike many jdoramas, it's not easy to predict who will end up with whom.

I'm really sad it got such low ratings, especially since AraFour got up to 14.
I would've preferred a bit less ambiguity, especially when it made me dislike characters I initially liked. But still, this and Sense8 are two best series of 2015 for me. Despite ambiguity, I'm interested in how everyone is going to evolve in the season 2 (including the frankly annoying whiny neighbours).

Not sure how they're going to keep the core of Jessica's character in the same vein now that main reason for her insecurity is no longer affecting her directly - past can affect you only so much, and at some point she has to change.
Woah, that was one hell of a first episode. I think that many women - even those who didn't experience sexual violence - will recognize the feeling of realization that they've been made to do something they didn't want to do while under conviction that they did want it.

I do hope that this series will continue as strongly.
I am wholeheartedly glad that this series doesn't try to pretend that it has anything to do with the books (except for characters). This makes its ridiculousness easier to stomach. This and perfectly charming actors who would've fit well in an actual adaptation.

Well, except for Porthos. I regret to say that I'm not willing to overlook the changes they'd made to him: the slimness, the courage... But as a character in The Musketeers he is my favorite.

As for the series itself... I like the mud and their attempts to re-create the living conditions. And I (reluctantly) like their attempts to modernize the characters without compromising the setup. Doesn't always work but pleasant nonetheless.

Not ready to go for the second series at the moment though.
Nice, high-adrenaline show - up to mid-season 3 when it went wobbly. Season 4 is trash, season 5 more stable but still not up to the level of seasons 1-2.

As usual, I'm annoyed by the small things: the way forensic psychologist just... disappears after season 1, the way helmets are optional and also disappear completely around season 3, the way rules get bent left and right on some things but inexplicably cannot be bent on others. The last thing isn't always balanced by the characters - in fact, it often works against them.

Greg Parker is very likable even though some of his actions make no sense to me. I don't understand why everyone like Ed Lane so much - he's kind of a machine there. He's actually the only one who got better in seasons 4 and 5, when they allowed him to be human for a while, and even got him finally starting to deal with all the trauma he went though over the years.

Jules is awesome, but I wish they didn't feel the need to romance her this heavily, especially after she repeatedly stated how hard she worked to be where she is and how she doesn't want to compromise her position. That romance constantly worked against her as it was the only area where she was allowed to show emotions. That sucked a lot.

Sam was annoying from the start and didn't stop being annoying right until the very end. I'm okay with questioning the authority once in a while but he was such a self-absorbed, self-righteous prick all the time that even his rare moments didn't redeem him in my eyes. The way he'd try to order everyone around and criticize everything just made him look childish to me.

Wordy was adorable for all that he obviously had a second place on the team. In fact, the show took turn for the worse without him. It was good to see him at reunions and such though.

Spike though. Spike is the best. He's my kind of boy and I don't remember his actions not making sense in the context of his character, so he's a win all around. I'd probably watch a show where Spike is a main character. For a while, at least, heh.
Well, this is ridiculous. First half of the season looks like a parody and characterization in the entirety of it is all over the place. I'm also getting super-confused because of the clashing of the depiction of women's suffrage with surprisingly strong objectification of women in this season.

Like, one minute I'm glad to see struggle for votes and girl gangs on the screen and next Murdoch is ogling Dr. Ogden's backside as she's struggling to obtain information for the case. They're going out of the way to show that he supports her decisions, and yet he shows disdain for women in a way he never did before.

With all that and the Crabtree business I'm really confused right now.
I'm extremely confused. I've watched Premium Rush and while looking for subs for Chinese stumbled upon a post comparing Premium Rush and Quicksilver. Naturally, I had to watch it and now I feel very strange.

Quicksilver is a very eighties movie: clothes, cars, people, motivations - everything is dated. To the point where I cannot figure out if the plot even makes sense (I'm leaning towards "no", tbh). It was interesting to watch San Francisco 30 years ago, people driving beat-up cars (even drug dealers!) and destroying them on a whim, people struggling to make ends meet... but at the same time there were exactly three women, one of whom didn't say a word, another wasn't introduced by name until third appearance and third behaved as a 15 years old despite obviously being on her own for quite some time.

Besides that, main character is basically a drama queen who will do whatever he wants regardless of how much sense it doesn't make in context. Like, drop the job - don't report a person being ran over - get back to the job - go all vigilante. What! What!

At the same time this is where it parallels Premium Rush: drastic downshift, disregard for authority and resulting refusal to cooperate, solving the problems with much racing and not law.

On the other hand, Premium Rush is clearly a modern movie. Even without CGI it's still much faster, more action-oriented, more reckless too. While both characters have reasons to be unwilling to continue with the chosen path (emotional and very understandable reasons), Willy is in there mostly for the adrenalin and freedom, whereas Jack is simply trying to make money.

Both movies are interesting but I'm more likely to re-watch Premium Rush than Quicksilver, if only for the faster pace.
As usual, first two seasons - very good and interesting. Then, slowly getting more and more implausible, more focused on personal relationships and semi-historical people - moving away from reality. On top of that, they'd started losing characterization points: like Murdoch suddenly acquiring a temper or Dr. Ogden hiding things that don't even make sense hidden, or Darcy making an U-turn.

The way the Emily Grace's relationship was handled is also quite annoying. And Gillies! As much as I liked the character, this was painfully dragged out and unnecessary. Also, Leslie seemed pastede on, like the character wasn't supposed to go the way he did.

But truth to be told, Yannick Bisson is so pretty, and he and Helene Joy work so well together will probably continue watching. If I remember to.

On the other hand, the original three movies are harsher, grittier, truer to the period. I was glad to see a completely different Murdoch, without all the shiny gadgets and holier-than-thou attitude. I wonder how he is in the books, now.
I'm... not in love :(

Again, the series is so childish and inconsistent that it's hard to watch it without annoyance. The baby actors SUCK at acting. Either that or their characters are so cliche that it's difficult to portray them believably. In either case, Rebecca Romijn and Christian Kane (and Matt Frewer, despite playing a cartoon villain) outplay them on every turn and make them look even worse.

Speaking of: I like Eve Baird. I'm convinced that she's not-so-secretly the main character of this series and I'm all for that. She's smart, strict and just, she's strong but has weaknesses. She's the best, period.

But I don't think I'll be watching this further, even for Christian Kane and awesomeness that is col. Baird. There's just too much disregard for death of minor characters and too many decisions made based on emotions rather than facts (City of Lights, seriously?). Oh, and the Librarian himself is too much of a Dr.Who ripoff.


Jan. 3rd, 2015 03:03 am
Did not like it. Looks like a generic wish-fulfillment fantasy with no twist. I mean, the nerdy neuro-anormative protagonist is kind of a beginning of a twist but it's still a guy who gets to be a hero in the end. And we learn more about his burly sidekick than about the girl - what the hell?
Last season seems to be the best - probably because of the closure it gives (sort of).

I'm still not happy that his... vigilante ways were never really punished, despite the last episode's main theme, just like I'm not happy with Alice as a character. For Alice, lot of her decisions are questionable to me in the light of her... predispositions. For Justin, I'm sad to see the punishments rained upon him, for all his attempts to do the right thing. I wish Mary was a more complex character, too. 

But overall, I'm satisfied.
Had this one bumped up the list due to Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. The description is not all that engaging, so it would've probably stayed unwatched otherwise.

Well, it's not super-engaging in reality too, but JLo and Judy Greer! And random Bree Turner and Justin Chambers!

I'm not sure which age Mary was supposed to be, but JLo acted as if she's barely twenty at times. Okay, a lot of times. And it actually was so very adorable, to see her switching between professional and vulnerable. And in the end, when she's both vulnerable and adult - that was very nice to watch.

And the wedding scene between Fran and Steve - they are so best friends, and I'm glad they will be able to stay that way instead of being stuck in a marriage no one wants to back out of.
This was not what I was expecting. Although... I'm not sure what was I expecting. But it wasn't that.

Instead of a story about tough girls struggling to help their country in a time of war it's a story about fairly standard group of girls who unexpectedly find themselves friends. It's set in a bomb factory but it easily could've been secretaries, cabaret girls, nurses - any kind of working girl, really.

I also found myself gritting my teeth every time they would start going about enemies at their borders. It's true that USA and Canada's input into WWII was invaluable, but it's hard seeing them sniggering about British weaklings or occupation of France.

Nevertheless, the series talks about things usually going unsaid: how women stepped up to fill places vacated by men and how they were treated for that; how nationality is deemed good or bad depending on how your distant ancestors' land behaved during war; how some people will sacrifice everything to help others and other people will still go looking for a profit when it's their life is being defended.
I'm... underwhelmed. Even though by the end of the season they'd thankfully explained the discrepancies between announced and actual personality of one of the people, I still found it hard to fall in love with the majority of the characters.

In fact, there are only two people I cared about: Coulson (who I came in already caring about) and Melinda May (who is true badass and is very consistent in this regard). Others are... boring. Thug with a tragic backstory - boring. Twin scientists who finish each other's sentences but still hide things from one another - boring. Golden child who worms her way into the hearts of others - bo-ring.

I liked the secret bases and I'm looking forward to seeing the cute guards again. I was pleased to see the cameos. But overall - not as engaging as I was hoping.
Basically, a story of a sociopath detective. It's rather chilling to realize that he's not that much different from the people he's supposed to be looking to bring to justice.
That one took me a couple of months - mostly because of no time.

It started slow and caused much eye-rolling but I have to admit that it grown on me. I love the more direct involvement with the cases that Watson is getting. I like that the show deals with various issues pretty carefully. And I especially like that there is no shortage of people who can tell Sherlock that he's out of line and he'd actually listen.

Natalie Dormier's character was a bit confusing though. And Mrs. Hudson's appearance was unexpectedly short. In other words, it's a very loose interpretation of Doyle, with very little in common with other interpretations.

Not ground-breaking, sadly. Enjoyable though.
Wow, it took me more than a year to crawl though it. The concept is good, the visuals are... somewhat good but the characters!

Main characters' bull-headedness gets him into trouble more than once and yet he refuses to consider that maybe he's not the smartest guy around here. That culminates into his treatment of his girlfriend who he tries to protect yet refuses to explain why he wants her to do things.

That's exacerbated by the fact that she's actually portrayed as a strong, smart woman who figures stuff out. And I don't mean other characters saying that about her, I mean it's actually shown on-screen. And yet!

I'm not very eager to watch further, especially considering the note on which the first season ended. There are only three recurring female characters to about a dozen males. And there's also the fact that the most awesome, ass-kicking character appeared only to die - a fate that I'm afraid will be repeated by the character that appeared in the finale.
A movie about American Suffrage movement at a specific period right before women were give a right to vote.

It's shiny, pretty, has a completely unnecessary extra male character thrown in but it gives at least some idea what it meant to fight for women's rights at that time. Actresses are very good and it's fascinating to see old photographs coming to life and old quotes repeated by actual moving people. Makes it all much more real.

I'm pretty sure I've re-watched it twice back to back or at least went through most important scenes, it's that good.
I have to say, men are assholes in this series. With the exception of Felix, they treat the clones as if their feelings and thoughts don't matter at all. Even those who don't know that they are clones do that.

Paul is the worst (his first appearance was AWFUL and he didn't really get any better afterwards), but I'm equally uncomfortable with Vic and Art, even though we're supposed to see the latter as the more reliable.

On the other hand, I don't like implications of Mrs.S being on the wrong side, just like I don't like the way H's storyline went. Also, I'm wondering if all of them are going to have psychotic breaks. It seems to be two main side-effects of the procedure: coughing and going apeshit.

I hope A's going to be more than comedic relief in the next season. Right now she's an unfortunate parody of a soccer mom, including all stereotypes. Honestly, she could be in a separate comedy movie and no one will be able to tell the difference.

I'm very impressed with Tatiana Masleny's performance* (hell, it was very hard to remember that it's just one actress there) and hope that second season doesn't disappoint.

*I loved the accents - probably because I couldn't tell if they sounded fake. I know she fucked up her Ukrainian text and there were several consistent mistakes in her Ukraininan accent but I can't tell anything about other accents.
Held myself from watching this movie before I read the book, and didn't regret it a bit. I like comparing books and movie adaptation and usually movies fail at recreating the world I've already imagined while reading the book.

In this case, while it didn't quite manage to capture the same feelings that come with the book, it still follows the tone and cadence of the book.

It's strange, really. Considering that they've cut most of the time Charlie spends without his friends and falls apart and the fact that most of the characters are very different from how they're described in the book, it's still somehow the same.

And tunnel scenes gave me chills, just like when I was reading the book.



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